New review: Nylons and Pickled Eggs

A first session with Mistress Evilyne arranged with the briefest of session briefs resulted in 2hours of hedonistic debauchery not experienced for many many years. Sessions are always a bit odd before you and your mistress become in tune with each other, but, with Mistress Evilyne, it was like we had been playing for years; it was almost mind reading with regard to my fetish and it set the scene for amazing nipple torture (beware if you like heat play and have piercings !), perfectly timed scat play (so few realise the timing sweet spot) and finally a seriously robust fisting although I think the local supplies of pickled eggs are maybe in unexpected shortage.

Often overlooked in the pro-scene, the attention to detail and scene setting just flipped me into the right place without prompting or hand holding (in fact I had problems holding anything with my hands). Terribly gauche to say, but Mistress Evilyne just has the perfect look (and legs to die for).

The whole time was just full on decadence and in a great location (the manor) it was just perfection; gosh !

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