The Threesome

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And there you were thinking it was your lucky day, you silly rabbit. Did it never occur to you that it sounded too good to be true? I mean seriously… look at you, with that pathetic little maggot between your legs, your white doughy complexion and that sad, flat, British arse. Did you really think we were going to be into you? Bless your little cotton socks. No, you’re not getting a threesome… haven’t you worked it out yet? We’re going to make you into our little lesbian cuckold bitch.

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We were good at teasing you though, weren’t we? We’ve really made you believe that you were going to get both of us. We have been fawning all over you ever since we met you in that bar. Elita and I spotted you as soon as we walked in there. You were there, alone, looking oh-so-bored and you stood out like a sore thumb; I’ve got a nose for this kind of thing. We were in our best little black dresses, dripping with jewellery, smokey eyed and red lipped. As we walked down the stairs into the plush Central London basement bar, our unmentionably expensive shoes clicking on the stone steps, every man in the Persian carpet lined room turned to look at us, except you.

We were irresistible and we knew it, but we were also on a mission. Like lionesses on the hunt, our nostrils flared with hunger. Tonight we were out for the kill and we had just found our wounded gazelle. As we stepped into the hushed bar, I discreetly nodded to Elita then indicated you with my chin. She nodded back with a wry smile, and we both made a beeline for you. You didn’t even notice us closing in on you. You were too busy staring into your Old Fashioned as if the answers of the universe might just happen to be at the bottom of your glass (if you looked hard enough). A single fingertip caressing the back of your neck was enough to rouse you from your day dream. Startled, you shot up to discover yourself surrounded by two alabaster skinned and scarlet lipped beauties. It must have felt as if we were heaven sent. Maybe we were what you had been praying for to the gods of Bourbon? It took you a minute to compose yourself. We knew you were shaken (and maybe a bit stirred), but we were on a mission to make bloody well sure that you felt like the king of the world. That was the first part of our elaborate plan. We both smiled coyly as you looked left and right in bewilderment, cleared your throat, adjusted your tie, wiped your brow, and continued through a long chain of completely predictable panic reactions as your brain whirred, trying to make sense of this bewildering situation. There you were, being miserable, alone with your glass of booze, in a cold and lonely city, hating your life and contemplating the void, and now here you were being smiled at by two stunning visions, the back of your neck still tingling from that ethereal caress.

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“Hi” I said.
“Hi” Elita said.
“Oh, hello there,” you sputtered, desperately trying to keep your cool. I could see you agonising over what to say next, clearly petrified of making a faux-pas that could ruin everything. I couldn’t resist smiling and winking at Elita, who took this as her cue to engage step two of the hunt. “Here alone?” she asked you, her voice a reassuring purr “We’d love to sit with you if you are.” she cooed. Now how could you possibly resist such a fortuitous offer? You accepted with far too much enthusiasm; we knew we were in. As you worked hard to switch into what you thought was your best Bond impression, fumbling with trying to take both our coats and pull out bar stools for us all at the same time, we both giggled demurely and fluttered our thick black eyelashes which simply sent you into overdrive… and this was only the beginning of the night.

And now, here you are: entering my secret lair deep in the heart of the city. We’ve plied you with alcohol and ego stroking, and lured you back with promises of a very naughty time. Here and there, there might have been the odd ‘accidental’ show of lingerie, the odd brushing of thigh upon thigh, maybe even stroking of cheeks and flirtily breathing down necks. It was all done to seduce you and it worked. The lights are dim and the air smells of exotic spices. It’s warm and a little bit muggy, and the soft sultry music somehow already seemed to be playing as we walked through the door, just as if we had been expecting to come back with you…

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It’s all too much for you to take in. You are overwhelmed by the sights, smells and sounds, and now Elita and I are standing opposite you with out hands behind our backs, and “Oops…” our little black dresses drop to the ground almost in perfect synchronisation, revealing us to be clad beneath in alluring French lace lingerie. We slowly walk towards you, smiles on our faces, lust visible in our eyes. Elita‘s right hand teases the strap of her bra. My left hand gently runs its way down my torso toward my groin. In spite of the vast quantities of alcohol that you have consumed, your cock stiffens instantly in your pants. ‘This is it,’ you think to yourself ‘I’m going to get it now. Tonight is my lucky night.’ Oh yes, you are going to get it, but not in the way that you think, my dear.

I’m right up against you now, my eyes staring deeply into your soul. One by one, my fingers work their way up your chest like a spider: slowly, deliberately. I lick my lips in delight as I see a small bead of sweat gather on your forehead. Elita is just behind me, teasingly nibbling at the tip of her ring finger, mischief in her eyes. You’re just waiting for that perfect moment. I can tell you want to kiss us so badly, but which one to start with? Before you have the time to decide, I have turned my attention from you to Elita, grabbed her by her slender swan like neck, and am biting into her lower lip as if into a succulent berry. “Do you want some of this?” I tease, as you start fumbling with your Windsor knot. You nod your acquiescence, not daring to utter a word lest it break the spell. Elita‘s bra seems to magically slide off her, falling to the floor like a leaf in the wind “Do you want some of this too?” she chimes mischievously. Again, an enthusiastic nod, but your tie is no closer to being unknotted. I grab the end of it, pulling you firmly towards me. My lips are so very close to yours. You can smell the sweetness of my breath, you can feel the electricity from my lips. “Then follow me…” I whisper right into your open, panting mouth.

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I pull you deeper into my lair, where an enormous four poster bed awaits us. I climb up onto the bed, dragging you behind me. You crawl on all fours over the feather duvet and let yourself be guided. Suddenly, you find yourself sat upright against the head of the bed, with your face surrounded by the most glorious breasts you have ever seen: Elita is giving you your own personal lap dance. You can feel me holding onto your wrist, but you don’t care, as you are transfixed by her smooth skin as she curls her body seductively, millimetres from your face. You can smell her, and that smell… amber. Warm and spicy, it envelops your senses. You can feel some sort of strap or cuff being closed around your wrist now. ‘Oh, fun games,’ you think to yourself. ‘I didn’t think it was going to get kinky as well! This really is my night.’ As Elita dances for you, running her hand slowly down her slender torso, seductively biting her lower lip as her fingers slide naughtily into her lace knickers, you feel your other wrist, then both your ankles, being strapped down as well.

As the last strap clenches shut around your right ankle, and you feel me tug to test it, you see something change in Elita‘s eyes. There’s a look there that you hadn’t seen before… or maybe you had, but just hadn’t paid attention to it. You’re not sure now, everything is getting confusing. Maybe you drank too much. You really shouldn’t have drunk so much. ‘Shit!’ you’re all tied up and you have no idea who these two women are. They could be anyone. That look was definitely already there earlier this evening. You really should have spotted it. That twinkle in the eyes which seemed so seductive… now it’s unnerving. That’s not a cute little mischievous twinkle; that’s a predatory gleam. Shit, what were you thinking? It’s too late now, though. You squirm in your restraints, panic suddenly striking like a dagger in the dark. Both of us burst into laughter as reality dawns on you. “And there you were thinking it was your lucky day…” I gloat, “You silly rabbit” adds Elita. We both move back to allow you to see the full extent of your current circumstance. All four of your limbs are tied solidly to the corners of the bed by metal chains, stretched out so as to allow only the smallest of movements. Your erect cock is ready to burst through your flies, but something about the looks on our faces tells you that it’s not going to be getting the treatment you thought it would be. There’s a table to the side filled with odd devices, some of which you recognise but definitely should have no place in a bedroom, others of which look ominously unfamiliar. The music seems louder and more intense than when you first came in, almost tribal. The lights seem darker, redder. The air feels so heavy, so thick and cloying… you feel as if you can hardly breathe. I crawl up to you, and it suddenly occurs to you that there is something rather feline about me, like a stalking panther. I come closer and closer until my cheek brushes up against yours. You feel a nibble on your ear lobe and for a split second, you reassure yourself that you panicked for nothing and ‘it was just a game, a silly little game… and it’s all going to be alright, and of course those two girls are so into me, and of course they are going to fuck me because why else would they have been all over me all night?’ I breathe heavily into your ear, sending a tingle down your spine. ” Did it never occur to you that it sounded too good to be true? I mean seriously… look at you with that pathetic little maggot between your legs, your white doughy complexion and that sad, flat British arse. Did you really think we were going to be into you? Bless your little cotton socks. No, you’re not getting a threesome… haven’t you worked it out yet? We’re going to make you into our little lesbian cuckold bitch.”

lesbian cuckold, dominatrix in london, femdom london, double domination, mistress in london, femdom cuckold“Oops, there’s one thing we forgot all about!” Elita squeals delightedly. As she rushes forward, I move aside to give you a full view of the events that are about to unfold. She is going right for your cock. She looks you in the eyes ravenously as she undoes your zipper and grabs your hard dick, pulling it through the open flies. Her other hand goes into the hole and soon comes out holding your balls like two ripe juicy tomatoes. “Well what do we have here?” I ask, looking quizzically at the strange little things. “I do believe we have his manhood,” she replies “would be a shame to waste it, wouldn’t it?” Your cock twitches. Despite your fear, your arousal grows as the inescapable reality of your situation dawns on you. I get in closer to inspect your testicles “What do you think we should do with them?” “Hand me that string, would you?” she responds. I grab the string off the table and you and I both watch as Elita expertly ties your balls into a neat little package, just to make sure that you don’t get too comfortable.

“Now that you are completely immobilised and fully aware of your situation,” I whisper into your ear as I nonchalantly drag the tip of my nail up the inside of your thigh “let me tell you a little bit more…” I can hear you trying to swallow, your throat clenched up with… is it fear? anticipation? excitement? It would be hard to tell, were it not for your throbbing member. As Elita sits herself down between your legs, looking you straight in the eyes unblinkingly, and moves her hand slowly under her lace panties, stroking her wet, hungry pussy, I susurrate “You’re our little pet now. We’ve been looking for one for a while. We needed to find the perfect man for the job and the moment we saw you, we knew you were meant for us. There’s something about a business man like you: an entitled, cocky little man… that is such a turn on for women like us. We love breaking men like you. All you want is to fuck us, but I’ll let you in on a secret: that’s never going to happen. You’re our little dog now, and you’re going to obey our orders, be our little pet, grateful for every crumb thrown your way.” I turn away from you,  crawl over to my beautiful porcelain creature, grab her perfect breast in one hand, and bring my lips dangerously close to it. I look back at you “I bet you really want to taste her succulent breasts, don’t you?” I say before biting down greedily on her gorgeous pink nipple. As Elita writhes in pleasure, her foot brushes against your thigh. The simple unintentional touch sends you into spasms of desire. “I bet you thought you’d be the one doing this” I say wryly as my fingertips slide into the folds of her wet pussy. Elita opens her eyes between sighs of arousal to make eye contact with you as she licks her lips before uttering between gasps “What did you think you’d be doing to me now?”

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Your cock twitches again at the thought of what you could be getting up to were you not all tied up. “I’d be eating your pussy?” you say desperately, “Please, let me free so I can show you how good I am at eating pussy. I promise I’ll do it well. You won’t regret it!” As you finish your sentence, I am already sultrily kissing my way down Elita‘s chest, making her arch her back in ecstasy. My hands work their way to her hips, and in one smooth movement, I roll her panties down her thighs as she lifts her perfect arse off the bed. My tongue gets dangerously close to her glistening pussy. I wink at you, the words “Like this?” losing themselves in a muffled sound as I bury my face deeply in between her thighs, only speaking when I come up for air, to tell you amid her screams of delight “I don’t think you could do it as well as I do,” and you know it’s true. As you watch me eating that beautiful pussy like a voracious fiend, sending Elita into exquisite convulsions… as you witness the pure primal lust that we both exhibit, you realise for the first time in your life what a mediocre lover you actually are; Even worse: completely inadequate. As you lose yourself in your deep realisations about your subpar sexual skills, Elita‘s hand reaches out in the throes of pleasure and grabs your calf, digging her nails deeply into your flesh. Your balls start to ache in their tight bindings as your arousal grows ever stronger and your prick throbs in anticipation of pleasures that, it is now beginning to dawn on you, will most likely never come. You tug at your restraints in the vain hope that maybe, just maybe they weren’t attached properly. No, they were definitely done properly. No give at all. You slump back, resigned to your torturous fate as a lesbian cuckold bitch for the two sexiest and most erotic women you have ever met. Life can really hurt sometimes.

After spitting aggressively onto Elita‘s gorgeous wet pussy and rubbing it in with my hand, I hold her folds open for you to admire my work. Her quim glistens invitingly in the dim lighting. You can almost see it throbbing from over-stimulation. A beautiful opalescent liquid glistens as it seeps out of her tight little hole. ‘If only I could stretch myself far enough to lap it up,’ you think to yourself as once again you pull on your chains. I see what you are up to and with a single finger I delicately pick up a lone drop of that glorious juice. I pass my finger under your nose, just out of your reach. “Breathe in her arousal,” I say to you, a facetious smile drawing itself over my face as you breathe in with all your lung power, not wanting to waste a single molecule of that beautiful scent. “How much do you want to lick this off my finger?” I ask. You don’t even bother responding anymore. Your arousal and submission have taken you over. The scent of her juices has sent you over the edge into a world of pure animalistic desire, far away from your restrained humanity. You pull your neck as tight as you can, dragging your head forwards and opening your mouth, your tongue stuck out like that of a baby bird waiting for feed from its mother. “There’s a good boy,” I say, patting you on the head and then holding your chin as I delicately deposit the single drop of precious liquid onto  the very tip of your tongue. You shudder with delight the moment it makes contact, accepting your gift graciously, just as I have been training you to do…  and you hadn’t even realised that was what I was doing.

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I slowly tickle the shaft of your cock with one of my fingers, picking up a drop of pre-cum and bringing it close to your mouth. “Eat this too, my little bird,” I whisper. You obediently open your mouth to receive my gift and once again, I deposit it onto the tip of your tongue. “Mmmm… Fuck me please,” moans Elita from behind my back, still digging her nails into your leg. “How would you fuck her? If you actually had the opportunity to?” I breathe into your ear as my breasts rub against you. You could swear that I’m grinding against you. “Doggy style,” you barely manage to say. “Well then that’s how I’ll do it, just to show you what you’re missing out on.” I smile. “Come here, Eli,” I say “and I’ll fuck you just as he wants to.” Elita gets onto her knees and crawls over. As I disappear into the other room, you are left alone with her. She climbs up closer and closer and stands up, towering above you, her pussy just millimetres away from your face. Her hand caresses the top of your head, her fingers weaving through your hair. Suddenly, her hand is no longer stroking you but grabbing you, dragging your face right into her dripping pussy. “Smell my arousal” she moans as she starts dragging your face up and down, rubbing it against her groin as if to make herself cum. “Can you feel my arousal? Can you smell it? Can you taste it when you lick your lips?” This is too much for you to bear. Your prick begins to ache as do your balls, from the utter denial that they are being subjected to. This is pure torture, and there is no end in sight.

“Look at what I have for you,” you hear me say from within the depths of Elita’s nether regions. She pulls away from you, leaving you to simultaneously gasp for air and lick your lips of her sweet juices. As she does so, you are faced with the vision of a monstrous member that makes yours look minuscule in comparison, even now at the height of your excitement. I am wearing the monster cock, standing proudly with my legs apart, my stance almost conquering. You see a sparkle in Elita‘s eyes at the sight of my awesome cock, and once again you are hit by the all consuming and oh so arousing realisation of your total insignificance. I climb back up onto the bed and come up behind Elita, who is still straddling you, “On your knees,” I whisper from behind her as I pull her hair back from her neck. She does as I say, a gasp of delight emanating from her lips as I get down behind her and rub my cock against her pussy. I bite ravenously into her now exposed neck. She looks into your eyes before closing hers in a sigh of anticipation. She begins to grind against my shaft , moaning. Occasionally she opens her eyes to bore into yours with her deep stare, telling you wordlessly all that you need to know about your inefficiency. ” You are our bitch,” she seems to say wordlessly as she grinds harder and faster against my effortlessly hard strap-on. “You will never satisfy any woman like this.”

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The more excited Elita gets, the more you are left face to face with your own irrelevance, the more excited you get, even though you have no idea why. You never would have imagined that being belittled and scorned could have been so exciting, but it is. As I finally push my shaft deep inside Elita and she lets out a gasp at the sheer size of it, you feel something stirring in your balls. They may be tied up, they may be going numb…. but something just happened, a sensation that you recognise all too well. If you just keep with it, then maybe….

I fuck her slowly at first, long gentle strokes, letting her truly appreciate the full length and girth of my huge cock. Her hand slips down to her wet slit and she starts to stroke herself in synchronisation with my thrusts. Little by little, I start to go faster “Is this how you’d do it?” I ask. You nod, fully aware that with your pathetic dick you would never be able to get from her the reactions that I am managing to. The faster I fuck her, the stronger the stirring in your loins. The harder I fuck her, the deeper you fall into your newly found submission. I grab her by the throat to get more leverage, my hand wrapping itself around her slender neck. Elita‘s eyes bulge out in surprise and delight as I pull myself deeply into her in one hard thrust. and another, and another, harder and faster, her own hand rubbing furiously at her swollen clit. Meanwhile, you are just sat there, helpless and impotent in the face of what is taking place right above your own rigid cock. It’s just inches away from all the action, feeling the movement of the air around it as if it is being fanned by every thrust, yet untouched by flesh. It is aching for release, a twinge shooting through it at every gasp of pleasure passing through Elita‘s beautiful lips. Her gasps become rasps become moans become screams. You can’t even tell anymore, is she enjoying being impaled by my strap on or is she agonising in pain? Her face contorts, her cheeks go scarlet, you are even certain that you saw a tear roll down her cheek. Her screams turn into cries, the sound of anguish. You begin to worry, but then… “More… harder!” she rasps between breaths. You realise that you have never made a woman react like this. It’s starting to become clear to you that maybe you have found your place. After all, all that you want is to make a woman happy, and here you are making two gorgeous women happy just by letting them do what they want. Maybe this is the secret to true happiness. Maybe this is all you deserve and you have spent all those years looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place. Tonight has been a fortuitous night, and fate has delivered into your hands the answer to all your woes. Being a lesbian cuckold bitch for life could suit you just fine…

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That stirring in your groin again. It’s stronger than ever now. As Elita‘s moans and wails become stronger and stronger, as sweat begins to drip down my brow from the hard pounding I am giving her, as her fingers rub furiously against her bulging clit, you feel that stirring  in your loins grow and move. You know what this is. You’re about to cum. You don’t understand it. You haven’t even been touched, but you would know those sensations anywhere. As Elita‘s climax approaches, closer and closer, your prick swells so much that it might burst. She is barely even aware of you anymore, lost in her own heightened state, and this excites you even more. You can feel the familiar rush swelling up inside of you. You’re still having trouble believing it, but you are going to cum soon. The sexual energy is contagious. Watching these two magnificent women pleasuring each other, being a part of this intoxicating moment of intimacy… it’s almost too much to bear. With every thrust of my huge cock, Elita lets out a deep rasp, sounding more like a wild beast now than a human now. Her tits are dripping sweat onto your thighs and the sensation of those tiny drops sliding down your skin sends you into overdrive after the total lack of physical contact. All your senses are heightened, you can smell her pussy, my sweat, all of it. And here comes another wave of that electricity in your groin, harder to control with each swell. You know it won’t be long now, for Elita or for you. And as you think this, you see her entire body stiffen. Her flesh begins to quiver and she seems to have completely stopped breathing. You feel a wetness spreading between your knees and another wetness sliding down your twitching shaft. You realise that you both came at exactly the same time in a quasi-religious experience. It was like you were both one being and you were living through her sexual arousal. ‘I don’t even need sex’ you find yourself thinking as you look down on Elita‘s panting shape slumped on the bed in front of you. You feel warm and cosy, you feel better than you have felt in years. You have finally found meaning in your life. ‘I guess that old fashioned did hold the answer to my problems after all’ you muse.

As you both bask in post-coital (or in your case non-coital) bliss, I slowly slide my huge cock out of Elita‘s soaking wet cunt and stride over towards you. Dangling it above your face, I wake you up with a small slap. “Your duties aren’t done yet, my little bitch. Somebody has to clean my cock for me,” startled back into reality, and becoming conscious that you are still tied up and at my mercy, you open your mouth ready to receive my member. You relish sucking and licking it clean, tasting those sweet juices, that perfect, fragrant aroma. What divine effluence! You don’t want to rush it, you take your time making sure you don’t miss a single drop. “Good boy,” I murmur in a hushed tone, stroking your cheek as you give your last lick “This is how you will get to taste our pussies.”

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AS you lick your lips so as not to waste any of those delicious juices, and you look up at me towering above you with my gigantic member, you feel yourself melt into a puddle of delight. Everything is finally fitting into place. Your existence has meaning now. All your life, you have wandered aimlessly, never able to understand how you fit into this crazy world, but tonight, you feel like the last piece of a puzzle being slotted into its place. You have found your reason for living. ‘Cuckold….’ you repeat silently over and over again in your mind, like a mantra. ‘Cuck… yes, I like the sound of that.’ You close your eyes, drifting off into a warm, floaty dream world, repeating your mantra again and again, letting it wash over you, painting you with its brush, marking you forever. You are a changed man. ‘No, not a man anymore. I am a cuck… a lesbian cuck.’

“I am your cuckold bitch,” you whisper to me, in a daze. “Yes you are, my sweet little thing,” I respond sweetly “but you’re also going to be something else that’s very special to me. You’re going to be my piss guzzling toilet.” I break out into a laugh that rouses you from your dreamlike state. You open your eyes and look up. My pussy is right above your head now, naked and so invitingly juicy. You only get to see it for a split second though as a hot shower of steaming piss gushes out of it and blurs your vision, engulfing you in a warm, rich aroma that feels like home.
Isn’t it nice coming home?

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    An… un-consumation devoutly to be wished.

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  • Well what is there to say. You can see we are so on the same page. Love it!!

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    How much would you charge for lesbian cuckold session? I suppose all sessions are based in London.

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