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A Masochist’s Delight

I’ve known Mistress Evilyne for about two years. Although I don’t play very often, when I do it’s always with her. She has come to understand my kinks well (masochism, bondage), so for our last session I handed over control, simply asking her to introduce new things and test my limits. The session lasted three and a half hours and I had an awesome time. Here’s what happened…


The session started with Mistress Evilyne inviting me into her sitting area. I was lowered to the ground to gently kiss her shoes for a few seconds before she began to apply shackles.

Within a few minutes I was restrained to the steel bed. My arms and neck were strapped to a steel bar which passed behind my head. My head was encased in a rubber mask and leather restraint with a large ballgag. The steel bar and head restraint were attached to the headboard tightly, leaving me sitting upright. My feet were immobilised using a spreader bar attached to the far end of the bed.

While sitting against a headboard might seem like a simple arrangement, it was incredibly tough. There was no scope to move my head. There was only a tiny amount of wriggle in my arms and legs. The strap around my neck made it difficult to breathe. I found myself constantly shuffling to ease the pressure. This is the kind of thing that wears you down quickly. Then Mistress Evilyne brought out the nipple clamps and electrics…

Now, some mistresses like to come across as distant and mysterious as they give out punishment. This does have its place, but Mistress Evilyne isn’t like that in our sessions. She is warm and open. She delights in observing every reaction to pleasure or pain. Occasionally Mistress Evilyne might share that she’s taking sexual enjoyment from a scene. This was one of those occasions.

As I struggled against my restraints Mistress began to set up her Sybian vibrator on the bed. She mounted it and set it to vibrate with a gentle hum. The contrast of my discomfort versus Mistress Evilyne’s relaxation and pleasure was delightful. It seemed inevitable that as Mistress increased the levels of the Sybian she would also increase the levels of the electrics attached to my cock and balls. That is exactly what happened. Mistress Evilyne eventually orgasmed three times, leaving me a quivering mess, and leaving wet puddles on the waterproof bedsheets.

At this point I was a very happy masochist, but there was much more to come…


I’d been restrained on the bed for about an hour before Mistress Evilyne began releasing me. I was reaching the point where my masochistic enjoyment of the pain and discomfort was outweighed by the desire for respite. This can be an strange time for a masochist. The feeling of relief from being released brings the contradiction of your condition to the fore of your mind.

As I processed this emotion, Mistress Evilyne said something to snap me out of it – once I was free I was to clean up the wet sheets using my mouth.

The idea of this made me nervous. I’d never been asked to do anything like it before. Psychologically it was different too. Instead of being tied up and having something happen to me, I’d be unfettered, doing something because I was told to. Submission, rather than masochism.

I pleaded a little, “Do I have to?”. Mistress Evilyne responded, “Yes. Do you know how many people would love to do this?”. The statistic of 40,000 Twitter followers entered my head. If you are one of those people, know that I did as I was told. I proceeded tentatively. Mistress Evilyne helpfully pointed out how much more was left to go.

After this Mistress Evilyne hogtied me on the floor and asked me to worship her feet. Mistress seemed to enjoy having her toes and soles caressed by my tongue, although she didn’t have much sympathy when I had to struggle into position or when threads from the carpet became stuck in my mouth.


Mistress Evilyne informed me that the final part of our session would involve a new toy, the ball crusher. Although I hadn’t experienced this device before, I knew it to made of two sheets of perspex which would tighten together with screws around my balls, causing them to flatten.  I enjoyed the feeling of fear and anticipation as Mistress retrieved it from her cupboard.

I sat on the floor, unfettered and facing Mistress Evilyne as she fitted the device. The pain it caused was intense. The sensation spread from my groin into my stomach, back and legs as it squeezed more firmly.  I was then asked to begin edging myself between each tightening of the screws.

Once again I felt submissive, sitting unbound and following instructions, only now I was having my masochistic buttons pressed at the same time. The session ended with one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever experienced.  I’d asked for my limits to be tested and I left very happy.


I’ll leave you with some thoughts on why I think Mistress Evilyne is such a great mistress and why I keep coming back.

Obviously, Mistress Evilyne is highly skilled. She is knowledgable, imaginative and perceptive. She has both the technique and the judgment to test your tolerance just enough, whatever the activity.

Just as importantly, Mistress Evilyne is kind, friendly and well grounded. Our chats before and after sessions are never rushed and through this I feel she has come to know me well, both in terms of my kinks and as a person. I trust her, and this means I can relax and hand over control. I know that I’m safe and that when my limits are stretched it’ll be in ways that I’ll really enjoy.


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  • David

    Yeah she does seem really smart and to know darn well what she is doing

    25th March 2018 at 8:48 pm
  • geoche

    Oh if I were in England … I would to be toilet slave and cuckold, if it were possible on same day.

    25th November 2018 at 7:08 pm

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