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I am not one to pro session very often as I usually find the dynamic a little false and topping from the bottom is almost inevitable. I first noticed Mistress Evilyne’s photographs on the Club Pedestal gallery and I was intrigued by her aura of cool aloofness aligned with a wicked smile. After reading her very informative website and blog, I quickly realised their was a very high degree of intelligence and understanding of domination to match the haughty beauty. I contacted Mistress Evilyne as a last moment booking and there was a smooth exchange of texts that saw me parked in her discrete driveway at the chosen hour.  Mistress Evilyne is more striking in real life than her photos would suggest and her smile infinitely more wicked. The dungeon is spacious and well equipped with a very luxurious bathroom en-suite. That takes care of the bare bones of the session. What is much more difficult to convey is just how toweringly professional a dominatrix Mistress Evilyne is. I have been enjoying Dom/Sub session, both lifestyle and professional, for more than 20 years and I have never encountered a situation before where I felt so totally under someone’s dominion and that I had handed over my fantasy to a true artist who totally made it their own and took me on a 90 minute journey that left me completely overwhelmed and satisfied. That sense of satisfaction came not from the fact that my wishes had been catered for but from the fact that I had sublimated my desires to a greater force who was only interested in manifesting her interpretation of my favourite BDSM activities. Mistress Evilyne is the real deal, if anybody really wants to know the feeling of being properly dominated rather than have someone act out a list of fantasies in an ersatz manner then they should not consider their fetish journey complete without begging for a session and letting their BDSM dreams achieve their true potential.


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