What is an overnight session?

How many of you have had an overnight session before? And how many of you would say that it was actually an overnight session?  I am aware that most Dominas offer these, at varying costs. Most ladies will charge you 400-500 GBP, and will play with you for an hour or two before putting you to bed, and then if you are lucky, will play a bit more in the morning. That’s not how I do things.

An overnight session with Me, at Dungeon Manor, is a full Femdom experience. For a tribute of £1200, I tend to make an overnight last 12 to 15 hours. The slave arrives in the early evening, and we sit down and have a nice long chat before commencing. When I have fully gathered the slave’s limits and interests etc, I send it upstairs to get showered, and then it comes down to present itself in the nude. The slave kneels before Me, and I collar it, announcing to it that from this moment on, it has no choice, no rights, and no goal except to serve and please Me.

I do overnight’s differently. An overnight session is not a sleep over, so you had better be prepared to catch up on sleep the next day, once the session is over. I play until I am tired. I play until I am exhausted. Whatever the fetishes of the slave serving Me, boundaries are sure to be pushed, and subspace is sure to be reached. I take My slaves onto a journey beyond time and space. No clocks, no watch, time is immaterial. Nobody is counting the minutes. This is true Femdom.

When it does come to the time at which I require rest, I might put the slave to sleep in the little slave room in the attic, only to wake it up repeatedly during the night… I might make the slave sleep at My feet, worshipping them until I fall asleep. Its ankle tethered to the foot of My bed, so that it cannot wander as I sleep… I might decide to put the slave in the cellar, with nothing but a wool blanket, its ankle in the steel shackles that lay there in the dirt… I might bury the slave under the floor in My sensory deprivation box, or hang it in My strap cage so that the only way it can sleep will be standing. Not that any of these matter, as sleep deprivation is certain in any case. I always awake early, and will expect My slave to prepare breakfast for Me before we play more. I love extended scenes, and I thoroughly enjoy fitting in as much play as can be handled.

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  • knut dahle

    Hmm..Fetishes & Femdom!
    my 24/7-dreams.
    Be lucky slave,and i will serve MissDomQueens!

    22nd December 2014 at 12:46 am

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