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Winds of Change: From kink by the hour to kinky companionship

Well hasn’t it just been an eventful year for us all? Good and bad has come for all of us in these times of uncertainty and confusion. So much is happening, the water is coming to a boil around us and I think many of us have spent the year thus far reflecting upon ourselves and our life situations and paths. I certainly have. 

Overall, this has been a year of growth and healing for me. I have gained a profound understanding of myself and of the world at large that has caused me to re-examine all aspects of my life. Out of this I have found, among other things, a newfound joy for cooking, an appreciation for rituals of self love, a sense of peace and balance, and especially the nourishing nature of the deep connections I have built with the couple of my clients who have very much turned into patrons more than clients: a deep sense of mutual understanding and acceptance and the realisation that we are on a journey of discovery together. 

I will from now on only open the door to those who are ready for something deeper and long term: companionship.

Another unexpected occurence this year has been my switch to online work. I have found that I really enjoy this aspect of domination and I am going to move into the future exploring it deeper and moving the bulk of my business onto this platform. 

Of course, this means that I will no longer require sessions for my income. This is going to allow me to finally move in a much more desirable  direction.  From now on I will no longer be taking bookings in the way that I used to. You will have to show yourself to be worthy of being my suitor. I wish to walk into the future, building a few longstanding relationships with patrons rather than clients. Sessions were exhausting. BDSM and fetish interactions are my soul food, but the same thing that fed me also depleted me in so many ways. I shan’t go into details but suffice to say that something needs to change.

Thus I am officially stopping taking bookings. I will from now on only open the door to those who are ready for something deeper and long term: companionship. People who are ready to start the next great adventure of their lives and can’t think of anyone they would rather have on board. I am entering a period of great growth in my life. Things are bubbling up under the surface right now as I get all my chickens in a row in preparation for the next step. I will only choose to surround myself with a few loyal and trusted patrons in the future who see the value of having me in their lives. 

I am entering a period of great growth in my life.

There are so many ways in which you can show yourself to be devoted, a valuable asset in my life (why would I want someone who identifies as a loser by my side as I rise to new heights?), and seeing myself and  our potential relationship as long term investments but I am not here to tell you what they are. I have no interest in people who are complacent, who cut corners. My inner circle is made of achievers. Very kinky achievers. 

I love playing with strong, anchored people. There’s nothing hotter than a man who knows his worth and is submitting from a place of respect and desire rather than from a place of self loathing. I want to look in your eyes and see your strength and resolve burning as you labour to push your boundaries for me. I’m looking forward to devoting myself to truly exploring a few choice fetishes in depth with just a handful of patrons. I’ve evolved beyond meaningless encounters.

So it is with fondness that I say goodbye to the first cycle of my Mistress life and with excitement that I take my first steps into the second. Will you be the one to lay down your cloak for me to walk on? 

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