Twenty Twenty Vision: Chapter 5

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I hope that your weekend is going well. To start it off on the right foot, here is the final instalment of My wonderful piece of fan fiction written by one of My admirers about life at Dungeon Manor. I am certain that there will be plenty more stories in the future, as My admirer is quite a prolific writer.

…Continued from Chapter 4

Out by the pool the temperature was getting hotter. Governess Ely was quite comfortable though. A slave held a large umbrella over Her and another fanned Her with a huge peacock feathered fan. The slave serving drinks was quite rushed of his feet. All Ladies at The Manor were afforded first class service, but naturally Ely, as co-resident merited extra special effort. When She clicked Her lovely fingers for a glass of champagne, the slave practically fell over himself to fetch. She rarely noticed slaves but it did occur to Her that this one was sweating. Sipping Her chilled vintage bubbly She enquired, ‘thirsty slave?’

Oh yes perfect Mistress.’

With a wave of Her hand She instructed him,’ fetch another glass out here, a large glass.’

The slave did so quickly, returning with a half-litre tumbler. On Governess Ely’s instruction he filled the glass with expensive chilled champagne. He looked at the wine and all the tiny bubbles rising to the top. His thirst was like no thirst he’d ever endured, but he was highly trained and wouldn’t drink without the order from his Mistress.

Governess Ely watched him for a few moments and then commanded, ‘pour it slowly over my feet!’ Broken, the slave knelt and poured the fabulous beverage over the pretty feet of his owner. When he had finished he looked up with sweat on his forehead and a tear in his eye. ‘Now pour me another glass boy!’ He did as he was told, what else was there to do?

 Following their massage Ladies Evilyne and Asmondena adjourned to the beauty parlour where the nail girls knelt awaiting them. The maid scurrying around after them was told to fetch orange juice and the relaxed to have their feet professionally pedicured. During their conversation Lady Asmondena mentioned that She had never been able to find Her favoured brand of cigarette in England. Lady Evilyne looked at the packet which was unfamiliar to Her. She pressed a button and within a minute lighter was before them bowing lowly. ‘slave,’ enquired his Mistress showing him the pack, ‘have you ever seen these cigarettes in England?’

lighter looked at the packet and answered, ‘no Your Ladyship, I am sorry Your Ladyship.’

Well you are to find somewhere who stock them. Go to London if need be but bring back 200!’

He bowed, ‘Yes Your Ladyship.’

And if you can’t find them don’t bother coming back!’

With a tear in his eye he bowed again and replied, ‘Yes Your Ladyship.’

During the pedicure, Lady Asmondena took a good look at the maid at Her feet. She was a pretty Korean girl and when Lady Asmondena tipped her chin up with Her toes She smiled. ‘Evilyne, do you mind if I have this girl warm my bed tonight?’

Lady Evilyne replied matter-of-factly, ‘of course not darling, I’ll have Amanda arrange it. Chained or loose?’

Loose will be fine.’

Satisfied with their nails both Ladies nudged the pedicurists away with their feet and went into one of Lady Evilyne’s dressing rooms. Here She invited Lady Asmondena to try on some of Her outfits. The two being practically the same size, meant they spent a couple of giggly, girly hours trying dresses, blouses, leggings and the like. The two dressing maids were on hand to assist. Each time an item had been tried and admired it was tossed to the floor where a maid would pick it up and take it to the basket. Laundry would certainly be busy tonight.

 Dinner had gone down well and all the Ladies were in party mood. Lighter hadn’t returned from his expedition so another two slaves had been stepped up to fill the exalted position of lighting cigarettes. The new recruit from the no-smoking room had been considered but let himself down at a trial run. He’d been brought before Her Ladyship who sat Herself comfortably in Her favourite armchair. He was permitted to light Her cigarette before stepping back with head bowed. He managed two minutes standing there staring at Her booted feet. But whether it was the enticing smoke or the beauty which he knew sat before him he cracked. Momentarily he raised his eyes to peek at his Mistress. Lady Evilyne had him frogmarched back to the no smoking room to remain for at least another month.

The party required entertainment, so the errant masseur was brought in. He was secured into a strong whipping frame where he faced his Mistress and Her guests. Governess Ely began the punishment with a bullwhip. The slave was strong, but after a dozen strokes he began to whimper. After twenty his head was lolling about and his eyes swivelled around. He noticed Lady Sophia Black was enjoying his torment as She leisurely smoked a long all white cigarette.

His Mistress, Lady Evilyne seemed bored by the whole thing, and he felt a surge of sadness when She coolly examined Her fingernails. Finally his head slumped and it took a few hard slaps to bring him round. Governess Ely was about to put the whip away when Mistress Anuska cheerfully asked, ‘can I have a go?’ Ely looked at Lady Evilyne who nodded indulgently.

As Mistress Anuska took up the reigns Lady Evilyne asked Lady Asmondena how long She might stay for. ‘A couple of weeks, if that is ok?’

Of course darling, the longer the better.’

Sometime later lighter returned. He had had to go into London and walked from one end to the other searching for the German brand of cigarettes. He was exhausted but at last he had found what he was looking for. Bowing, he offered a packet to Lady Asmondena. ‘Well,’ She said tossing them to the carpet, ‘they’re not going to open themselves!’ lighter knelt, picked up the packet and opened it carefully. Lady Asmondena took out a cigarette, placed it between Her lips and allowed him to light it for Her. She blew a long stream of smoke into his face and he bowed and withdrew.

Yes,’ repeated Lady Evilyne smiling, ‘the longer the better.’

 Three days later Governess Ely and Lady Asmondena went for an invigorating ride into the countryside. They came back through the village and decided to reward the steeds with an apple each. As they came to a greengrocers they saw an old man walking past. It was customary for villagers to remove any headwear should they encounter Lady Evilyne or Governess Ely at large. Unfortunately this man was of poor sight and had not noticed The Governess.

Ely called over to him, ‘you there, here!’

Realizing his error, the chap quickly de-capped and offered, ‘begging Your pardon Ma’am, I didn’t see You Ma’am.’

Well don’t just stand there,’ chided Ely, ‘We wish to dismount.’

The man, quick as he could got to his knees to allow first Governess Ely and then Lady Asmondena to alight their mounts. Lady Asmondena laughed as Her new friend continued, ‘don’t just lie there, take the bloody reins boy!’

The old man struggled up and took the reins of both horses as his betters strode off into the shop. There were three locals queuing for the counter, but they all stepped back and allowed the two high born Ladies to go first. ‘Apples! Two! Best!’ commanded The Governess. The Greengrocer quickly complied and without paying (of course) The Ladies stepped out through the door held open by a bowing woman.

The old man stood nervously as The Equestriennes fed the apples to their respective steeds. They prolonged his discomfort by deciding on a smoke break. It was while taking Her first luxurious drag that Governess Ely noticed Her horse had pooped in the road. She blew smoke into the villager’s face and demanded of him, ‘why didn’t you clear that mess up?’

He, just shook his head, ashamed at himself, ‘sorry Ma’am i-I have nothing to scoop it….’

Use that bloody awful cap!’ She interrupted.

The old man went to the back of the horse and began to scoop the mess into his cap. Governess Ely followed him round and ‘accidentally’ stepped into some poop. ‘Look what you’ve done now you imbecile! Lick it off!!’

Without hesitation, the man bent his head and began licking horse muck from Ely’s expensive riding boot. Both Ladies laughed as they enjoyed their cigarettes along with the man’s humiliation.

Presently they flicked their cigarette ends at him and remounted their horses. ‘Race You back?’ offered Lady Asmondena as they rode off leaving the Villager grovelling in the road.

 It had been ten days since Peter’s encounter with Lady Evilyne. He hadn’t been able to concentrate on anything else since. He was hopelessly in love with a woman who’d treat him as a mere plaything. He had just managed to keep hold of his job but was demoted to minor tables. A very pretty Kenyan girl named Christine had joined the waiting staff. She was just a year younger than he was and Pierre had said she would be more in his league. But Peter didn’t notice other women anymore. Every time the restaurant door opened he spun round hoping to see Lady Evilyne walk in.

Being a Friday the restaurant was quite busy. At around eight Peter was taking a bottle of champagne to table 4. He heard the door and looked round. It was Lady Evilyne with a friend almost as gorgeous as Herself. Peter dropped the champagne and stood staring with his mouth agape. All the customers looked around to see the commotion. All except Lady Evilyne and Her friend, who walked past him as if he didn’t exist.

Peter grovelled down trying to clear up the mess he’d made. By the time he had done so he looked towards the VIP table to see Christine serving the two Ladies.

Throughout the evening Peter tried to catch Lady Evilyne’s eye, but to no avail. She was having a wonderful evening with Her friend, served by little Christine. Peter on the other hand felt wretched, his stomach in knots.

Later he crossed paths with Christine in the kitchen, she was returning a tray. On it Peter saw a napkin with traces of lipstick on it. He blurted to Christine, ‘w-was that Lady Evilyne’s napkin? Please I must know’

She smiled at him and asked, ‘is that the German Lady or The English Lady?’

The English Lady, the English Lady!’ he ranted.

Then yes, that is Lady Evilyne’s.’

Peter sobbed as he took the napkin and slowly but passionately began kissing the lipstick marks upon it.

As he looked up he saw that the restaurant manager had come into the kitchen, he wasn’t smiling. ‘Peter!’ he said sternly, ‘your behaviour has been totally unacceptable this evening. You are dismissed. Please leave immediately!’

All Peter thought of was clutching onto the napkin, but the Manager rescued that from him and reiterated, ‘leave immediately or I shall call the police.

In a pathetic state, Peter left the building. As he walked round he peered through a window. The view was somewhat restricted but he managed to spot the VIP area. There he saw Lady Evilyne smiling Her superior smile. She was smoking seductively from a holdered cigarette. As She blew a long stream of smoke through Her perfect lips, Peter noticed She was fondling Christine’s bottom.

 It was getting dark as Laundry started the twentieth load of washing of the day. He stooped again over the ironing board to take the creases out of a silk white riding blouse. He eyed his water container, there was only a couple of mouthfuls left. As thirsty as he was he would have to try and resist the water for later, they’d be no more until later.

He longed to be back working in the Gordon Ramsey restaurant. There he was a renowned chef, a somebody, a free man. He certainly rood the day he had crossed his young assistant Evelyn.


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