International Women’s Day: A celebration of the feminine

If you read this blog, but don’t know about international Women’s day, shame on you!

The fact that a specific day in celebration of half of the population of the earth is needed is enough to prove that there is still a huge disparity between the rights of both sexes. Why is there no international men’s day? Because 364 days of the year are international men’s day in most places around the globe. All of you who read My blog, who visit Mistresses, who submit to Us, you are the future of mankind. I know that you stay in the shadows for fear of reprisals, but you can still make a difference. If you have children, if you are a teacher for a living, you can make your mark on the next generation. Teach the boys to love and worship Women, teach the girls that they are strong, and need bow down to nobody. Teach the boys to be respectful and gentlemanly. Teach the girls to support each other and not fall into the low self esteem that society wants them to feel.

As a little celebration of My own, I am going to share something very special with you today. I have a visitors book at home, but not any visitors book… it’s a Cunt Colouring Book. This book was first published in 1975. Its creater, Tee Corinne, saw it as a great tool for education and the destigmatisation of feminine sexuality. The goal of the book was to show Cunts in all shapes and sizes, to show that they are not scary, but rather like beautiful delicate flowers, and to let the colourer interpret each cunt as they choose, while discovering every nook and cranny.

I am going to share some of My favourite pages coloured in by various guests.

I hope you enjoy, and I encourage you to purchase a copy of the Cunt Colouring Book for yourself or for a friend.



Je Suis La Fleur Bleue – by My Sister


Untitled – by Clumsypup


Cuntemplation – by Mog Shamanatrix


Governess Ely’s Cunt – by Governess Ely


Fleury Minge – by Goddess Miss Kelly


Cuntries of the World – by Hoppy (aka Bootgasm)


The Goddess – by Ezada Sinn


Black Hole Cunt – by Goddess Ezada’s husband slave (notice the parallels with his Mistress’s creation)


Untitled – by Jessica Dee


Lick Me Pretty – by Mistress Annalieza


Mother Nature – by Mistress Magnum


Worst Cunt – by Megara Furie


Minge Attacks – by David Snowtoes


Untitled – by Nadderman

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