Your pain, My pleasure

As some of you may know, over the last two years I went through a strange period of being somewhat asexual. Domination was very much mental food for Me. I even spent an entire year without masturbating! It[‘s quite strange really that going into the sex industry turned Me asexual, but I am certain that there is a deep rooted reason for it. Maybe it was feeding other parts of Me such as My sadism.

Over the summer though, I have been rediscovering My sexuality and I have also been finding out how interlinked it is with all the things that I do. I find Myself more and more often in a state of arousal, wake Myself up from masturbating in My sleep, and on the odd occasion have even found Myself grinding My cunt on the face of a slave whom I have in heavy bondage. My libido is back with a vengeance.

Now I am first and foremost a sadist, and this morning, whilst riding My Sybian female masturbator, I found Myself having a completely new fantasy. As I was riding it on full power, with the fat cock attachment grinding against My G-spot and giving Me full body shakes, I began imagining all sorts of different scenarios.

Of course, the Sybian is superior to any man that I have ever experienced. No man has ever made Me cum like that machine. Somehow, in the throes of orgasm, I thought about how full of themselves men are, and how so many believe to be god’s gift to women. I laughed at the thought and found Myself doubly aroused as I came up with the most fantastic idea for true male torment.

~Visualise this:

You have booked a session with Me. You arrive, and I welcome you wearing My most sexy lingerie, fully fashioned stockings and sky high heels. My lips are blood red and glossy, so very biteable. I smile at you and invite you to follow Me up to the stairs to My playroom. I invite you to sit down, and tell you that I want you to give Me sexual pleasure. You are all too happy to oblige, your cock begins to twitch, and you can already see yourself with your face buried between My legs, licking away. You say “yes please Mistress. I would be honoured to pleasure You.” I explain that you have to do everything that I say if you wish this to happen, and you agree.

First of all, I put you into chastity. As I do this, I explain that the pleasure is all Mine. You are not to experience any sexual satisfaction from the act which is about to take place. Pure servitude and submission comes from denying yourself pleasure in order to provide pleasure for your Mistress.

I hogtie you, and put a hook in your nose to pull your head back and hold it up. You are now lying in the middle of the ground on your stomach, with your hands and feet tied behind your back and your head held uncomfortably high. Now that you are Mine, I place a gag in your mouth to ensure that you will be unable to disturb Me in My pursuit of sexual pleasure with your pointless and stupid talking. I go to the cupboard, and get out My Sybian. I place it on the floor right in front of your face. As I am setting it up, plugging it in and choosing which attachment I will use, I tease and taunt you. I explain that your suffering brings Me increased sexual pleasure. I tell you that whatever you ight have thought “pleasuring Me” meant, you were wrong. What I really meant by that was that seeing you suffer while I am riding My all powerful sex machine will bring Me pleasure, that you are a told for Me to find My own pleasure.

You are already in a most uncomfortable and vulnerable position. I walk to the other side of the room, and I get out a few implements of choice. mostly whips. I remove My knickers standing above you, and shove the crotch of them under your nose telling you to inhale the scent of My arousal. You breathe in deeply. “This is the closest you will get to My cunt” I tell you as I ease Myself onto the machine. My cunt is inches from your face as I start the vibrations. I am clearly enjoying the sensations, looking you in the eyes from time to time.

But I know that I could feel even more pleasure. I get out My whip and begin to sting the soles of your feet with it as I turn up the controls of My Sybian. The faster and stronger it goes, the more My urge to induce suffering in you increases, and soon I am riding atop of My machine, letting out groans of pleasure and constantly whipping your feet. You can’t escape, you must take the pain in order to give Me My pleasure… But it lasts and lasts and lasts. Orgasm after orgasm, they keep on coming with constantly increasing severity. You are helpless, nothing more than a toy, and I ride above you, enjoying your suffering and your sexual denial as orgasmic tremors rush through My entire body.

As the machine winds down, and I sit in post orgasmic bliss, covered in sweat and blissfully happy. After a minute of two, I get up off the sybian, crouch right in front of your face, shove My cunt right up to your nose so you can smell Me pleasure, and then I piss all over your face as a grand finale.


And THAT is how you can pleasure Me.

  • Morten

    Sounds like heaven to me 😉

    12th September 2015 at 6:36 pm
  • James

    what can I do to pleasure you mistress?

    13th September 2015 at 8:42 am
    • Jimmy

      Please do this to me mistress evilyne….. I beg you.

      13th September 2015 at 8:44 am
  • Maid c

    That’s exactly the way – it would be a huge honour to please You Lady again and again …. Thx for not being in chastity in this moment- it was my pleasure ?

    13th September 2015 at 8:52 am
  • Floormat

    Whatever my MISTRESS desires, that is my command. i will pleasure YOU through whatever pain YOU choose to inflict. The greater my pain the more YOUR pleasure, I submit whole hartedly

    22nd September 2015 at 1:20 pm
  • Floormat

    If i may pleasure my MISTRESS , could i possible suggest that in addition to what YOU have mention as YOUR fantasy, i would find it extremely painful (and hopefully pleasurable to YOU) if YOU would put two ropes on the nose ring and tie one to each of my balls after running them through a pulley above me. Then attach a foot rest to each rope so as the machine gave YOU the Real pleasure and YOU would writhe with ecstasy it would cause even more intense pain for me YOUR devoted and adoring slave. If my WORSHIPED MISTRESS finds this acceptable, could i be considered worthy enough for YOU to practice it on my undeserving body parts? i would be extremely grateful for any opportunity to serve YOU in any way YOU see fit.

    YOUR undeserving (hopefully future) slave.

    22nd September 2015 at 8:26 pm
  • This is powerful writing and a totally engrossing situation, Mistress Evilyne.

    Your feelings are almost inversely representative of how I feel when in the presence of a dominant woman. My fulfilment comes exclusively from accepting pain from a sadist and knowing that she is derived pleasure from making and watching me suffer. I have no other wish than to have her use me to satisfy her desires.

    To your scenario, I’d add an anal hook, a spiked mat for me to lie on and a pair of severe nipple-clamps for you to pull on as you rock the hours away.

    5th October 2015 at 10:35 pm
  • Rob

    This is so incredibly horny! Wow…what a lucky slave !

    30th March 2016 at 8:59 pm
  • abuseplease

    Would You consider using an electric shock device on the slave as well? More pain for less effort, and the slave enjoys knowing You can give full attention to Your own pleasure while he suffers wave after wave of electic agony.

    8th January 2017 at 4:05 am

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