Review of Double Domme with Myself and Little Miss Twisted

“As soon as the beautiful Mistress Evilyne and gorgeous Miss Twisted greeted me at the door, i felt completely welcome and at ease in their presence.
We discussed my experiences in the past, what i hoped to get out of the session and what my limits were. I could already feel that both Mistress and Miss are two totally dominant people who i would not be able to resist, or disobey. I was very open minded in the session, hoping to explore new areas and push my limits, and that is exactly what happened. Throughout the session Mistress Evilyne knew exactly how to gauge my limits, then push them a little further than i thought i could go, particularly in areas that i had nerves about exploring! Whilst maintaining a very strict atmosphere, Mistress and Miss also made the session a fun, roller-coaster and exciting experience, where I did not quite know what was happening next.
Working through nipple play, electrics, some anal play, bondage, humiliation, foot/boot worship and spanking, i felt so lucky to be able to serve two such amazing Mistresses. Miss Twisted is currently being trained by Mistress Evilyne, and is not only stunning, but also one cannot help to naturally submit to Her. When She looks at you it feels as though She can tell exactly what you are thinking, and enjoys every little squirm of your suffering. Following leaving Mistresses dungeon, the session i could not stop thinking about it for days! At points, i could not sleep! Mistress Evilyne is an expert at psychological domination where at points i felt like a rabbit stuck in headlights, a truly amazing experience. Overall, two amazing Mistresses, in a great dungeon, who pushed my limits in a safe and fun way (albeit if I was terrified at some points if i said the wrong thing!). I cannot wait to book my next session with Mistress Evilyne and Miss Twisted, if they allow, to explore new areas and to serve them as they see fit.”

Little Miss twisted is My trainee and lovely assistant. If you too wish to help with Her training, We are offering Double Domme at the exclusive rate of £200 an hour until June 1st 2014 in order to give Her as much training as possible.
Contact Me to book a session.

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