On slavery

Day in day out, I receive emails, tweets, messages on Facebook… all from men begging to serve Me.

“Please Mistress, I’ll do anything for you Mistress!”

“I want to be owned 24/7 Mistress.”

“I want to be your bitch Mistress!”

It goes on… and on… and on.

On an average day I can expect to receive anywhere from 20 to 100 such messages. And all are so disappointed when I tell them no, or that I expect a tribute. They turn on Me and call Me names, beg and plead, or just ask why again and again. I don’t have time to explain to every single one of you why I say no, so let Me explain here, where you can all read it for yourselves.

I am a full time Pro-Domme. Yes, I am also a lifestyle Domme, and no I do not have another job. So, what makes the difference between a session slave and a personal slave? Well, as an example, let Me use My own personal slave. I shall be calling him s_.

I had just received My St Andrews cross and needed to get it screwed into the wall. I had put a few requests up on social media and a sub offered his services to Me. He did not ask for anything in return. All that he wanted was to be of service and help Me. He came over, put up the cross, and then did other things for Me. Not once did he ever ask for play, talk about his needs, or act disrespectfully. He didn’t stand around being lazy, he cleaned up after himself, and he was very well behaved. I had him over several times. We got on rather well, and even, dare I say, had a bit of a connection. So eventually, I sat him down and asked him if he would like to serve Me.

Now, s_. gets a lot of play. Sometimes, he even gets too much! And he never has to ask for it. He is a true slave. He does everything for Me, not expecting anything in return. I am his priority. And that is what none of you understand.

To 99.99% of you, the idea of servitude is getting to lie on the ground all day with your tongue burrowing into a vagina, “worshipping” your goddess. This is completely absurd. Slavery is not that. Of course it is consensual, but the consent is in abandoning your rights and making the Woman your priority. Slavery is NOT doing the dishes and getting your fetishes indulged in return. If you do eventually end up being My slave, I will choose when to indulge your fetishes. It will not be because you think that you deserve it, but because I think that you do. And the more demanding you are, the less likely I am to do so.

So now that I have explained this, take a minute to look at your desires. Do they run in your head like a leather clad porn film? Do you imagine yourself in all sorts of kinky situations? Then slavery is not right for you. Slavery is not sexy, and it is not kinky. Slavery is about love, devotion and self denial, as s_. knows all too well. On the days he comes to serve Me, s_. gets up ridiculously early, drives about 2 hours to Dungeon Manor, and spends a good 8 hours toiling away doing carpentry, cleaning, gardening, dishes and other tedious tasks. He never asks for anything. He just gets on and does what he came here to do. When the mood takes Me, I will take him into the dungeon for a play. Sometimes, twice in a day, and sometimes, not at all for several visits. On some days, I will be busy and barely spend any time with him at all. On other days, we will work together, or we will go out and do something nice. The secret is that s_. doesn’t have any expectations other than those of being of service and making Me happy. s_. never begs nor grovels, and he never whinges.

Some Mistresses see slaves as status symbols. The more they have, the more powerful They think it makes them look. God forbid that you turn up to club Pedestal slaveless! Well I say Phooey to all that! I prefer to have one or two slaves who actually make My life easier, whose company I enjoy, and who are truly devoted to a horde of snivelling sub humans who want all My attention all the time, and are more trouble than they are worth. Because you see, a slave is there to be useful! Who would have thought, eh? Your primary role is to be of service to your Mistress. You do things for Her that She cannot do for herself, or that She prefers not to dirty Her hands doing. If a sub offers to come and do the cleaning, and I need to go around after him doing it again because I could have done a better job, then what is the point of him coming round in the first place? And then, to EXPECT Me to play with him after he has done a sub par job? Well, that slave will just get the door.

If you really, desperately want to come and clean for Me and want play too, then you will be expected to tribute Me for the privilege. A true slave does not eat up My time. He just gets on with the job. If you want to come and do the cleaning in a cock cage and frilly pink knickers, while I drive you with a whip, well My dear, that is play. That is an effort for Me, and I expect to be tributed for that effort. To be driven by Me is a privilege, just as it is to be tied up by Me. In order to be a high calibre Mistress with a dungeon of My own full of expensive equipment, gorgeous outfits, a house that befits My status, and all the other trimmings that mean that you are not visiting some woman living in a caravan and dressed in a Primark onesie, I need to work, just like any of you. And any time that is taken up by a pseudo-wannabe-slave who wants kicks out of being treated like shit while he does a bad job of the hoovering is time away from being able to afford to offer the services that I do, in the outfits that I do and in the house that I do. Remember that.

Remember too, that slavery is not being tied up and used as a sex toy for a nymphomaniac Mistress who wants to orgasm all day long. Sorry to break the dream like that, but it is the truth.

If however, you seriously want to devote yourself to Me, help Me achieve the lifestyle that I deserve, and are actually useful, then by all means, come to the Manor for a try out.


  • Matt

    Thank You, Goddess. I hope there are many others who understand this, and would be honoured to serve You thus, as would i.

    7th March 2014 at 12:32 am
  • Right on sister!!! Well written. I couldn’t agree more. It works somewhat similarly for male doms/ female slaves. It’s just a realistic approach to a real life M/S relationship. I may quote you sometime, of course, not without your permission in advance. Tom

    7th March 2014 at 6:48 pm

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