Review: Lock up and Watersports with Mistress Evilyne and Miss Twisted.

Mistress Evilyne,

I feel it necessary to send this communication in order to express my gratitude for the way You used me today. From my initial phone call to You through to the session and our post-session chat, everything was exemplary.
I have wanted to serve You ever since Your sudden arrival on the London FemDom scene. The main reasons being that You evidently derive  genuine enjoyment in using and abusing submissive men. You understand our foibles and know how to manipulate us beautifully. You are also immensely creative and intelligent and have found a delicious outlet for Your skills. The Dungeon Manor is a wonderfully equipped and immaculately kept residence. I couldn’t imagine a better setting in the London area in which to be thoroughly degraded!
You know i have a colossal passion for serving as a Dominant Woman’s urinal. I pleaded to combine this duty with a spell under the floorboards in Your totally unique slavebox. What a glorious feature! Both Yourself and Your remarkable protegee, Miss Twisted, used my mouth repeatedly over an extended period, via a funnel poked through the drill-hole. You behaved nonchalantly, naturally, in a non contrived manner, proof of Your genuine Dominant personality. I believe You both enjoyed submitting a male to such an ordeal which in turn makes things even more special to me.
I have a feeling You will prove dangerously addictive. Please keep up Your man-training. We do benefit enormously from Your guidance. Thank-You for introducing Little Miss Twisted to the world of FemDom and keep on having as much fun as possible while ensuring no male ever gets ideas above his station.
I truly hope You may consider letting me be Your toilet again. Do You think 12 hours under the floorboards with my mouth in continual use as a Female waste-disposal unit could really be attained??
Thanks again.
For Your viewing pleasure, a little clip we took yesterday during the slave’s stint under the floorboards. (Click on the top left hand corner to turn on the sound)

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  • Pete

    Wow, loved this post – what a lucky sub!

    30th May 2015 at 7:34 pm

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