Toilet Servitude Review

I was lucky enough to meet Mistress Evilyne recently for a session, which I know I’ll never forget. It was through good luck that I came across Mistress Evilyne’s website. Reading her site and blog, it is obvious that a lot of time and energy had gone into its construction: the first aspect that distinguishes Mistress Evilyne for many other Dommes.

The session occurred in a very pleasant, suburb of London in Kent and Mistress Evilyne’s dungeon is very spacious, clean and bright with a very upper class atmosphere, matching Mistress Evilyne’s demeanour also. The session was focused on hard sports and humiliation, which certainly took me much further than I’d ever gone before. It was a first time for me trying hard sports and I was very nervous beforehand, yet as the session developed, I quickly became more comfortable and accepting of where I belong. It was out of fear of disappointing Mistress Evilyne that I persisted in trying to eat what She gave me.

As well as being obviously beautiful, Mistress Evilyne is also very intelligent and it is through her vocabulary and command of language that I felt truly humbled and degraded as well as inspired to please Her. It’s quite hard to portray the effect that the session had on me and I think that, in particular the psychological experience will stay with me for a ling time.

I realise now how fortunate I am to have met Mistress Evilyne and would most definitely recommend a visit to Her for any lucky slave.

princess poo

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  • simon

    You were indeed privileged to be allowed to consume the Most Beautiful, Delicious Chocolate in the world

    19th May 2014 at 2:12 pm

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