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The Humiliation of a Cuckold Bitch

When he contacted the London Dominatrix Cuckold Queen Mistress Evilyne, he got more than he bargained for. Always be careful what you ask for…

He walked in so proud. Clearly this was a man who needed to be reminded of why he was here. You don’t write to me saying you want to be my cuckold then strut into my space like you own it.

I let him gloat for a moment, as he looked me up and down, admiring my sexy outfit. There’s wasn’t much there… just a very large fishnet body stocking, a waist cincher corset, and a pair of sky high heels.

I told him to get on his knees. “Open your mouth” I whispered seductively, as I edged my plump and glossy lips closer and closer to his. “I’m going to make you into my little cuckold bitch.” I stated, before spitting right into his open mouth. He winced. I don’t know what he thought this was, but I saw it dawn on him that he was not going to get what he had been expecting. If this guy thought he was going to get a live sex show which he could just watch and jerk off to, he was sorely mistaken. If you come to me for cuckolding, you’re going to be my cuckold bitch.

“I’m going to break you,” I thought as I led him to the bed. I hog-tied him and laid him on his side so that he would have a perfect view of all the proceedings. Bless him, he’d tried a little bit: he was wearing a small plastic chastity device. I had already warned him that his being allowed to cum at the end would be entirely dependent on the quality of his behaviour as my cuckold.

“Now you just lie there while I go and get something…” I told him as I walked off and left him alone to ponder his fate. When I returned a few minutes later, it was with my hot black lover in tow. His muscles rippling under his dark skin as he walked, his prick was already hard. It led the way and he followed. I came round the side of the bed with him, and I got up onto the mattress on my knees right before my cuckold bitch’s face. I grabbed my stud’s long meaty cock and started stroking it as I looked my cuckold in the eyes. “Look at this magnificent prick. Have you ever seen anything like it before?” He shook his head, speechless.

I knew he wasn’t just looking at the cock. He was a middle aged, pasty, out of shape Englishman with a tiny wiener. He had a belly which wobbled as he moved, his skin was anaemically white, his double chin made him appear neckless. And here he was, chastised and hog-tied, staring up at a man who was everything that he was not. Made of muscle upon muscle, with a body to rival that of a Greek statue, and a face of regal beauty, my lover towered above him. “This is what a real man looks like” I told him as I kissed my way down my stud’s chest. “This is what a real cock looks like. The kind of cock that gets to fuck Mistress.” And with that word, my lips touched the tip of that magnificent shaft and I engulfed it deeply, sucking on it hard, relishing it.

I got back up and looked my sad little cuckold in the eyes. I could already see that he was miserable. He looked so pathetic down there. So tiny and insignificant. I was quickly distracted from my thoughts though, as I felt a hand, my lover’s hand, slip into my already soaking wet pussy. He started finger fucking me so hard that within less than a minute he had already made me squirt as I screamed like a dying goat. He cupped his other hand under my pussy so as to collect all my juices as they poured out of me. Then, he flicked my cum right into my cuckold’s face. The pathetic bitch winced and moaned. “You should be grateful for Mistress’s cum” I jeered at him before once again descending into uncontrollable moans as my hot BBC lover’s hand slid in to do more damage. I managed to move myself into a position which had me pretty much straddling my bitch’s face just in time for my cum to explode out of me again, showering him. Over and over I came, an unstoppable fountain, positively drenching my cuckold. My lover knows just how to handle me. And he enjoyed showing that off.

“How do you like that then? Huh?” I sneered as I got off his wet head. My stud got in close, holding his long hard and wet prick in one hand, hovering it centimetres from the sad little man’s face. He looked down at him and proceeded to repeatedly slap him in the middle of the face with his huge erect cock. My cuck’s face was a sight: already broken. I don’t think he’d ever seen a woman squirt for real before, much less for several minutes straight… right onto his face. It was clearly all a bit overwhelming for him.

The ultimate cuckolding experience in London: Mistress Evilyne NEVER disapppoints.

“Not such a big boy anymore” I thought as I looked at him. He reminded me of a lost puppy. And we were only getting started. My lover got up on the bed behind me and started fucking me doggy style. I kept my arse high in the air but laid my face down, inches from my cuckold’s. I looked him dead in the eyes as My stud’s nine inch cock impaled me from behind, punching the depths of my cunt with every stroke, causing me to grunt out in simultaneous pain and pleasure. I never broke eye contact: moaning, screaming, grabbing at the bed frame, panting, biting my lip, sweating, pulling my hair… I never broke eye contact. “You’ll never be able to fuck a woman like this” I said to him between groans of pleasure. “Not with that pathetic little thing between your legs”. He just nodded. His eyebrows were raised in that beaten puppy look that made him look like a sad fat little pug. It just encouraged me to make him suffer more; break that ego.

Mmmmm…. The pleasure of making him suffer without even hurting him. It was so delicious, so sweet. To watch his internal struggle writing itself all over his face… To cause him pain through nothing more than receiving pleasure in a way that he could never provide for…. how delightful. And I knew that my stud was loving it too. He kept stopping between thrusts to slap that pudgy white belly. It was glorious. Every time his big hand sent a ripple across the fat on his tummy, my little broken cucky bitch winced and looked a tad closer to tears. It was so perfect.

But now, it was time for the real fucking. What’s the point in owning a sex swing if you don’t get to use it yourself sometimes, right? So in it I got, and I ordered my cuckold to lie on the bed below with his head directly under where my pussy was and his mouth open to collect the drips. My stud fucked me so hard that I couldn’t even speak anymore. His huge cock was like an AK-47, pounding me at the speed of light. I was convulsing from the repeated orgasms. My cum drizzling down onto my poor (some would say lucky) cuckold’s face. I was all shagged out, unable to even articulate a sentence. We’d been at it for 45 minutes. 45 minutes of non stop cumming. You try doing that to a woman. Good luck.

“Are you ready for the grand finale?” I asked my little cuckold “to eat my lover’s cum?”
“Yes Mistress” he answered. At this, My stud took off his used condom, unceremoniously grabbed the cuckold bitch’s jaw and prised it open with his strong hand. He proceeded to ram the used condom into his mouth growling “Eat it, go on! Eat it” before clamping his jaw shut around it. This was when my useless cuckold reached near breaking point. Somehow, through some twisted logic, sucking on a used condom was too much for someone who couldn’t wait to lick cum off a pussy. Go figure. Anyway… he was my cuckold, so he was going to bloody well do what I wanted from him.

As he held that nasty dirty condom in his mouth, I got down on my knees and started to suck off my lover. I just can’t get enough of that glorious cock. I sucked him so hard and so deep, that I felt some acid re-flux come up. Now I could have just swallowed it down, but I had a pathetic little chaste cuckold bitch here who needed reminding of his inferiority lest his ego get the best of him. So I spat my bile right onto his face before saying “That’s what happens when you suck a proper cock. One that goes all the way down the throat. But you wouldn’t know, would you? That little maggot of yours would barely touch the sides. Hahahaha”

I went right back to sucking off my lover until he was ready to cum, at which point I presented him with my sweet, juicy, dripping, pink cunt. He released himself and drizzled his beautiful pearlescent cum all over my plump pussy. What a sight to behold! And my cuck was in there instantly, greedily lapping up that cum, like he was somehow going to access my stud’s super-manly powers by drinking his essence. Oh if only it worked like that… right?

The reality is that he stayed his pudgy, pasty self, tiny cock and all, and that’s never going to change, and hot big dicked black men are always going to come along and fuck the women he wants to fuck, because he’ll never be able to satisfy them.

It was just me and my cumguzzling cuck now, and because he’d been a good boy, and because a promise is a promise, I released him from chastity and allowed him to wank his little tic-tac of a willy until he came in a pathetic little moan. I then gave him a towel and let him go for a shower.

He came back out all prim and proper in his nice tailored suit, talking his big-boy talk and trying to be all professional. “You and your stud work well together “ he said. An understatement, to say the least. The ego was back full force, and he walked up those stairs to the exit trying his hardest to convince himself and me that he’s a manly man, and this is just a little ‘thing’ on the side.

Honey, I saw your cock. I watched you eat his cum off of my well fucked cunt, and we both know you’ve never fucked a woman like that in your life. But you keep pretending….

I’ll always know the truth.



This story is not fiction. It actually happened and I tried to transcribe it as faithfully as possible.

You can live this experience or any other cuckolding fantasy that you may have. Your imagination is the limit.

Make your greatest fantasy come true now.

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  • slave bobby

    Dear Mistress,

    As a slave, and someone who would love to be your cuckold, I MUST CONTRADICT YOU!
    I am a white,50ish slave, who has accepted that I have been impotent for 25 years.
    The thought of using my useless cock in you would never utter my mind because it would be SACRRELIGIOUS.

    Seeing you (My Mistress) satisfied by her lover would be very pleasing to me. Because I would know that my Mistress
    is getting satisfied. Licking the CUM out of her pussy would be a great honor. Just as being your toilet would be so

    WHY ONE ASKS?: Well having your Spit, Piss, & Shit and all the liquids that were inside you, enter inside me, would be so excitedly romantic. A devoted slave hope ONLY DREAM to have this happen to him. To be there when his Mistress Shits & wipe her (so she doesn’t have to dirty her fingers) or be there when she Pukes 7 does it in my mouth.

    I believe, that DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

    slave bobby

    27th January 2019 at 9:50 am
  • Sounds like he plays the ‘Alpha Male’ in his real life to cover up his secret desires ;P. Sounds like a fun session.

    14th August 2019 at 11:53 pm
  • Bob Baker

    Dear Mistress,

    As I mentioned more than 6 months ago, the just the mere thought of being your little cuckold bitch would NOT BE A HUMILIATION, but a great GREAT HONOR. I had hoped for the chance. I have left multiple messages.

    I am saddened that I check my e-mail every single day, but I NEVER received a message. I can’t make arrangements to serve you,
    till I hear from you.

    I am a nice caring guy, but I am NOT the type of guy that a lady, orf especially a Mistress would ever see in the traditional way.
    I know I was born TO SERVE & I believe I can be a great CUCkOLD & toilet Mistress.

    For my pleasure would only cum dar Mistress, when YOU CUM because a real man satisfies you. And I would be so happy for
    that event, and to be used to lick the all the Cum out, be YOUR BITCH and EAT EVERY MORSEL OF YOUR SHIT DAILY.


    slave bobby

    26th September 2019 at 10:12 pm
  • slave dominic

    A wonderful account Mistress.
    You take the degradation of Your slave’s to the next level, and You so clearly adore what, and how, You do it.

    It would be an honor to serve as Your cuckold, and/or toilet one day when slave visits UK.

    i beg permission to masturbate at the thought of serving You in this way.

    slave dominic

    9th February 2020 at 9:59 am

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