Testimonial: A long awaited punishment

I’ve done my research.  I try to be disciplined.  Examined all options.  I play about once a year and I don’t want to waste this year’s shot. I’ve checked the reviews.   Everything points to Evilyne.   London’s calling.
After ten hours of flying I land at Gatwick. I’m through immigration and on the Gatwick Express for Victoria.  There is WiFi here.  Awesome! No….
I’m supposed to confirm the appointment but Google thinks I’m trying to compromise my own account.  Of course I have no back up phone number.  It’s a frickin’ burner email.
But I’m smart. I anticipated this and have written down directions.  
I hit my hotel.  Of course the room is not ready. Not so bad though.  Let’s just say the address is on the Monopoly board and they are generous and provided plenty of wine and food.  
Finally I am in the room, shower and head out.
First stop is Prowler where I buy a butt plug.
Second stop is Pret where I go to the loo and shove it up my ass in anticipation of what’s to come.  Ouch.  But I like it.
Third stop is the address I so smartly wrote down before google denied me access to my account.
Fuck! Fuck!  Fuck!
I’m obviously in the wrong place.  I buzzed up and the very lovely sounding receptionist kindly told me (twice) I was in touch with a brilliant marketing agency.  I called Evilyne expecting scorn but instead received understanding and guidance.  My confusion persisted as did her indulgence and understanding.  In retrospect it’s clear I wrote down the wrong address.  In the moment however it was clear i was talking with a wonderful human being.
Holy hell. Evilyne is all I hoped.  Gorgeous – yes.  Good human – yes.  Talented   – yes.  No marks – yes.
My ass punished  – yes.
The cane continues to torment me – yes.
Dirty plug yanked out of my ass and forced in my mouth – yes.
My ass fucked till I was helpless  – yes.
More dirty dildo in my throat – yes.
Piss in a funnel down my throat –  yes.
Ruined orgasm – yes.
Another –  yes.
Third forced orgasm – holy fuck she is good.
 I’m a fool if I don’t return….
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