Review: Hard Sports & Humiliation

Hello slaves,
I get a lot of requests for hard sports from newbies who are scared but at the same time all so excited. A lot of you tend to back out at the last minute.
I know that the fear of the unknown and the ultimate fear of being face to face with a Mistress can be too much to bear. I also know that Femdom is scary to a beginner.
It is true that I am a sadist, and that I am a hardcore player. But I am also gentle and kind and very mothering. These are all facets of Myself. I am as far from one dimensional as you could possibly imagine. So to put your minds at ease, here is a review written by a first time visitor who was very very scared of coming to see Me. He even tried to cancel from nerves.



After many years of half hearted attempts to fulfil my prominent, most darkest fantasy I was becoming slightly disheartened as I couldn’t muster the balls to submit as a toilet slave. It was always something which burned deep inside;that ultimate feeling of degradation and worthlessness.

I’ve seen mistresses in the past and two previous attempts have failed miserably as my plastic alpha male togetherness has pulled through; I was able to control the situation when I was faced with the fact that I would be eating shit and would refuse. I would put this down to being a novice. Maybe being a bad toilet slave and the Mistress being new to the game. A lack of understanding before hand, a sexual tension that never climaxed to a point where I could go through with the deed.

Mistress Evilyne had me hooked for a long while. I purchased videos and followed her links. She has a sincerity and a definite lust for what she does. From the kinky shit to the ultimate extreme all the while with a touch of playfulness. I was simply judging this from the videos and pictures.

One morning I decided to get in contact with Mistress Evilyne after my extensive homework and that forever looming sexual desire to be treated like shit. She was happy to help with my dilemma. She was patient even through my decisive texting moments close to letting her down. She set the date I would be needed, and told me how to prepare myself for her.

I headed to her beautiful dwellings merely 20 minutes from London Bridge towards Orpington, a leafy suburb surrounded by pretty houses. Hers was easy to find and it was a pleasant surprise when I was quickly surrounded and obscured by the trees on the drive.

She was stunning and finely dressed. The dark laced spandex clung to her bottom so well as I nervously walked up the stairs behind her. She turned with a glint in her eyes and confidently told me in a well spoken manner to sit down. Having got to this stage in most Mistress encounters i’m on the backfoot, looking to pay the money and just get out asap from the sheer nerves as I loose most of my built up sexual desire. Mistress Evilyne slowly whittled me down. She’s extremely clever and brought me out of my shell. I found myself sitting with a well educated woman in a well equipped dungeon suitable for the most brutal kinds of masochistic torture.

We spoke openly and naturally for an entire hour all the while refreshing my glass with lots of water. I got to the stage where I could barley sit still and complained embarrassingly that I really needed to pee. Cunningly this was part of her abuse. She got me to stand pathetically on a towel having moved my chair away from me. I was forced to wear her exceptionally tight pair of faded jeans and made to keep drinking glass upon glass of water. She circled me giving me specific instructions that I wasn’t allowed to use the toilet and that I was a toilet. I was forced another bladder bursting glass of water and made to squat. My dick isn’t huge and the jeans really hurt being so tight around the crotch-I simply burst my pants in front of her. She laughed so much. Turned me around as she videoed my piss running everywhere across the floor.

She then led me to the bathroom where I able to get out of my wet pants but forced to lay uncomfortably on the shower floor. Simply told me I was toilet and covered my face and body entirely in piss. Stood with her bottom facing me, and proceeded to shit in my face. It was huge and ran down my head. I already started to gag, but She manipulated me to suck it like a cock and stuff the whole piece in my mouth. I started to choke. I was then mothered to eat little pieces to make it more bearable. I was struggling but with the transition of subtle coaching and sweet natured shit feeding I was eventually able to swallow.

I was amazed. I’m incredibly shocked that i’ve literally gotten myself from a stage so nervous that I was going to run to have my barriers broken and put into such a humiliating position with such ease. She’s a genius. Having  a refreshing warm shower I was then offered a cup of tea.

I would recommend anyone to see Mistress Evilyne (well not anyone i.e close relatives) who wants to have their sexual boundaries pushed. She’s the most natural Mistress i’ve met and even though she’s likely to fuck you over and degrade you like a piece of shit. She’s actually pretty cool.


  • Chris

    Thanks for writing this very detailed review. It’s rare to find one on such a delicate subject. Your understandable hesitancy comes over well as does the patience, beauty and power of Mistress Evilyne. I was most interested in the way Mistress dealt with you, chatting, finding out about you and gradually putting you at your ease but also into your place. The whole session seemed to be well paced and not rushed.
    I have never met Mistress Evilyne myself but your review has given me food for thought.
    I assume you will be making a return visit?
    Many thanks again.

    14th January 2014 at 5:54 pm

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