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Hello My lovelies,

As you are all aware, there has been much activity at Dungeon Manor over the last few months, and this is only the beginning! As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Dungeon Manor has turned into much more than just a home and a dungeon. It has become a sort of community centre where Dommes and subs alike can enjoy being themselves in a comfortable, beautiful, and creative environment. There aren’t many other places like this around, even though it is the dream of many to belong to such a place.

There is always so much going on here, between sessions and filming, visiting Mistresses, slave training nights, and more. Dungeon Manor is a true Femdom household. We encourage submissives to serve Us at the Manor, as We love being surrounded by willing and devoted boys. As any Manor slave will attest, serving here is more than just that: it’s being part of a wonderful kinky family. We have slaves, sissies, puppies, and more… all in it together.

Governess Ely and I love Our little family, but We are also aware that so many of you feel very lonely and have nobody to serve. Thus, We would like to extend an invitation to you to come and serve at the Manor.

By serving here, you can feel part of something special: a supportive community. You can make friends who are into the same things as you, and feel a wonderful sense of purpose. Or, We can help you to become the slave that you have always dreamed of being, and present you to Ladies who visit the Manor in order to help you find a Mistress of your own. If you have a female partner who is Vanilla, but whom you wish to introduce to Femdom in a gentle manner, contact Us and We will be happy to help. We offer a safe, non-threatening environment in which you and your partner can explore with Our guidance.

So whether you are looking for a place in which to be yourself, Mistresses to serve, or the perfect environment in which to introduce your other half to Femdom, Dungeon Manor is the perfect place to come to.

Feel free to contact Me by emailing, and I’ll see you soon at dungeon Manor!

  • Michael Clayton

    Lovely picture of you in The Daily Mail today.
    Fantastic outfit!
    Best of luck after all your pubicity.
    Dreaming of a double Dom session with you and my mistress.
    Love Michael (aka Sissy Susan)

    11th July 2015 at 9:32 pm
  • Michael Clayton

    Hello Mistress Evilyne
    Good Evening.
    I will contribute to your New Dungeon Manor when I get back to work.
    Love Michael/Sissy Susan
    P.S. You are a fantasy superior female.

    12th July 2015 at 10:32 pm

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