Twenty Twenty Vision: Chapter 1

Over the next few days, I will be sharing with you all a wonderful piece of fiction written by one of My admirers. It is a long piece of writing, so I will share it chapter by chapter over the next few days. This story may be fiction, but it is a piece of fiction about the future of Dungeon Manor, portraying what I hope to achieve over the next few years. Right now, dungeon Manor is only a large house in Orpington but in a few years, this dream will be reality. It’s time for a new Other World Kingdom, and this Kingdom will be Dungeon Manor.

Laundry attempted to wipe the sweat from his brow for the umpteenth time. He loaded the washing machine before tuning the dials. As soon as the machine engaged he turned back to the ironing board. His back ached abdominally as he waded in to a pair of crisp white jodhpurs. The steam from the iron added to the awful heat in the box room. Had there been a barometer it would have displayed 36 degrees. There wasn’t one because the heat in there was of no consequence.

The load churning was the eighteenth of the day, laundry was ironing the sixteenth. Even if no more washing was delivered this evening he would be hard at it until midnight. He glanced up at the tiny grilled window and fathomed it was mid-evening. It was still quite light, but then it was early July.

Finishing the jodhpurs he started on yet another of the endless white towels. They were a brilliant white, the sort which would slip comfortably into a detergent commercial. But then they had hardly been dirty to start with. A guest Mistress gave no thought to the consequence of tossing a large bath towel to the ground when all She had done was wipe Her hands on it. Should a Mistress ponder and dwell over the labour She was adding to an unseen slave? Of course not! It was tossed to the floor, a house slave would pick it up and it would wind its way to the laundry room.

Laundry had eradicated any thought process which might lead to skipping the washing of a perfectly clean towel, or any item of clothing. Actually he had had it eradicated for him. He had first been brought to Manor House, seven months earlier, in the lead up to Christmas 2019. His previous job had taught him that a corner could be cut as long as there was no harm done. So when he began his new arduous life at The Manor a clean towel would be ironed without washing and placed for collection. He got away with this three times, until chief of security, Miss Amanda had seen him do this through the CCTV.

Laundry was horribly whipped. Sixty full blooded lashes of the bullwhip from Governess Ely. It took him two weeks to recover but his mind had been rectified. So as he ironed the freshly washed towel his only thought was to do a perfect job. As his entire existence was in this 6×6 metres room he no longer wondered about the rest of The Mansion which stood on the hill. He had never even seen the view down into the Berkshire village of Greenleaf.

To be continuedin Chapter 2

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