New review: Edging games under pressure

So with a fair amount of Nervousness I asked Mistress Evilyne if I could participate in her Dungeon Manor fund and she kindly allowed me to.   This gave me the opportunity to save up for a 2 hour session much quicker than if i was just trying to put the money away myself.  So if like me money is tight I would recommend the Dungeon Manor fund.
Anyway I finally managed to put enough money away in the fund to cover a 2 hour session.  I reviewed the web site in detail and then I sent Mistress Evilyne a detailed email that covered my previous experiences, what I enjoyed, what I didn’t enjoy and my hard limits.
The time and date came around and I turned up at the location at exactly the agreed time.   (The key activities were Bondage, Electrics and forced\ruined orgasms: See blog post: On The Verge)
The door was opened and after walking through it was quickly through another door and down into the basement flat.   I had an idea of what to expect from reviewing Mistress Evilynes website in detail but actually being in her presence made me feel very nervous to the extent that I was actually shaking (Which Mistress actually noticed and commented on).
Now the key activity that I had said in my email that I really enjoyed was bondage and being as helpless as possible.  Mistress Evilyne had read that and had setup the vacuum bed for me to experience.   So once I understood what I was about to experience my nervousness disappeared and I quickly stripped off.  I then had an electric Prostate ball inserted and then climbed into the Vac Bed.
 Once I was in she fastened it down and turned on the vacuum pump and within a couple of seconds I was firmly held down and totally helpless.   My face and my cock and balls were exposed but everything else was firmly held by latex.   I couldn’t even lift my head so was only able to stare at the ceiling.  It was the most restrictive bondage I have ever been in and it felt amazing.
Mistress then moved onto the next phase and as per my email (I said that I enjoyed Forced\ruined orgasms) proceeded to tie my Cock and balls up very tightly (I have never had them tied so tightly).   Obviously I couldn’t see this but I could I feel it and there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening which made me feel very helpless which strangely due to my bondage made me enjoy it even more.
As part of the bondage of my cock and balls Mistress had also attached some electrics and shortly after she finished with them them she started to turn up the electrics on my cock and balls and on my prostate.   I didn’t realise it at the time but she also started using a vibrator on me to overstimulate me.
Since I was totally unable to move or see what was happening  all I could feel was the electrics and the vibration on my cock and balls and on my prostrate.   It felt amazing but I was having to struggle to resist from having an orgasm as although I wanted to come I knew exactly what was going to happen if I did.
Mistress was forever changing the amount of stimulation and pain I was getting so I was unable to predict what was coming or get used to what was happening.  Since i was encased in latex and unable to see or hear anything all my attention was focused on my cock and balls and I very quickly became unaware of anything else except what was happening to that part of my body.  My self control has never been the best (Something to work on in the future) and in the end all the teasing and edging had the desired effect and i had one of the biggest and strongest orgasms I have every had.
However as expected things didn’t stop there.  Mistress continued with the electrics and vibrations which as I was so sensitive was now in the realms of Sensory overload of pleasure.   If i could have stopped it I would have done but as i was helpless I couldn’t so I just had to endure.  It felt like I was feeling so much pleasure it was almost painful so although I wanted it to stop I was actively really enjoying it.   The fact that it was all I could feel due to the latex just increased the sensations.
I very quickly lost all sense of time and awareness and was just struggling to get free but secretly wanting it to continue (Which it did).   I was briefly bought back to my senses when Mistress decided to have some fun with face sitting while still teasing and tormenting me.   This is probably the first time in my life that I really panicked as I couldn’t breathe and was desperate for some air.  I struggled with everything I had but was unable to move to resist but eventually Mistress let me take a breath and then listened to my desperate begging to not do that again so just went back to tormenting my cock and balls.
At some point in the session Mistress did give me a 10 min break from tormenting my Cock and Balls but just turned her attention to twisting and pinching my nipples through the latex.   By the time the 10 mins was up I wasn’t sure whether I wanted more nipple torture or for her to go back to my cock\balls.    Fortunately I didn’t have any choice in the matter and Mistress went back to work on my cock\balls.
From this point in time I had no sense of time or anything other than the torment of my cock and balls.   As I found out afterwards I had 2 more orgasms which I was not aware of as they just merged into the whole sensory overload experience.   As the sensations were so intense (Vibrations\electrics) I didn’t know what was happening and to be honest I wasn’t really thinking I was just reacting.
In the end the sensations died down and I came back to earth.  This wasn’t because Mistress had stopped it was just because I was unable to feel anything in my cock any more.   My legs and arms however were really aching and throbbing which as I realised afterwards was because of the amount of effort I had put into trying to get free.   .    Everything had shut down or gone numb.  I informed Mistress of this and she tested this by squeezing my balls (Which I could feel) but my cock was totally numb.
At this point Mistress let me free and let me slowly come back to life with a nice chat and a drink of water to discuss what happened.   I can safely say that when I left I felt totally drained and tired to the extent that I had trouble focusing on getting home.  I felt so tired I couldn’t concentrate but I did eventually make it home although wasn’t really able to do much other than fall asleep.
The feeling in my penis came back within a few hours and boy was it sore.   It was very tender and painful for a couple of days afterwards and at the time of writing this (4 days later) it is now starting to showing signs of life.   So I can absolutely say that Mistress totally drained me but it was an amazing experience and one that I am very keen to repeat in the not to distant future.   It was hell at times but as that hell was caused by an overload of pleasure thats a place I would like to go again.
Next time I hope to be able to hold on for longer so that I can extend the time I can endure.  I would also be very happy to experience the Vac bed again.  That is an amazing device and I have never felt so helpless so very keen to try that again.
So thank you Mistress for allowing me to experience this with you and I really look forward to my next visit when I can hopefully last a bit longer.  I will be contributing as much as I can into the Dungeon Fund to allow me to visit again as soon as possible.
So in Summary I had a fantastic experience with Mistress Evilyne.   She clearly understood what I was looking to experience and also pushed me way beyond what I was expecting.  Mistress seemed to be able to read\understand me very well and was able to push me right to the limit which I think is what left me so drained afterwards.   There were a lot of new experiences in there and I enjoyed all of them even the face sitting although that is was very close to my limits.   Yes I was in a bit of pain for a few days afterwards but it was worth it for that experience.
Thank you.
Slave Steve.
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  • Stunning situation and beautifully described. Thanks you so much for sharing

    10th January 2017 at 2:55 pm

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