On Public Play

If you know anything about Me, you will be aware that one of My absolute favourite pastimes is humiliating men in public. I adore seeing the look of incredulity on the faces of passers by as I walk My slave in public, spit on him, slap him, etc. Even more than the enjoyment that I get from giving the public a little thrill, is the pleasure that I receive from seeing a sad little man feel completely helpless, with nowhere to run, aware that all eyes are on him as he performs whatever degrading task I have ordered.

It was inevitable that I would one day take My first step into filming public humiliation clips, so after finding a slave who was willing to film in public unmasaked, and talking My cameraman into accepting that we would not get arrested, off we went to central London on a lovely sunny summer day to film as many scenes as we could manage, all under public scrutiny.

We started off gently, with things such as foot worship and doggy play. Over the course of the day, we gently increased the intensity of our activities, until we came to the grand finally: a scene of complete degradation on a busy pedestrian street. During the entire day, people came up to us between shoots to ask us questions or congratulate My slave on his courage. From time to time, men even came to tell him how much they envied him! All in all, we got a very positive response.

Then came the final scene. For 10 minutes, I kicked, slapped, insulted, and spat on My slave as bit by bit, a crowd of onlookers gathered. My two cameramen were hidden away in alcoves, invisible to the crowd. As far as they knew, I was just a woman beating up a poor man. Can you guess how the crowd reacted? They simply took out their phones and filmed us. Nobody stepped in. I was quite shocked at how passive people are when it comes to this sort of thing. I was expecting to have to stop filming every 30 seconds due to someone trying to stop Me from abusing My slave. But no… people just watched. ?As nice as it was to be able to film the scene in its entirety in only two takes (more about that later), I was slightly horrified at the apathy of the general public. This is how people get raped and killed in public: People prefer a spectacle to having a kind heart. Shocking.

Now, about the two takes: We did have one interruption though, but it wasn’t from a good Samaritan trying to save the poor boy from My clutches. After a few minutes of filming, as I was making My slave kiss My feet, and telling him all about the honour that it was for him to do so, I became aware of a jeering voice, insulting Me from the crowd of onlookers.
“I wouldn’t kiss your fucking nose! You ugly cow!” etc etc…
An older man, wearing a panama hat and shorts (who can be seen briskly walking past in the final edit of the clip) was hell bent on insulting Me and degrading Me himself. Eventually, his voice grew in volume to the point that we had to halt the filming. I began to explain to him that we were filming something, and that it was completely consensual. I let My slave stand up, asked him if he was ok, stroked his cheek, and saw him smile and nod at Me. But still, the man insulted Me, saying all sorts of horrible things, and telling Me that it’s not right, that women like Me deserve to be beaten etc. As much as I tried to explain to him that My slave had asked for all this himself, the man wanted nothing to do with it. My chivalrous cameraman got more and more worked uop as this was happening and suddenly started shouting at the other man to leave us alone, but he just stayed there, antagonising us and taking great pleasure in telling Me how I was disgusting and ugly. Finally, I insulted him Myself and told him to crawl back to whichever hole he came from, and he left. The interesting thing about this was that this man did not actually seem to care at all about the welfare of My slave. He didn’t attempt to save him, nor did he try to check if he was ok. This man just saw an opportunity to abuse a woman and he jumped on it. I feel sorry for his wife, if he has one.

So to end this, only one person intervened, out of the 50 or more who saw this scene take place. The one person who did intervene, didn’t do it to help the “victim”, but rather to give himself the opportunity to be abusive to a woman.

Moral of the story: You really can get away with anything in public. But that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Mistress Evilyne, Public Humiliation, London Humiliatrix, London Mistress, London Dominatrix, London FemdomMistress Evilyne, Public Humiliation, London Humiliatrix, London Mistress, London Dominatrix, London Femdom

Mistress Evilyne, Public Humiliation, London Humiliatrix, London Mistress, London Dominatrix, London Femdom

  • SlaveT

    Well, the reason no one interferred in my opinion was that is was a man being ‘abused’ and not a woman. Had it been the other way around, I believe several people ( myself included ) would have done something. I would have just walked by had I seen what you were doing, as I would think the guy would be able to take care of himself. While quite a show, I believe most people caught on to that this was something the guy was doing in his own free will.

    5th July 2014 at 10:27 am
  • David Wilde

    I have to admit when i first saw the pics i wanted it to me on my knees being humiliated by a pretty Woman with people looking on.But on reflection I admire the man also.I dont thnk i would have the balls to do it.

    5th July 2014 at 10:39 am
  • Ian

    Thanks for writing and sharing such a perceptive and thought-provoking article. i hope and suspect that SlaveT is right in his comment above. Your film slave looks a fit and strong young chap, and observers would deduce that he was a willing participant. Plus there was a very recent well publicised film/play publicity stunt in London in which a woman walked a crawling man on a leash through the Farringdon/Clerkenwell area at rush hour. Photos appeared in Metro, the Standard and all over social media, with the explanation. As for the boor who harassed You, it is appalling how this kind of public misogyny is becoming so prevalent. i reckon that it was always there below the surface, but the increasing freedom and self-determination of women, and the anonymity of social media, have brought this ugly creature into the daylight.

    5th July 2014 at 6:37 pm
  • Marawan

    Lovely! I would like to try but without filming 🙂

    6th July 2014 at 12:09 pm
  • Elle_minded

    Certainly an interesting experiment in social anthropology, however, i too agree with the commenters who say onlookers picked up on many cues, and also that if the man-woman roles were reversed the reactions would have been different. In my younger days in NYC, i intervened twice on men abusing women in busy public streets; both times the verbal abuse was extreme, and in one case, the man was grabbing, pushing, even slapping her. Both times, the woman immediately and vehemently told me to get away and mind my own business. And there were no leashes or fetish accouterments involved. i haven’t seen such since, but i would look closely and think hard before interfering in any but the most obvious instances.

    7th July 2014 at 3:00 pm
  • paul

    Wish I was the very lucky slave would love to be publicly humiliated

    8th October 2014 at 1:51 pm
  • Slave

    The dream!

    Oh! Mistress Evilyne… 😀 You are amazing.

    I love Mistress Evilyne!

    12th November 2014 at 12:46 am

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