I want a natural Woman,” he had written, “I want to be able to smell You.

I opened the door on that Monday afternoon in a very different state from that which I am usually in when welcoming a slave to My home. He had contacted Me many months before in order to give Me sufficient time to prepare for O/our encounter. I had stopped shaving any part of My body. My leg hairs were long and silky, My armpits looked like a windswept savannah and My bush, well it most certainly lived up to the name.

I hadn’t washed in three days, either. It was already the end of May when he visited Me. I had spent those three days in the conservatory, sweating out, and wearing the same item of clothing for the entire time. This is the item that I wore as I welcomed My guest. A simple silk wrap, which was now totally imbued with y natural scent. My greasy hair was swept up into a bun, and My feet were bare and absolutely filthy. We won’t even talk about My knickers… With 3 days of wear, not wiping Myself after going to the bathroom, they were pungent to say the least.

I led him into the bathroom. I donned My rubber opera gloves and ran him a bath with lavender scents. I washed him from head to toe, lovingly. I then proceeded to shave every hair off his body. It took a very long time, but the result was stunning. I even shaved off his eyebrows. He looked like a prototype for a new breed of lab bred humanoid. I hesitated as to whether I should remove his eyelashes, then I remembered My days of working in kitchens, and how often Mine got singed off. They grow back in no time at all. So I picked up some tweezers, and one by one I removed his lashes until he was completely and utterly hairless.

I brought him a lovely, large, clean towel and dried him down. Then I lay him on the bench in My play room and rubbed scented oils into his skin, taking My time to enjoy the process. He was My polar opposite now, and this was most pleasing to Me. He smelled of flowers and spices, I smelled of natural Female musk. He was totally devoid of hair, and I was hirsute to the extreme. It was marvellous. I tied him down by the ankles and the wrists, then I locked his cock in a chastity device. His gaze poured over Me lovingly: looking Me up and down, resting on My hairy armpits. He wanted to smell Me so badly.

I untied My silk wrap, and withdrew it with a flourish, sending a waft of pungent air his way. He inhaled deeply, as one does when handed a hot bowl of soup on a frosty winter’s evening; trying to absorb as much of My acrid scent into his lungs as possible, as if it would be a waste not to fill his lungs with it until they were on the point of bursting. Now wearing nothing but My disgustingly grungy knickers, I slid the wrap slowly over his body from his toes to his head, gently whispering to him: “Feel the soft touch of the silk as it glides across your hairless body, making contact with every last square millimetre of your smooth skin.” 

He shivered visibly at the pleasure of the delicious caress that he was receiving from the simple piece of silk that I was gently dragging across the clean-shaven body, finding no resistance as it glided over him. When the silk wrap reached his face, I just had time to see his eyes close and his head stretch back before he was totally covered by the wrap. As I dragged it further and further up, I heard him once again taking that never-ending breath into his seemingly bottomless lungs. When his face reappeared from under the wrap, I could tell that he had reached a state of dreamy bliss that seasoned practitioners of meditation only come close to. He was in Nirvana. He had ceased to be anything but a receptacle for My divine scent. He was nothing but a vessel now: hollow, and waiting to be saturated with My odour.

I could see that he was already in another realm, so I very silently removed My filthy knickers and stretched them out so that y hands were on either side of the central part where all of My parts rest when wearing them. I gently lowered this to his nose until the two were only a hair’s breadth apart. He had caught their aroma from afar and was already blissfully inhaling it. I pulled them away, and rolled them up, being sure to keep the creamy part on the outside. I gently prised his mouth open and popped them into it, keeping that precious part directly on his tongue. I now tapped his mouth shut, so that none of y preciousness would escape. His eyes were still closed.

I untied one of his hands, and guided it up and down My furry leg, I noticed him quiver at the touch of My all natural beauty. “This is a man who understands the true meaning of Woman Worship” I thought to Myself as i gently led him to caress up and down My tibia. He seemed to enjoy it so much that I spent a full 10 minutes guiding his hand this way over My legs in silence. It was wonderful, this silence. We had not spoken since I opened the door to him. Not even a hello. We were communicating on another level.

I tied his wrist back up and gently, I lowered My wonderfully hairy and odoriferous armpit to his face. Of course, he was unable to lick the sweat off, due to his mouth being closed shut. But that didn’t matter. I kept it there, My hairs tickling his nose, and I let the little milky pearls of salty sweat that were forming due to the heat drip onto his face one by one. They left wonderful opalescent trails of salt as they dried. At that moment, I wished that tears did the same. He breathed so deeply, so slowly and mindfully, that I could tell that he was in a deep state of relaxation. This was a sensory experience. Nothing but touch and smell. His eyes had remained closed since the moment he touched the leather on the bed. I knew that his mind was empty of thought, that his ego had disintegrated. It was beautiful to see.

I slowly, quietly, raised Myself onto the bed and stood above his face. I grabbed hold of the bars above the bed, and lowered My body ever closer to his face. He was about to receive the ultimate gift: My most intimate scents. I kept Myself about 5 centimetres above his face, rocking My pelvis back and forth in order to give him a cocktail of emanations. He breathed in the bouquet as one does that of a glass of fine wine before tasting it. There would be no taste for him though, apart from that which was already in his mouth, slowly dissolving and mingling with his saliva. Very slowly, I lowered Myself further, starting with My front. The back would be the final treat. I rubbed Myself onto his nose, ever so gently. Just a light stroke. I stayed there, poised, for quite a while; letting him enjoy the proximity. I then sat on his nose. It entered Me. I felt it slide into My unwashed cunt. It fitted marvellously and allowed My to rest My full weight on his face for about 20 seconds. I could have stayed longer, but this was not punishment. Today, it was all about worship. I raised and lowered Myself slowly this way several times in a row, allowing his nostrils to fill with My juices. I could see the cage that I had fitted onto him earlier was now bursting at the seams, but he didn’t seem to mind, or even notice. He was too involved in the sensory experience to care about what was happening down below.

After about 10 times of lowering Myself onto his nose, I slid My pelvis forward in order to give him the ultimate treat. My unwashed rosebud and its environs. I know that it was incredibly pungent between My cheeks. The unwashed, poorly wiped fold of skin had been sweating for three days. By this time, it has surely begun to grow life of its own! As I slid My crack back and forth over his nose, I hear a small whimper, like a mouse. And then I felt the ever so slightest shudder. I looked down, and saw a pool of cloudy liquid, freshly seeped from his trapped cock. He had come. And now, he would leave, filled with My scents.

  • Rob

    Wow….lucky man indeed!! This was so wonderful to read, and you have such a way with words…very gifted. i think i should be so very lucky if some of this could be incorporated in some way into my own time with You!…Busy saving up now!

    16th June 2015 at 8:26 pm
  • Zak

    That was incredible, amazing, genius, i have no word to describe it,
    Thanks Mistress

    21st June 2015 at 6:01 am
  • jon

    That was unbelievably beautiful.Thank you so mach for sharing.please keep writing.what a lucky boy

    3rd July 2016 at 3:54 pm
  • I never read a fetish I didnot know so perfectly described as You did
    and I now can understand and even enjoy reading
    Mrs Evilyne is so much an exceptional person she describes this phnenomea so beautifully
    Its a miracle that I discovered somebody like You

    I appreciate You will guide me the coming two days (please donot forget to answer my mail)

    Hope to meet You soon and until then You are always welcome in my home, anytime You wish: you have got a friend !
    (as long as You wish: hope we can become friends)

    You are a very talented person in a way only Brittish Dominant Women can be ….

    with kindest respectfull regards
    Your eternal slave alexander from holland

    17th December 2017 at 6:20 am

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