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Smothered – A facesitting love story

Facesitting: it’s one of my favourite things to do.



Putting my ass down on someone’s head with all my weight, feeling their nose crushed under my pussy, their face disappearing into my behind… I love everything about facesitting. There’s only one problem though… When it comes to doing it for more than just a few minutes, it has always been a difficult activity to undertake. Without a chair for it, my legs tire out, my weight becomes too much for the poor slave’s head which is crushed against the floor, and he ends up turning his head for air which I can’t prevent him from doing, leaving me sitting on his cheek. Over the years I have purchased a multitude of chairs, stools and boxes in order to attempt to resolve these issues, but they all fell short. Too high, too low, uncomfortable for me, uncomfortable for the slave, opening in the wrong place for their face to be right under my butt…. the list goes on and on. I eventually gave up on finding the perfect face sitting chair, settling for my little toilet box set up against the wall and a cushion behind my back allowing me to lean back and push my arse forwards into the correct position, which would work for the purpose of smothering someone but would ultimately conclude in my entire arse and pussy going numb, then being filled with the most excruciating pins and needles afterwards. Trust me, as tantalising as it may sound in theory, pins and needles on your pussy is NOT something to look forward to. 

Then, one day, I went to Whiplash towers, the home of the world famous Nikki Whiplash, to film for her clip store named FaceSitting Bitches. Our first clips were filmed in a domestic environment, with me doing the classic ‘put your head on the floor and I shall crush you under my weight in a variety of positions in order for you to keep your job in my company’ scenario, then we moved to fetish clothing and a dungeon environment. This is where i discovered it. Here it was in all its glory, a magnificent beast of black lacquered wood and leather, invitingly waiting for my arse, beckoning me over… the Smother Bench by MasterMind Crafts, all the way from Florida in the U.S.

I walked around it, letting pout little squeals of glee as I inspected every aspect of it. It was love at first sight. Seeing my interest, Nikki Whiplash began to show me all the less obvious yet stand out aspects which set this bench apart from the rest.

Firstly, it was more than a box, to be laid on a cold dungeon floor, on which the slave must lie naked for a period of time. This box was attached to a thickly padded and multi grommeted bondage bench, allowing not only for the facesittee to receive their punishment in greater comfort, thus increasing endurance, but also for them to be kept in very strict bondage if so desired. The comfort aspect of the bench was repeated in the seat on which the Mistres positions her arse. The padding was so thick as to be luxurious, and clearly very comfortable. When you looked to the sides of the box, you noticed a latch for a padlock as well as some knobs which were attached to clamps on the inside of the box. These knobs, when turned, tightened the clamps in order to fix the head into an upright position and prevent it from moving side to side. Down at the bottom of the head cavity was an inflatable cushion attached to a hand pump, the purpose of which was to lift the head up, which in addition to the use of the clamps totally immobilised the head in whichever position the facesitter chooses, allowing them to (if they choose) totally smother the facesittee. in addition to all of this, the box was cut out at the front to allow the shoulders to go in further, which meant the face of the sittee would be in the perfect position for the face sitter to pop their arse nice and centrally on the box. Such simple things, but all together these created the perfect tool.


I had to have one. Amazingly, people began sending me gift vouchers so I could buy it, and now I am happy to say that I am the proud owner of a MasterMind Crafts Smother Bench! But it is not getting anywhere near enough use for me to be satisfied. I want to sit on faces day in day out! I want to smother all of mankind under my epic arse!

Be my victim. Submit to my magnificent arse and experience the smother bench in person. be my facesitting slave.

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  • toby

    When MMC announced that he was going to move on from making his kink furniture, i ordered a bench – no place to put it, no local partners to use it with, and not inexpensive; but it seems to me to be the best engineered smother toy out there and so… LOL!

    Enjoy yours!!

    31st March 2019 at 2:49 am

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