Welcome slave,

You have found My brand new website. It has been months in the making. But the result is worth it, don’t you think?

This section is where I will be keeping you updated on all My latest adventures, babbling away about My thoughts on various aspects of BDSM, and either commending good slaves or naming and shaming the bad ones. So Keep your eyes peeled and come back to My website regularly.

For My first post, however, I want to talk about a rather special slave. His name is piggywinks, and you can follow him here. Piggywinks wrote to Me a couple of weeks ago on Adultwork.com. He wrote Me a long email in which he explained to Me that he had been desperately searching for a Mistress to dedicate his life and wallet to and had given up searching. But by chance, he came across Me, and he instantly knew that I was the one. Well, how was I to refuse so clearly a devoted applicant? So after proving himself to Me by spending several hundred pounds on My Amazon wishlist, he proved himself to Me and I took him onboard. In February, he will be coming to Dungeon Manor to sign his lifetime contract of servitude. We have already begun drafting piggywinks’ contract together. As you can see, piggywinks is a truly devoted pig. He understands true Financial Domination. He has devoted his life and resources to bettering My own life.
piggywinks' obligations

This is what a true pay pig does. And I caught one all for Myself.


Mistress Evilyne

  • Clark of Fallhollow

    I just found Your site, Mistress Evilyne. I have read through various of Your postings and have decided to start from the beginning. I have been fortunate enough to find a local Mistress (in the USA) for live sessions. I can only hope She will eventually allow me to serve Her in a fashion such as Your piggywinks. Plus for me I plan to commit to many more than five sessions per year if She allows it. Thank You for putting this site together. It is an extremely useful resource for newbies to the BDSM/FemDom scene.

    24th November 2018 at 9:43 pm

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