Things got quite messy today at Dungeon Manor. Little Miss Twisted is coming into Her own more and more every day.
I am of course still on the look out for human guinea pigs to help with furthering Her education, so do not hesitate to apply. Especially considering that until June 1st, Double Domme training sessions will only be £200 per hour and even less for extended sessions!

Here is the review diligently written by the slave who left the Manor only a few hours ago:
I had been following Ms Evilyne on Twitter for a while and had been amazed what an impact she has had on the BDSM scene in such a short space of time. Ms Evilyne truly understands the psychological aspect of being a Mistress and takes her craft very seriously and in a professional manner. So seeing the chance to serve Ms Evilyne whilst she is training a student Mistress was a chance to good to miss.

 The booking process is very simple, a few exchanges of email to discuss availability/interests etc. is all that is needed and the Driveway of Dungeon Manor has sufficient space for a number of vehicles so parking is not an issue. For those arriving by train, Dungeon Manor is just a short walk from the station.

 On arrival at Dungeon Manor I was greeted by Ms Evilyne & Little Miss Twisted. Both ladies are absolutely stunning. I was offered a drink and a chance to discuss the session and any health issues I may have or no go areas. I was then led upstairs and asked to remove all my clothes, when this was done I was told to re-enter the room on my knees. Little Miss Twisted told me to kiss her feet, I was on my hands and knees, however Ms Evilyne told me I should be lower, so I ended up on my tummy whilst kissing Little Miss Twisted’s feet. I was then told to lay on my back, Ms Evilyne taught Little Miss Twisted how to tie up my cock and Balls in order that weights could be attached. The dungeon equipment is of a high quality so the weights were attached to a pulley type system which is attached near the ceiling. Ms Evilyne attached a small weight and showed Little Miss Twisted how to do this. Little Miss Twisted attached a weight. Ms Evilyne could see this wasn’t causing me enough pain so gave Little Miss Twisted a large weight to attach. This had the desired effect. Slowly my balls turned purple, which delighted Ms Evilyne. I then had to endure some CBT, by way of pinching & Slapping. This was rather painful and I started to make a bit too much noise.

How does a Mistress stop me making a noise? Yes sit on my face. Mistress Evilyne sat on my face for a while allowing me to breathe at intervals, whilst Little Miss Twisted flicked and pinched by Cock N Balls. It was then Little Miss Twisted’s turn to sit on my face, which she did magnificently, however I believe she forgot to allow me to breathe, I was relieved when Ms Evilyne reminded her to allow me to breathe occasionally. I could not think of a better way to go had she not been reminded 🙂

 One of my likes was to be spat on, I can say that both Ms Evilyne and Little Miss Twisted delivered this is bucket loads, both spat on my face & head until I was fully covered in spit, I could not open my eyes due to the amount of spit on my eyelids. I have asked for this service from other Mistresses but I can say this is the first time it was fully done to the extent that I like. Ms Evilyne told me to clean my face which I thought was very kind, however this was in order that she can teach Little Miss Twisted how to do a Face slap without causing bruising or a black eye. Ms Evilyne showed her 3 different ways of slapping my Face, which Little Miss Twisted delivered expertly. Little Miss Twisted now growing in confidence wanted to try her own version of face slapping with her palm and forehand, again this was expertly delivered, in fact Im sure she has slapped many mens faces like this previously…maybe not just in a session.

 Now it was time for the grande finale. I was asked to get into the bath and make sure the plug was in it. Ms Evilyne and Little Miss Twisted urinated in a jug and then poured it over my head. I was soaked and I had to sit in the urine, whilst they both continued to spit on me. Now time for Roman showers, this is where Little Miss Twisted wanted to be sick on me, my fist experience of this and more enjoyable then I could have imagined. Next time though I think Little Miss twisted will eat certain foods to produce more vomit. I cant wait !!

 So how else could I be degraded & Humiliated? Ms Evilyne came up with an evil plan to pour all the food compost which they had collected over the week on my head and body. This included a Curry with plenty of rice, mouldy oranges, egg shells, garlic, chicken bones and some things that were so covered in mould I could not work out what they were. Again both Mistress Evilyne & Little Miss Twisted continued to spit on me and I think Ms Evilyne was almost sick over me herself due to the terrible smell. I was absolutely covered in food, so I needed a way of washing myself off. Ms Evilyne came up with the great idea of using the water from the unflushed toilet to rinse me off, apart from the terrible smell the water was freezing cold. This could only rinse part of the food off, so Ms Evilyne gave me a cold shower in the bath to finish off.

 This was a very interesting session for me as I have visited Dommes over a period of 20 years, sometimes they can become a bit routine with the usual whips, canes etc… This session was certainly unique and very enjoyable. I will return for another session as soon as I can. Little Miss Twisted has a great teacher in Ms Evilyne, I have no doubts Little Miss Twisted will become a very successful Pro Domme !!

 On a final note I would also like to say that although very strict, both Ms Evilyne & Little Miss Twisted before, during & after the session are very easy to talk to, so don’t be scared…book a session now !!!

 Slave Smiler

Help Me train Little Miss Twisted.
Double Domme Training Sessions £200/hour
Extended Sessions even less!

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