Onwards and Upwards

You may have noticed that I went very quiet a little over a month ago. Some have been speculating over the possibility that I might have decided to hang up My whip. I can assure you that this is not the case. As the move away from Orpington drew closer, a rather distressing event occured in My personal life which needed My full attention. I shall not divulge the events in question here, and I sincerely hope that any of you that may be in the know will show discretion by not speaking of it on public platforms and that those of you who are not in the know will show the discretion that is called for in such a situation and refrain from asking for any details. Some parts of a Lady’s life deserve to remain private.

The move went more or less smoothly, and I now find Myself in possession of a lovely large home in West London. However, after much thought, I decided to make things even easier for all of you who might wish to visit Me by acquiring an incredibly central playspace only a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street Station. All you lovely City boys will now be able to visit Me on your lunch break. How wonderful is that?

I am still in the process of setting up both My new home as well as My new playspace. The playspace should be relatively easy. The home, however is another matter. I am in need of a few strong and skilled submissives to help Me with moving things to the attic, sorting out the garden, and generally setting up My new home. If you wish to help Me, then please contact Me by email

My new playspace will be very different from the last. It will be a domestic setting with more than a few hidden surprises. Expect an atmospheric setting, ideal for losing yourself in your fantasies.

I can sadly not confirm a launch date yet, but rest assured that I am toiling away trying to get it up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, Please send your session application by filling in the form on My website. Please be patient when waiting for a response. My inbox has been flooded since I came back onto twitter a few days ago, and I also have to work through the last month’s backlog of emails. It’s a hard life being so bloody popular. Poor, poor Me.

What else is new? Well I have a space open for a personal slave, so applications with full CV are most welcome. I will also be attending a few kink events over the winter, so expect to see Me at the next Club Pedestal, at Club Black Whip, and Club Subversion. I always appreciate being accompanied to events, so feel free to postulate for the post.

I will be resuming filming in December or the new year, so if you are not already on the list of film slaves, please fill in the application form, and you will hear from the Dungeon Manor secretary in the not too distant future letting you know which dates will be available.

It has been a trying summer, to say the least. but I am now well rested, and ready to take on the world once again. Expect to see bigger and better things from Me than ever before.

Lots of love from your Mistress.


I shall leave you with a photograph from the Femdom Ball, with the host, Madame Caramel, and My friend Vivienne l'Amour.

I shall leave you with a photograph from the Femdom Ball, with the host, Madame Caramel, and My friend Vivienne l’Amour.

  • Zak

    Where the hell are you? why don`t your write more posts, I´m addicted to your posts

    4th December 2015 at 6:51 am
      • Zak

        Thanks Goddess, at your feet always

        10th December 2015 at 7:18 am

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