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As always, there is lots going on at the Manor. I have been busy and am happy to announce several very exciting events.

Firstly, Mistress Lola of Manchester will be visiting the Manor at the end of the month, and She and I will be offering double sessions during Her stay at the Manor.

Mistress Lola is a particularly beautiful and intelligent Mistress who is very well known in Manchester. She has been visiting London since the beginning of the year and has chosen to make Dungeon Manor Her London home. She has a large selection of specialities and can be as gentle as She can be ruthless. You can book a session with Mistress Lola directly through Her website, or you can book a double session by contacting Me.

In other news, the isolation and sensory deprivation box under the floor boards is very nearly finished and I am now taking bookings for sensory deprivation lock up. The box is coffin sized and will be locked with nothing but a small hole to breath through. This hole can also be used to feed My nectar through so that you may bathe in My juices while you ponder your fate.

I have also started a clips4sale store and already have a small selection of videos up. I am happy to make custom videos, so do enquire. I am also always on the look out for good filming slaves who can ideal film unmasked and are quite or very experienced.  So do apply.

Speaking of clips, I will be looking for toilet slaves who want to film too. I have also found a site that allows Me to upload scat clips and I plan on taking full advantage of it. In the meantime, you can see some of My softer scat right here.

For those of you that noticed that My twitter account got suspended, I have no idea what happened. I believe that it was malicious. But I am back as @MsEvilyne. Do follow Me to keep up with all My latest news. And retweet to everyone so that we can get back to My 1000+ followers.

And remember, it’s My birthday in less than a  month. On April 12th, I will be one year older and one year wiser. So to celebrate My existence, send Me a gift. You can go to My amazon wish list and pick something from it. I have items for every wallet.

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