Review: Blackmailed into Hardsports

I’ve been fantasising about scat play and hard sports for almost 20 years (I’m 35 now). The furthest I’ve come so far, was experimenting with my own poo every once in a while.

I decided the time had come to make the fantasy reality however, so I did some extensive research on the internet. Mistress Evilyne’s website stands very much out among many others. The appeal being the clear effort that has been put in the quality of both its content and overall presentation. Of course Mistress Evilyne Herself appealed to me as well: Her photos show a stunning young Mistress of about the same age as myself, an absolute Goddess.

After some e-mail exchange we set a date and time for a session including humiliation, blackmail, spitting, watersports and hard sports. I shared a role-play fantasy with Mistress Evilyne, which She absolutely adored. It involves us being college students and me having secretly been taking pictures of Her. She would then invite me over for a special dinner, confronting me with what I’d done and blackmailing me about sharing the photos. The only way to make up to Her is to accept any punishment and doing anything She wants. This includes a dinner consisting of all Her personal delicacies.

So I was extremely nervous for the session. Luckily we had some time for an introductory chat. I was very pleased to see that Mistress Evilyne decided to wear casual clothing – She looked fantastic in Her leggings and tank top – instead of the standard S&M attire. She offered me a cup of tea and we went over the session again, asking me what I do and don’t like. This made me feel comfortable very quickly and after finishing the tea we started the session.

After the confrontation with the photos Mistress Evilyne repeatedly asked whether I would do anything for Her to prevent Her sharing the photos. I agreed to this wholeheartedly, had to undress fully and kneel in front of Her. She then spat in my face and mouth repeatedly and told me what a dirty pervert I am. I had to lay down on the ground and She took Her underwear off; another fantastic sight, although the nerves made it hard for me to get a hard-on straight away. Mistress Evilyne had been wearing Her knickers for three days and it still contained some stains from Her monthly cycle. She told me to lick it extensively and suck all the juices and chunks out, which I gladly did.

Mistress then came to stand over me and pissed in my open mouth. I struggled to drink it all, but it was a nicely measured quantity which exactly filled my mouth. I love how Mistress Evilyne told me She hated feeding slaves water-diluted piss, but instead prefers the nastier, golden champagne. If you want piss, you’ll get real piss. I agree wholeheartedly and Her piss indeed had a very strong aroma.

Shortly after, She kneeled besides me and took a dump in a small container. I adored the sight of Her anus opening up and seeing a small turd falling out. Unfortunately Mistress couldn’t produce more than one turd, which has to do with the fact we had an evening session. Apparently She produces huge quantities in the morning, so I know what time I’ll visit in the future! Mistress then put on medical gloves and made small bite size chunks of the poo, which She repeatedly fed to me. Meanwhile She was standing over me telling me what a perv I am, Her face constantly close to mine, often spitting in my mouth some more. I will never forget the sight of Her gorgeous face above mine, humiliating and degrading me, and feeding me.

Ultimately I managed to finish the entire turd, with hardly any gagging. Mistress Evilyne had written the word ‘perv’ on my chest with my own shit. After finishing the turd, She wanted me to cum and rub my semen into the dirty word on my chest. I oh so happily obliged. The moment that followed afterwards was very strange; sensations of submissiveness, lust and perversion filled my mind, but I was also very proud of myself. Mistress Evilyne saw this as well; She complimented me on doing so well for a first time toilet and gently caressed my forehead. That moment I realized I was Her toilet and a part of Her would always be within me. Our dirty little secret.

Afterwards Mistress Evilyne showed me Her luscious bathroom and allowed me to take a shower and clean myself. We also had a nice chat to evaluate the session. All in all the visit to Mistress Evilyne has been everything I could have wanted for a first toilet session. I would definitely love to come back to Her again to explore my fetish further and I already have some ideas for that future session. One of these is that I’d like to explore the relationship between Mistress and slave in more detail. I’d love to serve as Mistress Evilyne’s full toilet in the future. I had never thought I could reach the state of actually worshipping a Mistress. Since our session Mistress Evilyne has been on my mind almost continuously however. I guess I do worship Her now.

  • Slave marcel

    Dear Mistress Evilyne. Thank You very much for posting my review. I love reading it back myself and reliving our session. Also I hope this gives other readers an idea of the wonderful Mistress You are.

    11th November 2014 at 9:04 pm
  • barry

    this guy sounds exactly like me with the toilet fetish but he has took the first step and had a session, need to gain some inspiration from this and come and see you mistress evilyne

    12th November 2014 at 1:33 pm
  • Frank

    Mistress…I want to come serve as your toilet. I want to consume all that you give.

    27th December 2014 at 6:49 am
  • Chris

    Very well written review, I enjoyed reading it.

    28th December 2014 at 3:01 pm
  • Nick

    Great article and one that has made up my mind for me. I really need to have a session like this with the wonderful Mistress Evilyne and be her toilet slave.

    1st January 2015 at 7:05 pm
  • Roy

    Having a strong fantasy for hard sports Mistress Evilyne, reading this review and other blogs, it is pushing me further to wanting to fullfil my fantasy!

    17th January 2015 at 10:51 am
  • rob

    What a great review – blackmail and toilet slavery, two of my favourite interests. I have enjoyed real blackmail in the past but never been brave enough to try hard sports. The session was a little to scripted for my liking but otherwise sounds great.

    1st February 2016 at 7:45 pm

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