What makes me so special?

It must be so difficult navigating your way through an ocean of websites in search of “The One”. There are 200+ Pro-Dommes in London. Unless you go to parties like Club Pedestal, you will never have met them in person and all you have to go by are their pictures, Twitter and Facebook pages, and of course their websites. And after reading bio after bio, it all begins to look a bit like this:


The same blurb again and again and again. Sometimes not even in a different order. And you start to wonder: What is it that makes these women unique? They all write the same bloody things! How am I supposed to differentiate between them? These are tough questions, aren’t they? Interestingly, subs regularly write to Me beginning their emails with a paragraph describing the connection that they felt just from reading the words on My site. Funnily enough, when writing the text for My website, I was constantly in fear of creating yet another bland and samey self description. Even rereading it, I would cringe at how little it seemed to describe Me or how self involved it seemed. But eventually, after many draughts, I had something that I could be proud of: a text that I would read and think of “Yes, this is Me.”.

Despite feeling at the time that I should at all costs avoid an overly self adulating bio, I now feel that I am in a position, within the confines of this blog, to write a little more about Myself, and about My thoughts on Domination and My own style. I only came on the scene a year ago. In many eyes, this might make Me one of the dreaded “instadommes”. After all, what gives Me the right to be a Pro-Domme and what experience can I possibly have? Also, this brings up the question of what made Me come onto the scene in the first place and how did I go about it?

So many questions… Let Me answer them.

It is true, I am relatively new to all this BDSM malarkey. A year ago, I was browsing the internet and I came across Domme site. I had of course come across the term many times in the past. But sometimes, you need to wait for just the right moment in your life to have a realisation. A million times, people will tell you the same thing, but you will take no heed. Then, one day, reading a book, watching a TV programme, or just crossing someone in the street, you will have a revelation. This is how life works. And I had My revelation around the month of February in the year of 2013. I saw these site, read them, and it was as if I was seeing Myself for the first time. I felt a compulsion deep within Me. I gave up everything else in My life and threw Myself whole heartedly into My new career, knowing that I had found My life path. It was a strange time. I knew nothing about the world that I was entering. Nothing at all. Yet somehow, it just felt completely right. I began to explore a side of Myself that I had kept hidden My whole life, only to discover that it was not merely a side of Myself, but rather My entire identity. I had been living a lie. And the more I got to know Myself, the more I got to know My past selves. My entire life suddenly made sense and I now looked back on My memories with a sense of wonder. I was realising that from earliest childhood, I had already shown signs of being a dominant Woman as well as a Sadist. And so, I found Myself on a steep learning curve. I had decided to jump into a completely new profession and lifestyle about which I knew so little. And I had committed Myself to it. I read and I read and I read. Everything that I could get My hands on. For the first 4-5 months, I stayed up late every night reading books, blogs and essays on everything from technique to psychology, rules, and all the different kinks that exist. I watched video after video. I was like a sponge for information. And I practised with My then partner. I was not trained by another Domme. I became friends with a few, and went to them for advice from time to time, but I swore to Myself that I would be Me. If trained by another, you take on their traits. Of course there are tricks of the trade that can only be passed on from Domme to Domme, but I am in a business where I provide a service. Yes, I know, this is crazy, but it is true. I help you fulfil your fantasies. And therefore, it is only right that I should have learnt from those to whom I catered. I believe that this gave Me a strong personal style. No play acting. No put on persona. I am truly Myself, and I know that this shines through when I play, because that is exactly what I do. I play, but I don’t act.
I have been a fast learner, and I quickly found out that I have a natural talent for Domination. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I am quite dreadful at being anything but Dominant. I am not needy and I am not a user. I know that it is a luxury to have Men bending over backwards for Me. Therefore, I am self sufficient. I have always prided Myself on knowing how to take care of Myself, and find it important to learn how to do everything for Myself. However, it is lovely to have other people doing things for Me. I do not rely on other people though. The moment you rely on other, you become dependant on others and I have always refused to depend on other people for My own survival. Therefore, I am not your average lady who is scared of spiders, can’t put furniture together, won’t lift anything heavier than a small dog… I can lift and carry 25 kg sacks of flour, I fear nothing (apart from wasps… I hate wasps) and am generally the one to get spiders out of the bath for petrified men. I am not afraid of getting My hands dirty and am perfectly happy to rip a live lobster in half and scoop its brains out with My fingers before cooking it.

However, I am also refined. I was brought up in a farming village in the Alps, but I was brought up by an upper class father in a most Victorian manner. Behind his back, I played in the fields, climbed trees and collected bugs but at home I was to be seen and not heard, have clean hands and have the table manners of a lady. I was brought up listening to Opera and Music of the 30s. My bedtime stories were not Dr Seuss, but rather Rudyard Kipling. As a 3 year old, I would beg to watch TV, but I would be begging to watch La Cenerentola by Rossini, or Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. My picture books were explanations of the fine arts for children, or beginner’s quantum mechanics.
I grew up to be a chameleon: Belonging to no world but merging into all. I am a complex prism, made of facet upon facet, refracting reality into a rainbow of dreams and experiences. I can take you on adventures into uncharted territory, holding no fear of the world, keeping you constantly amazed and surprised as you realise that I am not only the most genuinely sophisticated Mistress that you have ever met, but also that My soul is built of layer upon layer of intricately woven wonders. As such a complex person Myself, from a very young age I was fascinated by the intricacies of the human mind. I am naturally inclined towards delving deeply into the ego and id. I probe and see what you yourself may not. This has turned out to be of much use to Me in my new life. I very quickly develop a feel for My subs and am able to put them at ease from the very beginning. For after all, the biggest obstacle that one has to cross in visiting a Domme is that of being able to put one’s faith in Her. Very quickly though, My subs realise that I have no chip on My shoulder and hold no deep rooted hatred toward men within Me. I just enjoy dominating and causing pain, albeit within the limits of each individual sub. I rapidly gain an understanding of the limits of each individual who crosses the threshold of My dungeon and help them gently push their limits. Or sometimes, not so gently after all… depending upon who they are.

All in all, I cannot vouch for Myself as being better than any other Mistresses out there, as all are different. But some are more different than others. All that I can do is let you know about Myself in order to help you in your quest for the right Mistress, and I hope that this article has been useful in showing Me as an individual rather than just some latex clad one dimensional fantasy. I am a complex individual who does not follow trends. I am not a sheep, but rather the wolf. I make My own rules based on My observations of the world at large and those that inhabit it, rather than following blindly in the footsteps of others.

I am the Alpha Female, and you will bow down before your Goddess.

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  • Chris

    An excellent piece of writing Mistress and proof if any were needed that Dommes are as fully rounded as anybody else. Possibly more so!

    24th March 2014 at 4:23 pm

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