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The Time Is Now (the death of the patriarchy)

The house of cards that the patriarchy built is tumbling to the ground.

Look around you. Do you see it? Everything is crumbling to pieces. The house of cards that the patriarchy built is tumbling to the ground. For thousands of years, men have controlled the axis of history, moulding society to mirror their dreams. Thousands of years of compensating for small dicks and fragile egos. And where has it got us? Death, destruction, poverty, famine and war. A few elite sitting at the top and fattening themselves up at the expense of the entire planet. Disease is running rampant and old pig headed men are running countries into the ground. The Age Of Man is coming to an end. You’ve had your fun, now it’s time to hand over the keys to the kingdom…

Venus rising, Botticelli

Kingdom? Not for much longer. It’s time for the Queendom to begin. Look around again, pay attention to the culture all around you, and what else do you see? The countries that are fighting COVID well are all run by women. Predatory men of power are finally getting their comeupance, female narratives are flooding the media and women are taking over the narrative. 

The Gynarchy is coming. The world is about to die, and from the ashes, a new world is going to be born, a world of Feminine energy, emerging from the sludge just as Tara emerges from the lake, and Venus rises to a chorus of angels.

Tara The Green, the birth of female energy

Man created societal disease by using war and conquest to boost his own ego at the expense of old and wise civilisations

Society and the world at large is at a crux point. We have all but destroyed the beautiful planet we live on, symbolised by the Greek Goddess Gaea. Our beautiful blue planet of plenty. Our mother earth. Man has disrespected her, throwing his toys out of the pram well into his adulthood, unwilling to accept and embrace her all around superiority. He thought he could get the better of her, be more clever, break her and mould her into a subservient little planet whom he could use and abuse, whom he could control and make do whatever he wanted. Mankind’s ego made him desperate to prove that he does have a big penis! Mankind built factories that spew out poison and ate red meat. Made polluting farms, animal death camps. Man made consumerism and defined his identity by his possessions. He became so obsessed with his own masculinity that he became unbalanced, that he looked for admiration rather than affection and chose to control rather than love. He created disease on so many levels, physical in the body and the environment, both deeply linked, spiritual with the birth of toxic monotheistic religions presided over by a male god and propagated by a power hungry, autocratic, raping, murdering clergy which propagated the myth that women are dirty, born beneath men, unfit to think, vote, create, learn… 

Goddess Kali, Goddess of creating and destruction, wearing her necklace of severed men’s heads

Man created societal disease by using war and conquest to boost his own ego at the expense of old and wise civilisations which understood the importance of the Feminine Divine. Emotional disease was born of his relentless march toward the masculine ideal, an extreme concept that is far removed from the notions of peace, love, wholeness, nurture, and most importantly and tellingly: vulnerability. Vulnerability is the absolute enemy of masculinity. Vulnerability, in the view of the masculine ideal, equates with weakness. And look at us now: a society in which any sign of vulnerability is crushed by parents from generation to generation, thus having culminated in today’s populace of unloved, unheard, uncherished human beings, a broken society in a broken world.

It is time. Change is in the air and we can all smell it. It won’t happen overnight. It will take a few years of absolute turmoil. But the era of Woman is coming, and when it does, Femdoms will be leading the way. We are the future embodied in the present. We are the seed from which the glorious tree that is the next era will grow. So take heed, O’ Man, for I told you first. The Future is Female and we are on the very cusp of it. Bow down and worship, be humble and vulnerable. Accept your part in the toxic masculinity that ail our beautiful planet and ask forgiveness from Mother Gaea. Embrace the Feminine Divine, or you can expect to move into the next ear nothing more than an ornament on Goddess Kali’s necklace.

Tarot cards

The Magician and The High Priestess from the Rider Waite Tarot

Following the path of the Tarot deck, we are moving out of the Magician, the second card of the tarot, symbolising all things masculine, and whose warnings are against exploitation, self deceit, egotism, over confidence and manipulation, into the era of The High Priestess, a card carrying a strong feminine energy and characterised by intuition, balance, creativity and wisdom. 

Take your time to mourn the world you know. Let yourself weep at the power and privilege which you will lose, but know that although the sexual polarity of societal power is about to change, this does not mean revenge, for Woman is wise, and Woman is loving. Woman will nurture and nourish and those men who embrace the shift will grow like beautiful roses in a well tended garden. Those who refuse to fall in line with the new world order though, will wither away like an unwanted sapling choked to death by hardier more established plants. 


The Patriarchy is dead. Long Live the Gynarchy

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