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The Tale of a Training Pet

Or the time I volunteered my arse for a Dominatrix’s caning training session.

A Mistress of some repute has taken on a ward, an apprentice of kink. Like all apprentices, there comes a time when theory needs to be put into practice.
Mistress Evilyne put out a call for willing subs to be training pets so her apprentice, Mistress Mimi, could practice the wicked art of Domination.
Didn’t matter what your interest was, if you wanted an informal discounted session with not one but two Dommes than this was the opportunity for you. All you needed to do was fill out a quick and simple form and wait to hear from the divine Mistress Evilyne.

As for my tale, it was a damp Thursday afternoon when I arrived at Mistress Evilyne’s door. I knew Mistress Evilyne from my past and had submitted to her before. She knew me to be a bit of a masochist and after being introduced to Mistress Mimi, she informed me that she’d like to put Mistress Mimi through Caning 101.

So after changing into something more suitable, things quickly got under way. I was collared and cuffed and small bulb of ginger was seated firmly up my bum! I was told to assume the position up against the mirror, with my panties down around my ankles and the skirt of my dress was lifted, stowed out of the way.

What followed were a couple hours of Mistress Mimi caning my bottom with every variation of cane that Mistress Evilyne owned! It was a fun experience and it was informal. Mistress Mimi was taking instructions from Mistress Evilyne on everything from stance, position, the placement of the cane. Mistress Mimi learned about the way different canes behaved. From how the size, weight, material and length all affected how a cane would behave and what cane is best for which masochist or submissive. Like canes, not all subs are masochists and not all masochists are submissive.
I did offer my feedback when it was required and I hope was greatly appreciated.  The first canes were whippy and stingy, but by the end of the session Mistress Mimi was using a big thick “broomstick” of a cane which brought me to my knees.

Afterwards, there was a juice break to help me get my feet back on the floor since I was in a happy high place. Feedback was swapped back and forth, and the ginger was removed with some fanfare on my part!! It’s always easier going in, that’s all I’ll say!

I left Mistress Evilyne’s playspace into an even damper Thursday evening with a warm glow from my bum and a warm glow in my heart. I was a happy masochist. I’d got to spend the afternoon with an old friend, and I was able to be of service at the same time.

In short, the sessions can be as informal or formal as you please. Mistress Evilyne and Mistress Mimi will happily cater to your fetish if it’s something that Mistress Evilyne or Mistress Mimi offers. And sometimes, like my session, you might even get a mystery session which adds a certain amount of frisson for some. So, boys, line up, line up, if you dare. Nothing to be afraid of, well almost nothing.  

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