Who am I?

Dominatrices, an elusive breed of Women who seem so inscrutable to the male eye. We parade Ourselves before you like forbidden fruit. We are temptation personified. We are the archetype by which your fantasies are born. But who are We really? Sadly, I cannot answer this on the part of all Dominatrices, but I certainly can for Myself.

Mistress Evilyne, Upper Class London Dominatrix

That is the title that I use for Myself. There is so much more to Me though. Let’s start with the basics and work our way up. I am a Mistress, as you all know. But even this can mean many things. We are all individuals, and as such all different. So, what exactly am I in this for? First and foremost, I am in the Femdom game because I absolutely love it. I love being served by men, I love being entertained by men, and I love humiliating and hurting men. I also love helping men find their inner slut, and fulfil their dirty fantasies. I am living, breathing proof that being a Dominatrix does not equate to being cheap and slutty and working from a dingy room above a Chinese take-away. I am university educated, graduated from one of the finest cooking schools in the world with honours, and was born with a family crest to My name. I have not fallen on hard times, but rather chose to become a Mistress after being inspired by the website of another that I accidentally fell on while browsing the internet. Becoming a Dominatrix was a calling, some might say. ~When I look back upon My life now, it is so obvious. But it took nearly 30 years for Me to realise who I am, and that there is a place for Women like Me: on a pedestal.

I could of course, have tried just going down the lifestyle route. But at the time, I was working ungodly hours in kitchens and would never have had the time or the finances to indulge in something like this. I had been cooking for 10 years, and it seemed like a perfect time for a change. So being the person I am, I took a split second decision, and was reborn as Mistress Evilyne: the culmination of 30 years of hard work, and getting to know Myself.

Of course, when I first started, I had little idea of what I was getting Myself into. I simply knew that I would get to kick men in the balls more than once at a time, and that I would be able to enjoy feeding them My shit. Little did I know that I had fallen into a world whose entire philosophy was something that I had been secretly seeking out for My entire life. I found Myself. In one split second yes or no decision, I found Myself and grew into My own skin. My entire life had been spent trying, through various means, to make a difference. Whatever it was that I did, I always strove to be the best and to climb to the top. I constantly attempted to break boundaries and create something new; to delve into untapped worlds and break preconceptions and cliches. Unfortunately, I tried to do this while under the direction of others, in hierarchical worlds such as that of kitchens. Needless to say, I got nowhere. I was swimming against the current while chained by the ankle to the rudder of an old sail boat which was most definitely going with the current, down well sailed routes. I had tried and failed. But I bounce back. I am a survivor.

So when I became a Mistress, I made Myself a promise: to learn everything I can, but not to let Myself be chained down by convention. I read, and I studied, and I watched others at work. I asked questions and listened to the answers given by others. But I stayed true to Myself, and applied the lessons that I had learned in previous lives to this one. I did things My way, and I still do. I am an alpha Female, a real one. I am not trying to sell you an image to ensure that you come and session with Me. I will not make Myself into a simile Betty Page in order to convince you that I am a dominatrix because I have “the fringe”. I am Mistress Evilyne: I am a strong and intelligent Woman, I am an individual. I am proud of being unique. 

I am making a difference, and I am breaking down cliches. I have created a true Femdom retreat at Dungeon Manor, and I am so very proud of it. At last, in London, there is a place in which men can serve. More than just a dungeon, it is where Women can come to live the lifestyle, and where men can at last be their true selves. Who knows where it will go from here? Hopefully, in a few years, it will have grown to become the British answer to the OWK. That is My dream. And I will need support from all of you boys to make it come true.

If you are looking for the classic Dominatrix, the one from the magazines, go and look elsewhere. There are hundreds of those. But let Me tell you something, between you and Me:

There is only one Mistress Evilyne.

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