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Now on Onlyfans: Let’s get intimate.

As I’m sure you can imagine, having lots of spare time on my hands and all my friends being escorts, mistresses and porn stars, I get up to some pretty naughty stuff in my spare time. So when I discovered onlyfans.com it instantly made sense for me to use that wonderful platform to share with you all the naughty things that I get up to.

Join Onlyfans to see a side of Mistress-Evilyne that you’ve never seen before.

Onlyfans is sort of like twitter, except that it’s hidden away from the general public. You can follow me on there for the small sum of $14.99/m which gives you acccess to my feed. I post videos and photos of my adventures on there everyday, and I have also uploaded my entire catalogue of past clips onto there too. So for just $14.99 a month, you also have access to pretty much every video (bar scat clips and content filmed for the English Mansion) that I have ever produced! Not bad, eh?

See Mistress Evilyne in lesbian domination, masturbation, voyeurism, femdom, cuckolding and more! All on onlyfans!

On top of my entire catalogue of over 420 Femdom clips, I am uploading fresh and exciting content daily. Forget bad acting and fake scenarios! This is my real life. I have always been a total exhibitionist, getting naked at parties and getting into all sorts of trouble since I was a teenager, but believe it or not, in the femdom world there is a lot of judgement and whorephobia between dominatrices (more of that in an upcoming blog post) and therefore I felt for a long time that I really had to keep myself in check. But then, something happened to me over the last year and a bit, and I really truly got back in contact with my sexuality and thought “fuck them all!”. I will do what I want how I want to do it and I will share my fun with the world!

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So what can you expect from my brand new Onlyfans account then? Well there are definitely going to be a fair few hot solo videos, where I share my masturbation with you and give myself mind blowing orgasms. Some will be very voyeuristic, others will be done just for you with plenty of eye contact and even speaking directly to you about the things I am fantasising about. I’ll also be filming myself and my friends when we have little get togethers or when I go to private parties. Sometimes it will be kinky, sometimes it will be sexy, sometimes it will be everything mixed together. I’l also be uploading lots and lots and lots of cuckolding material. I am seriously into cuckolding and just can’t get enough of it, so expect plenty of that material. I will of course also be happy to indulge some requests made by my fans. So if anyone who is a member has a suggestion for something they might like to see, I will definitely take it on board.

Why not give it a go for just one month and see how you like it?
There’s no obligation to renew your subscription.
It’s only $14,99!

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  • bobby bAKER

    Dear Mistress,
    You are indeed a most beautiful work of art. To serve you, sucking on your feet, drinking your piss, or being your cuckhold would be the highlight of my life.

    slave bobby

    27th April 2018 at 11:49 pm
  • bobby baker

    Dear Mistress,

    My message before was in adequatet short, & I want to explain just why, even though I am a pathetic loser in life,
    as a cuckhold I can give you pleasure.

    Before I get to that, i would NEVER even dream of satisfying you like a regular man does, because my cock, is usually more like spahetti. But the thought of serving you, gets me hard. Let me elaborate my previous message.

    Sucking your feet, would be the chance to “make love” to each of your toes, licking, them, sticking my tongue between the cracks, and sucking each like “little cocks”. Additionally love to lick your black boots with my tongue.
    ***I have dreamt, that you can hand me some polish, spit in it first, & then I would rub my tongue in the
    polish, then go up and down with my polished covered tongue, and polish boots, truly getting them SPIT POLISHED!

    I would kneel in front of you, and open my mouth wide as you PISSED INTO MY MOUTH .

    Then after you cleaned my tongue (by rubbing soap on it) I would be ready to start my Cuck hold duties. Like
    maybe getting your lover ready for you, by sucking his cock and getting him hard. Then after he Cums, opening
    my mouth and swallowing his load, and cleaning your pussy out with my tongue. And should you be in the
    mood, pleasing you while you put on your strap on, and FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF MY ASS, and then licking your strap on clean, and swallowing any SPIT that you have along the way.

    Hopefully as your cuckhold we could “share a meal”. Which after you ate at the table, I would be on the floor kneeling eagerly at your feet, as your chewed food you spit into my mout. I can’t tell you Mistress, how simply
    thrilling, the prospects of chewing and swallowing food that YOU HAD BEEN CHEWING, would be. Frankly, it would be so romantic for me. I believe it would be amusing to see a slave at your feet eagerly digesting this.

    Of course as your cuckhold, I hope I would earn the right, not just to lick your magnificent as clean after you took a shit, but that you would take careful aim, to shit right in my mouth. I believe you would enjoy watching me fuck myself with your shit in my mouth, and the eat it down piece by piece.

    And of course, on some times, you shitting your wet sticky diarrhea all over my face and body, and filling my
    mouth with it, would be simply heaven. Especially if I saw you dear Mistress, fingering your Pussy, enjoying the
    sight of a pathetic slave in front of your doing all of this.

    Well, let’s all hope that DREAMS CAN COME TRUE.

    28th April 2018 at 12:11 am
  • bobby baker

    Dearest Mistress,

    To finish my HOPES, even the lowest slaves has uses. Like a TABLE, a table has purposes. A DOG, might be an animal, but he can still serve. Consequently a 100% dutiful shit pig cock hold, can serve his Mistress for Amuse-ment dutires, Cleanup duties, and to be Whored Out, to earn money for his Mistress.

    Just like I am an extremely inadequate as a male, as a shit pig, and as a cuckhold, I believe I can be beneficial
    to you.

    My HOPE, MY DREAM Dear Mistress, is to do all that & more. And NOT just to serve you a few hours maybe a year, but fully (AFTER ONE PROVE’S ONESELF) as a cuckhold slave husband.

    **Now I know fully a Mistress of your caliber has Pissed and Shit into hundreds of dirty little slave’s mouths,
    and has used many as their cuckhold. So of course to EARN THE SUPREME HONOR of being your slave husband, one has to bring more “to the table”.

    *****After pleasing in all areas that I spoke above, I would want to ME REAL USEFUL, that only a dirty little
    slave husband can do, as her complete loyal pig. When you are you ant to at times have “A PARTY” and
    have several of your Mistress Friends over for fun & relaxation, would MY HONOR to be the toilet
    for all of them.

    When you Mistress are not feeling well, I would happily lay there, so you could PUKE ALL OVER MY FACE AND IN MY MOUTH, and hopefully EASY YOUR DISCOMFORT.

    But also as your slave husband Mistress, I would PROVE MYSELF USEFUL, for each and every time you have your Period Mistress, I would be there to SWALLOW AND LICK YOU CLEAN, in the hopes I COULD
    RELIEVE SOME OF YOUR PAIN. And if I could even a little bit Mistress, there is NO HARDSHIP I wouldn’t

    I’ll close for now Mistress, & I greatly look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

    28th April 2018 at 1:55 am

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