My fantasy

I thought that I’d change things up a bit. Today, it’s time for Me to tell you about what it is that makes Me moist between the legs…

As you know, I am a sadist. However, the vast majority of the time, I have to be very careful about how I go about things, not to go too far. At night, as My head hits the pillow and My hand slides down between My thighs, I smile as I imagine the scenario that I am about to describe to you now.

A man has offered himself to Me, in the fullest sense. His body is Mine and his soul is Mine. I can do with him as I please and he has cleared his diary for 2 days just to serve Me. We have discussed in advance that he will have no safe word, no way out. He will be My toy for 48 hours.

He arrives, and as soon as the door is closed behind him, I kick him to the floor and demand his tribute. He hands it to Me in a white paper envelope with My name beautifully scrawled on the front with a fountain pen. I count the cash in front of him then throw it on the floor and tell him to run around on all fours picking up each individual note with his mouth and handing it to Me before going to collect the next. Inevitably, there is one note missing. This gives Me the opportunity to kick him in the rump as hard as I can and to scream at him to “find the bloody note before I rip you a new arsehole!”. As he squirms on the ground, sticking his nose into corners, I kick him again and again until he finds the note.

Now that I have the full tribute in hand, I tell him to give Me his wallet, watch, phone and car keys. I make him get undressed and tell him to hand Me his clothes. I deposit all of his possessions in My safe, which is itself bolted to the wall. He is now Mine, with no means of escape. I put the electric shock collar around his neck, and tell him that he will be wearing it for the remainder of his time in My service, and that it will be used both to summon and correct him. As I tell him this, I click the padlock closed so that he has no means of removing the collar. I turn the power on the collar to full and give him a jolt. He falls to the ground in agony. I tell him that I will start off on a lower setting, but that every time that he displeases Me, I will turn the setting up by 5 points until we reach 100 again.

He is now Mine completely. I make the collar beep and tell him that whenever he hears this sound, he has 30 seconds to present himself. If he does not do so, he will feel a vibration followed by another 30 seconds before he gets a shock. At this point, I send him away to make Me a cup of tea. I relax with a cigarette as I wait. When I see him coming back, I hold up the remote in front of his eyes and press the button. He jumps, thinking that I am going to shock him, spilling tea everywhere. But I only pressed the vibrate button, now that there is tea all over the floor though, I might as well give him his second shock of the day.

Having agreed previously that he has no say in anything, I feel the wonderful freedom to be nasty and angry. I let rip. I shout at him, shove his head into the puddle of tea on the floor, spit on him and kick him in the chest. It feels great. he is My human punching bag. I make him stand on one leg holding a book on his head as I drink My tea, then I attach a lead to his collar and tell him to crawl behind Me to the dungeon. There, I attach him to the cross and tell him that I am going to use every single hitty thing that I own on him. I want to see blood. I want to see sprays of red coating the ceiling. I want to need to have the entire dungeon bleached by the time I am done with him. We are at it for hours. When he can no longer stand, I lay him down on the floor. Then finally, when he is broken and drenched in blood, sweat and tears, I get out the piece de resistance.

I cut a pineapple in half and I rub it all over his open wounds. He screams like an animal being butchered, and I love it. He pleads and begs, and I tell him that pineapple juice is like jellyfish stings. The only way to stop the burn is to piss on it. He believes Me the idiot, So I straddle him and proceed to spray My piss all over him, which of course just adds to the burn of the pineapple juice. Feigning pity, I drag him to the shower. I remove the collar, and spray him down with cold water, then scrub him down with a soapy brush. I cover his back in bandages, and send him down to the kitchen to eat and rest for an hour.

Once he is rested to My liking, I beep him and tell him to go upstairs and clean every piece of equipment that we used as well as every one that we didn’t but that was in close proximity to where we played. Once he has done that, I make him bring down a chastity device which I lock him in. He now truly has no humanity left. I make him massage My feet, and proceed to completely ignore him apart from when I tell him to fetch something for Me. He is nothing but a servant and a toy, not deserving of any human interaction. Dinner time approaches. I told him to book a table for two at My local Michelin starred restaurant.

As the time approaches, I take him down into the cellar and shackle him to the wall. I tell him that I’ll bring a treat back for him from the restaurant. I go into the safe, take out his wallet, and take it down to him. I tell him to pick 2 cards, and give Me the pin codes for both, just in case one fails. I tell him that if ever he makes a fool of Me by giving Me a fake pin code, he will face the consequences, and they will involve permanent marks which won’t be to his liking. I go out to dinner with Governess Ely, and We have a grand old time, ordering the taster menu and all the sides. We spoil Ourselves to champagne cocktails. The card works, luckily for him. Otherwise, I would have carved the word SLAVE into the skin of his bicep with a knife for all to see. Governess Ely and I request doggy bags for Our leftovers and bring them back home with Us.

Once home, I go down into the cellar with a flashlight. I find him there, naked and shivering. God knows why, since it is absolutely toasty down there. But men always shiver when I leave them in the cellar. I have the doggy bag in one hand and a plastic bowl under My arm. I empty the bag into the bowl and piss all over it. I turn on a strobe light with a red filter on it, putting it onto a low speed setting, leave a bottle of water by him, and bid him goodnight, reminding him that I will leave the door to the basement wide open so the foxes can come and go. So he had better eat up all his dinner if he doesn’t want any visits!

A few times during the night, I press the button on the shock collar remote, just to remind him that I am here, and that I haven’t forgotten about him.

The next morning, I have a leisurely lie in. I have another house slave round making Me coffee. There is no way I would let that filthy retch make My breakfast! After the day and night he has spent, he would be useless!

Around 11 am, I descend into the cellar. I unlock him, put the lead on him, and drag him back upstairs. I put his head in the toilet box, and without a word, sit on top of him, with My coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and I take a giant shit into his mouth. I get up, wipe My arse, and throw the toilet paper on his face after examining My shit. I then walk out without a word, leaving him to feel thoroughly objectified. I leave him there, covered in shit, for 2 hours while I have My bath and get dressed. I get the other slave to check on him periodically and make sure he hasn’t moved at all.

Once I am all dressed, I go into the dungeon, make him get out of the box, remove his collar, and have a cold shower. Wounds are redressed, and we are ready for the final chapter. He is to spend the rest of his day being a decorative object. No speaking, no interaction, apart from when I get bored of him being in one position. We start off with him on his shoulders, with his back against the wall. I stick a flower in his arse and tell him to be a vase.

After an hour or so, he is changed into a frame, being made to hold a painting up. An hour later, he is allowed a lunch of cold porridge, then put back to duty as a fan. and so on and so on…

Once it is time for him to leave, I bring all his personal belongings out for him, and let him dress. I remove the collar and the cock cage, and he falls to the ground before Me, kissing My feet passionately. He tells Me that never before has he sensed such strong submission towards a woman. He is Mine forever, and will I please put the cage back on him so that he may leave My home feeling truly owned?

Of course, I say no. Why would I give him something that he wants? If he wants the cage again, then he’ll have to come back…

If you wish to make My fantasy a reality, do email Me at
We all deserve to live out our fantasies for real, don’t we?

  • Lady Magnifique Fantasme , comme o aimerais bien les réaliser , un reve , ne façon de vivre ,une réalité
    vivre ces fantasmes est une chose naturel , tout le monde devrais avoir cette possibilité
    humblement et cordialement

    13th May 2015 at 12:14 pm
  • suli

    This fantasy is like a spell, i wish I leave my family, job, religion, friends, everything and be your 25/8/366 slave, i start living to obey you, to make you happy, your wish is my command and your word my religion, i wish,oh I dream,,,, if its possible… may God grant me this wish,,, great fantasy, fantastically written

    13th May 2015 at 1:09 pm
  • As always, powerful writing.

    The idea of being classically chained in a cellar while a sadistic Mistress leaves the building to pamper herself at my expense is very evocative and hugely appealing. It must form the dreams of so many men.

    16th May 2015 at 12:29 am
  • Mistress what a great blog , this is something i have always fantasized
    about being totally dehumanized brought down to the lowest level by a mistress also being at the same time humiliated to others.

    27th June 2015 at 9:54 am

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