Twenty Twenty Vision: Chapter 4

Yet another instalment of the wonderful story written by My admirer. Yesterday, he got to taste the delights of servitude as he had imagined it in his story, as he got to serve Governess Ely, Mistress Ezada and Myself all day yesterday. He cooked Us a wonderful dinner and worked very hard all day. Clearly, he knows his place in life, as he does the place of all men. Under the feet of Women.

Continued from Chapter 3

Not long before lunch a new visitor arrived at the house, Lady Asmondena. She was dressed resplendently in a thin black leather dress. Behind Her came Lady Evilyne’s chauffeur who had met Her at the airport. He was weighed down by four large suitcases. Another slave helped him take the cases to the main guest bedroom, the third largest in the house, Lady Asmondena was a special guest indeed.

All the Ladies gave Her a cheery welcome and Lady Evilyne gave Her a lingering kiss. Greetings over, the guests sat down for a light seafood salad lunch. Some of the Ladies drank vintage champagne while others stuck to fruit juice or mineral water. Two slave waiters were on hand to replenish glasses but were careful to remain practically invisible otherwise.

Lady Evilyne had once written that a good slave was one who waited on one hand and foot for a week, yet wouldn’t be recognised in a line up by one a day later. Slaves who pour wine were not really so, they were merely tools to ensure wine was poured.

After lunch some of The Ladies took to the outdoor pool area where they reclined in comfortable sun loungers. On hand were more slaves, to fetch drinks, light cigarettes and even fan the Ladies.

In total there were twenty seven slaves on the estate. Twenty three male and four female. Yes there were females too, although harder to find. This usually meant their lifetime tribute was less than the men. Two girls were speciality slaves in the beauty suite. They were well used at The Manor as Ladies could go and have their hair dressed, their manicures and pedicures. The other two were personal maids, used for dressing, bathing and more personal services.

The men worked the gardens and stables, served and cleaned at the house. There was also a specialist chef and a pair of Nubian masseurs. All but one, Laundry, remained at The Manor by their own free will, though their treatment at the house was absolutely none of their business. Laundry had entered the house full of ridiculous notions he might be some sort of pampered sex slave. How wrong he was.

Most of the slaves slept in a room together although the garden staff slept in a Shed and the stable boys at the stables. Naturally the female staff slept away from the others, although chastity restrainers were worn by the males anyway.

Generally food was made up of gruel for breakfast and leftovers. The best of the leftovers were however first offered to Lady Evilyne’s dogs. Last on the food chain was Laundry, who basically ate fourth hand food. Water was the only beverage, though this was plentiful, unless a punishment was in process. Talking of punishments there were less than one might imagine. Sound whippings were handed out for infringements but rarely more than a couple a day. Occasionally the Ladies would whip or view the whipping of a slave for amusement, but again this was rare. By far the greatest punishment was expulsion from The Manor.

A low end job was cleaning. Though most slaves took a hand in this there were dedicated cleaners. These slaves were not meant to be seen by a Mistress. They waited patiently while a room was occupied, then as soon as it was vacated they rushed in and meticulously polished any mess. On the rare instance where a Mistress walked in on a room the cleaners were working, the slaves would shrink themselves almost invisibly into the wall. This was par for the course for most slaves at The Manor.

Lady Asmondena was discussing the filming She was going to do during Her stay. Governess Ely was to co-star and naturally any of the slaves were available as extras. The filming wasn’t going to start for a couple of days, so Lady Evilyne asked Lady Asmondena if She’d care for a sauna and massage.

   The massage suite was to say the least impressive. En route Lady Evilyne showed Lady Asmondena the beauticiary where Mistress Anuska was having a relaxing pedicure. Two maids were in attendance to undress the Ladies before they went into the sauna. The sauna room itself was spacious and both Mistresses stretched out. They were both naked, proud of their feminine physiques. They discussed their plan for buying up a whole village in Europe and turning into a FemDom Paradise. Lady Evilyne suggested calling it Femutopia, but Her friend disagreed; ‘No, it should be Eviland. They both laughed and Lady Evilyne blushed a tinge at the compliment.

Sauna finished, they stepped out to be helped into fluffy white bathrobes by the maids. The girls knelt and slipped sauna sandals onto the feet of their betters.

As they walked into the massage area Lady Asmondena was impressed by the whiteness of the room and the humility of the muscular black men who stood with heads bowed. They allowed their robes to slip to the floor and one of the maids picked them up to be sent to the laundry room. The other maid removed the sandals as the two magnificent Ladies lay supine on the massage couches.

The Nubian slave swallowed on his adam’s apple as he glided blended oils into Lady Evilyne’s soft skin. It wasn’t only Her beauty but Her complete authority over him which awed him so. As he began to manipulate Her back muscles, he felt so small, so insignificant. He had been working as a masseur in a 5 star hotel in Sharm el Sheikh when he had first encountered Lady Evilyne. He had fallen in love with Her during Her first massage, and She enjoyed his skills. Towards the end of Her stay She offered him the opportunity to return to England as Her slave. He had been confused at first but his love for Her had was overwhelming. He’d also been warned to ask all of his questions now, as he would become mute on return.

After agonising over the decision, he broke down and said he wanted to come. In addition, Lady Evilyne also brought back his friend. He’d been at The Manor for over a year. During this time he hadn’t spoken a word, nor left the house. But not for one second had he regretted the decision. And as he oiled his owner’s charmingly tattooed skin he felt on top of the world.

Lady Asmondena clicked Her fingers and the maid in attendance produced a cigarette for the honoured guest. She lit it and quickly responded to the same order from Her Mistress. The two Ladies relaxed under the strong hands of the submissive giants above them, their contented sighs adding pressure to the chattels’ restrainers.

Lady Evilyne’s masseur smoothed the tops of Her thighs, trying not to focus on the wonderful bouquet tattooed on the left one. He would have loved to bend down and gently kissed it. It would have been an act of complete reverence and respect, but one which would have earned him a devastating flogging and possible expulsion. It was true he was strong enough to lift Her above his head one-handed, but She held absolute power over him.

The Ladies chattered away about dealing with staff as he worked his hands down the silky skin of Her luscious legs. As he began manipulating the little toe of Her right foot he noticed there was a stiffness present. He concentrated on the toe for some time not hearing Lady Evilyne’s gentle tones; ‘You know Asmondena, I’m very easy going….DO yOU WANT THAT TOE TO DROP OFF!!’

The giant cringed, whimpering, reducing his body size in Her presence. ‘Just get on with it you imbecile!’ She commanded before returning to Her guest, ‘they daydream you know, they’d stand there all day massaging the same toe if you let them.’

Asmondena replied sympathetically, ‘you poor dear, as if life isn’t hard enough. You should have him whipped?’

Don’t worry I will. Anyway what were we talking about?’

To be continued in Chapter 5

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