On Humiliation

Funny one, isn’t it, humiliation?

You strive your whole life to be accepted and respected, desperately avoiding the crippling embarrassment of being scoffed at, jeered at or spoken of behind your back. That sense of unease that creeps over you late at night when all the pressures of the day have gone and you are just about to fall asleep: your eyelids close shortly after your head hits the pillow, your breathing slows, and so do your thoughts. Then, out of nowhere, in the empty space that is left in your consciousness, all those moments, those terribly humiliating moments in your life creep back and slap you in the face. They do a little jig in your head, singing:

“Here we are! Remember us? Remember all the times that you made a complete arse of yourself? All those people who must think that you are a complete idiot… a loser… disgusting… shameless… Well, god forbid you ever cross paths with any of THEM again! But you never know… it might happen! I bet they remember you making a fool of yourself as clearly as daylight. I bet they have told everyone they know about that idiot they saw this one time!”

And you bury your head under the pillow in shame. But somehow, that feeling, the heart pounding, the rapid breath, the adrenaline rush… It’s addictive. It’s like sky jumping. It’s a thrill. Every time you remember it, all the feelings come flooding back, like a dizzying high. and then you start to think about the next time: what could Mistress make you do that would be even more humiliating? How can you be absolutely degraded?

Welcome to the world of public humiliation.

As you may have gathered from My posts on hard sports, I have a particular predilection towards the more psychological aspects of BDSM. I thrive on the total power exchange that is surrendering your psyche to Me. I love the complexities of psychological play. And before you ask, yes; humiliation is most definitely within that realm. Humiliation leaves no physical marks. You will have no bruises nor welts nor cuts. No pain that slowly fades over time. Humiliation is a rush. It is there when you experience it, and it comes back, stronger and stronger, every single time that you look back on your past experience. The more you analyse it, the more you think about it, the stronger the palpitations, the hotter the flush. It is ever increasing in intensity and can be brought back to re-experience at will.

So what exactly is public humiliation?

Well it can be a multitude of things. The possibilities are limitless. P/h can be adapted to the novice sub and the experienced one alike. It can be soft, and only involve you and I, without anyone else being aware of what is happening. Just us knowing how naughty we are being, and god forbid anyone find out! Or it can be taken to the extreme of public degradation, where every passer by stops to watch, horrified, where other diners in the restaurant stare and whisper behind your back…

If you are still baffled by the concept, let Me give you a few examples of public play that can be undertaken. We will start with the softer forms and work out way to more extreme ones.

-We can go out for dinner. You carry My bag, act like a true gentleman the whole way, and I show the waiters how under My thumb you are by choosing and ordering your food for you, belittling you in front of the waiter etc..
-I make you wear butt plug, nipple clamps, ladies undies etc under your clothes as we spend a day in central London.
-You take Me shopping and I treat you like nothing more than a cash cow in front of the shop assistants. I use you as a stool when I try on shoes, etc.
-I shout at you, degrade you, spit on you etc in a very public place.
-I make you wet (or shit) yourself in public.
-We go into London both in full fetish gear, in broad daylight, you on a collar and lead and play the hardcore D/s card in public.

Of course, these are just broad outlines to give you an idea. Things such as forced fem shopping, making you sit on the floor and worship My feet on the tube and many more are all possible. As I pointed out, our imagination is the limit…

So, come and play with Me.

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