Review: Serving the Ladies – an afternoon of foot pampering and playful humiliation with Mistress Evilyne and Miss Twisted

I enjoyed an extended session with Mistress Evilyne and Miss Twisted at Dungeon Manor in June. It was a warm afternoon, the Ladies did not feel like expending unnecessary energy, so they decided to set me to work cleaning their hot and sweaty feet with my tongue.

 Naturally, i was required to work naked and on the floor, while my Superiors relaxed on comfortable chairs above me, conversing with each other. They generally ignored my existence, treating me as nothing more than an object for their use.  Occasionally the Lady on whose feet i was working gave me a curt instruction, or pressed Her foot hard on my face or head if She felt that my work needed more passion. Their Feminine conversation, so different from men’s talk, passed way above my head, and i quickly settled into my subservient role beneath my Superiors.

 i had bought each Lady a box of champagne truffles, and from time to time Mistress Evilyne or Miss Twisted would demand a truffle, requiring me to break off from cleaning feet, and offer Her the box. Or She would require a drink of water, and have me present Her with the glass and kneel before Her in attendance while She sipped, until She handed it back to me.

 Each Lady’s feet reflected the heat of the day, and the things She had been doing. Mistress Evilyne had spent the previous day walking extensively in London, wearing sandals. Although She had showered and washed Her feet since, She pointed out that some stubborn dirt remained on Her soles and a little grime lingered insistently between Her toes. She made it very clear that my job was to get Her feet clean, using nothing more than my tongue and mouth.

 Miss Twisted’s feet were sweatier, as She had been out all day, and travelled down on the train from London in the heat of that afternoon. Miss Twisted was just as relaxed as Mistress Evilyne at making a male inferior attend to Her dirty feet just as She wanted, and She was every bit as demanding, and rightfully so.

 When i had at last cleaned the Ladies’ feet (just about) to their satisfactions, and swallowed all the dirt and sweat, they called for foot massages. Like all attentive submissive males, i never leave home without a tube of Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème (other foot creams are available) in my manbag. You never know when it might come in handy, and the Ladies expressed enthusiastic approval when i produced it. i used the cream to give each Lady a long foot massage, sitting on the floor at Her feet, while She used my body as a stool for the comfort of the foot i was not working on. i must remark how utterly beautiful both Ladies appeared to me as i sat cross-legged at their feet, and how lovely their legs looked in their summer dresses. My massage skills were judged to be “adequate”, which i took as a compliment, given the very high standards of slave service to which each of these noble Women is rightly accustomed.

 Mistress Evilyne sent me out to make them fresh coffee in the kitchen, which i performed to the Ladies’ satisfaction. She chose not to make the job too easy for me: before sending me to the kitchen, Mistress cuffed my wrists together, and secured my ankles with a spreader bar. Despite these significant handicaps, i was able to make and serve the coffee without any mishaps requiring punishment, possibly to Mistress Evilyne’s surprise and mild annoyance.

 For the remainder of the afternoon, the Ladies amused themselves by having me dance and pose for them, which included wearing a pair of rather large high heeled shoes, and a pretty feathered hat which i wore at a coquettish angle. Although, or perhaps because, i am such a poor dancer and model, the Ladies seemed to enjoy my performance, gracing me with peals of mirthful Girlish laughter for my efforts, and commanding me  to perform more minor humiliations for Their amusement.  These were delightfully playful and funny moments for all of U/us, somehow reminiscent of childhood games, and the Ladies’ humiliation was sharp and witty but never cruel.

 Dismissed from the Ladies’ presence eventually (all good things come to an end), i respectfully kissed their offered hands in farewell, and walked off into the late afternoon sunlight, towards the station, with a smile on my face, and some good memories. It had been a pleasure to spend the afternoon in the service of two such attractive, intelligent, witty and strong young Women, who have such evident rapport with each other, and genuinely enjoy dominating respectful male inferiors in ways of Their choosing.


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