I hate to write such a negative post, but I sadly have no choice but to share My feelings with you.

I am your fantasy. I am an object of desire. I am your greatest dream. I know all this and many of you are kind enough to remind Me of this on a daily basis. But I want to let you in to a ground breaking secret. Are you ready to hear it? I am human. I a a real person who is making a living doing what I love. Why am I sharing this juicy bit of information with you, you may ask?

Recently, I have had an inexplicably high amount of cancelations and no-shows. People make bookings with Me, I write them into My diary, I centre My day around these bookings. I make the necessary preparations, and then wait, only to never hear the doorbell ring. Now let Me ask you, is that respectful towards Me? Despite My reputation as a viciously nasty Lady, I am actually very forgiving and non-judgemental. I like to think that if My subs are having second thoughts about anything, then they can call Me, and talk about it. I am supportive of people’s fears and anxieties and will be happy to do My best to help someone deal with their misgivings or anxieties about an upcoming session.

What is not ok is not turning up, not letting Me know that you are not coming, and just leaving Me in the lurch. I also need to make a living. This is My job. I do it because I love it, and would very much like to keep on loving it. So don’t be a twat. If you book a session and get cold feet, give Me a call and we can chat about it. Maybe we can do something else on your session, or take things a little more gently than originally planned… whatever needs to be done. If you want Me to respect you as a human being, then you should most definitely show Me respect. Anyone who doesn’t show up for a session without giving Me prior notice will be blacklisted. No exceptions.

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