Out with the old and in with the new

Well this year has been one of upheaval to say the least! I feel like I’ve been through 10 lifetimes since January. the result? Lots and lots of changes.

No more dungeon

So as many of you know, this month I closed down my central London playspace. It served me well for 4 years, but it was time to say goodbye. Over and over, I have seen you all asking WHY? 

Well first of all I wish to reassure everyone: I am in no way whatsoever retiring. In fact, I am going stronger than ever. So why did I get rid of my playspace? Well because when you live in a 2 bedroom flat in London and rent another 1 bedroom flat in zone 1 as a dungeon, your expenditures quickly add up to £5,000 a month just for rent, council tax and bills. So even as a very successful Mistress, I have been struggling to make ends meet for 4 years and have not been able to save up a penny.

I’m now in my mid 30’s, and beginning to feel like I should be a responsible adult. And what do responsible adults do? They save up money for mortgages! 

And so, by giving up my playspace, I am giving myself room to breathe financially, and hopefully room to save up so that the next playspace will truly be mine. 

I will be sessioning mainly from 2 private playspaces, one located in Bethnal Green, and the other in Woolwich. Both are very well equipped and intimate. I know a lot of you are already mourning my amazing pieces of equipment such as the vacbed, smother bench, and Venus 2000… Don’t worry. I have worked out a mode of transport that allows me to take my larger pieces to all the playspaces I session from. 

Of course, some of you might prefer sessions in West London. Now that I don’t have a set location, I will be able to session anywhere in London. You tell me your favourite dungeon hire, and we can session there. Although my favourite spaces will remain Bethnal Green and Woolwich.

To make the whole process of booking a session easier, I have amended my rates to include all dungeon hire fees. That way there will be no nasty surprises. You know what you owe right from the beginning. 

Bye bye sweet playspace. You will be missed


TV appearance

On Tuesday the 5th of November at 9 pm GMT, I am going to be appearing on a documentary on Channel 5 STAR called Deep Inside the Sex Toy Factory. Be sure to tune in! You’ll see me reviewing a host of British made sex toys along with a panel of Sexperts.

deep inside the sex toy factory


The London Dominatrix School

During the shutdown of my playspace, I spoke on Twitter of concentrating more on the school. In spite of my numerous retweets of the school in question, many of you seem to think that I am retiring from domination in order to further my education. This could not be further from the truth. I am not going to school. I am not returning to university. I am teaching. In case you missed the memo (and the numerous, even daily retweets) I am the head Mistress of the London Dominatrix School, a school that teaches women how to become dominant, either on a professional or lifestyle basis. I am very busy with the school and am currently enjoying writing a brand new school manual which will be a wonderful addition to the course. At the school, we also offer a kinky couples course. So if you have been wondering how to get your partner into dominating you, check out our website! We may well have the answers for you. 

london dominatrix school



So that’s all my big news. I’m around until Christmas time, and in better form than ever so don’t miss out on booking your London Femdom session.




  • Slave for you

    Goddess i have a fetish to become a toilet. I know you are the best goddess to use me like a toilet. I’m from India and want to be your toilet. Please suggest me how this can be possible.

    17th November 2019 at 10:53 pm
  • Darren Jefferson

    Master Evilyne I want to devote myself to you how can I? I want to see if Master Evilyne can break me inline to be domesticated.

    17th February 2020 at 7:27 am

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