New Review: My first visit to Mistress Evilyne

My first visit to Mistress Evilyne

I had the wonderful privilege of getting to session with Mistress Evilyne last month.

Form the first contact I had with Mistress she were understanding and welcoming to me .

And after a time away form kink bdsm and Mistress”s  it were a frankly refreshing experience .

I arranged to come visit her in London and she very kindly meet me in London and showed me the way to her magnificent manor as it were my first time in London .

I were almost tempted to ask if I cloud hold her hand and suck on my thumb at the time as I were shown were to go by Mistress Evilyne .

After arriving I were put at total ease by Mistress Evilyne”s welcoming and friendly personally and the air of control and dominance and real intelligence and class come across strongly  .

After relaxing and a chat with miss about myself and kink  I opened my traveling case full to the brim with  adult nappies dildos bottles dummy’s

I were ordered to hand Mistress my bottle ( a Tommee tippee cup ) it were filled with yummy golden necker and asked to drink it all down like a good boy it were the first of 5 bottles I drank down for Mistress Evliyne over my stay .

Not long after I found myself being asked to bend over a bench as Mistress Evilyne towered over me  form behind and lubed up her gigantic strap on dildo
As she told me how open my arse looked and that she had heard I were a anal slut .

Then I felt my adult nappy been puled down at the back and the devastatingly huge Gary strap on push in to my already loosened arse and slow push on my prostate and very full bladder .

and as Mistress Evliyne blit up the pace of the fucking I were getting at her hands and as the force of the strap on my bladder made me fill my nappy with piss as Mistress Evliyne fucked me like a jackhammer for about 10 min”s as I babbled mindlessly lost in the fullness and the felling .

After a time Mistress had her fill and puled out of my very open arse and slid her fist inside me for a time to say I were in heaven would be a underestimate .

Not long after Mistress Evliyne decided that I needed a canning so she ripped my nappy off got her cane out and bent me over the very place I had just had my arse fucked to oblivion and back .

Mistress stated off slowly but then added more force and power to her swings and swapped cane”s to find the one that gave the best impact on my large backside and legs .

After a time the blows became punishingly hard and had me crying with a smile form the mix of emotions and feelings and by this stage I must have taken over a 100 hits form cane”s and my backside were black and blue .

At this stage I wanted noting more then the next hit to be harder to give me the punishment I needed at Mistress Evilyne”s hands she give me what I wished for 30 of the hardest impacts I have ever taken on my behind that left it bloody black and dripping blood I never been happier .

After this I were some what mentally and physically drained so the wonderful Mistress Evilyne looked after me she lay me down and put a nice fresh nappy on me gave me my bottle and read me a lovely story as I lay with my head on her lap .

Over all a frankly amazing experience with Mistress Evilyne who’s company is a privilege to keep and I only wish I had come to see her before hand .

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