New review: Publicly Humiliated in London

Public humiliated in London

I had the wonderful privilege of coming to visit Mistress Evilyne 3 weeks back .

And had the massive privilege of getting publicly humiliated by Mistress Evilyne in London

It started at the amazing dungeon manor by Mistress Evilyne handing me a handbag to hold a nappy change my dummy and my tommy tippy cup and as I put on a fresh nappy and plastic pants

After me and Mistress Evilyne set off for the centre of London we came across a nice bush of nettles as she told me to grab a nice big handful and to put them down my nappy

they stinged ever time I moved for most of the day not long after we got on a train to Cannon Street and I got the upmost privilege of being a human footstool for Mistress Evilyne as she sat on a seat I sat on the floor of the train and got to have mistress feet and legs rested on me all the way to London I loved the humiliation of it and feeling being in my place below a powerful mistress .

Not long after mistress told me to get on all 4″s like a dog outside a coroner shop as she went in I do as asked and for a good 3 minutes I kneed there on all 4″s and had passers by ask me if I were ok and getting funny looks off them as mistress came out she told me to pull up my jeans up as were showing off my bottom and most likely my nappy and plastic pants to passer”s by

It being a wonderfully sunny day mistress sat outside a coffee shop and told me to get on all 4″s for a second time and to start to lick and suck and kiss her boots on the pavement outside a costa coffee on a very busy street in the centre of the cannon Street area with 100″s of passers by as I got to work kissing the foot of Mistress boots and licking the London dirt off them

and as I did this for about 30 minutes I would here the giggles of passing females and the looks shock and interest of passing men as I kneed the on all 4″s licking my mistress boots I think some passers by stopped to take a pic or 2 on there phones I loved the total humiliation mistress had given me and had a massive smile on my face by the end of it

Not long after I fond myself outside sant Paul’s on a bit of garden and lush green grass beside my mistress were I were told to play a cow and eat the grass and moo as I bent over and eat the grass and made moo”s in a very public park then I became a good little piggy and oink oinked as I rubbed my face in the grass and dirt and as I licked up a tasty glob of spit that my mistress had put on the grass

Latter that day I were getting somewhat hot and parched so Mistress Evilyne generously offered me a drink in my tommy tippy cup of her golden nectar and I drank it all down as we strolled around London

On the way back to mistress manor she told me that I had a massive wet patch on the back of my jeans and that my nappy must have overflown After 5 wetting”s on my day out I felt so humiliated and happy it had been a wonderful day

Mistress Evilyne is very skilled at giving public humiliation and I loved every second of it is left me with a smile on my face for weeks after .

  • Jason Lamarr

    Such a pretty story..if I were not across da pond.I. would have filmed the entire trip

    23rd April 2015 at 11:48 pm
  • Paul humphries

    I want this too, but maybe worse. I have a session booked for 25th and is hope I will be made to feel completely humiliated and degraded in the centre of London. I love My Mistress, I could worship her all day every day forever, she is so beautiful and I cannot wait to be put to public she by her.

    18th August 2017 at 9:43 am

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