Moving to West London

As I write from the comfort of My warm bed, I am looking out of the window at the cold and grey world. Summer is slipping away and, with it, the stresses of the last few Months. I have been getting back into sessioning, in Central London now, and have been enjoying planning the layout of My future Central London Dungeon. I can’t wait to be a West London Dominatrix.

I am very much looking forward to returning to West London, which was My first port of call 12 years ago when I first moved to England. I have missed South Kensington and Portobello road. It will be so wonderful to be able to walk to the market in the morning and browse all the antiques. It will be fantastic to be able to ride My bicycle to the Victoria and Albert Museum and lounge in the central court with a good book. Most importantly though, it will be thrilling to be able to offer My domination services to many new clients from a central London location.

If all goes well, I should have My new Central London playroom set up by mid October, at which point I will be able to return to using My own space. It’s just not the same hiring somebody else’s space. I will of course also be able to offer domestic space sessions as well.

The move is creeping ever closer, and mild panic is setting in as the size of the task ahead dawns on Me. I will be selling the odd piece of equipment, so keep your eyes peeled for twitter updates about pieces for sale.

As much as the events of this summer have caused a huge upheaval in My life, I see this move as a step forwards. Orpington was a test, to see whether working in the suburbs would be good for business. In all fairness, it wasn’t the best decision, and not just because of the neighbours. It turned out that Orpington is in this sort of twilight zone where Londoners see it as Kent, and people from elsewhere see it as London. When I started off, I was in Catford, which is absolute hell to get to by public transport. Despite this, I was extremely busy. It took 6 months after moving to Orpington for business to pick up. And it never fully made it to the levels I had grown used to living in Catford. I am hoping that being in West London will make it easier for you all to visit Me.

In the meantime, I am still very much offering sessions. I am happy to session either in hotels or dungeon hires in Central London. Advance bookings are preferred.


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