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Hardsports Newbie – My 1st scat experience

” A large part of her waste had broken off in my mouth and was slowly dissolving at the back of my throat, filling my senses with her strong taste. “


Today was the first step on a new path for me, it was my first toilet training session under the patient tutorledge of Mistress Evilyne, and in all honesty it was a life changing experience for me.

I had arrived in London about an hour early, and the major drawback to that is that it gives too much time to think. My nerves built, of course I gave thought as to whether to bravely run away!  Then I’d recall other testimonials I’d read on her site, which in the end were ultimately what gave me the courage to step over the threshold.

It was a good friend of mine who put me onto Mistress Evilyne. She has shared a fascination with toilet slaves with me since we were far younger, and for many months has been suggesting ‘maybe you are a toilet at heart’ ?  Much to her delight, she convinced me to book an appointment to find out!

It’s strange, I’d had a very clear picture in my mind what the session would be like.  I feared that it would be very awkward, clinical and scripted. She’d put me inside a toilet box – probably keeping my jeans on, give me a hot golden shower (which I would most definately enjoy), and then she’d poo over my face. I anticipated this would be nasty and might even be enough to ‘cure’ me of my interest in scat once and for all.  I also did not anticipate the extent to which she would be able to get inside my head, and foolishly thought I’d actually be in control of this.

Mistress Evilyne has a natural way about her, to immediately put you at ease. Softly spoken, she guided me down to her playroom. The first thing I noticed was the toilet chair, and how low she had set it. She would basically be sitting on my face!

We chatted a little first – and somehow the last remnants of my nerves disappeared. It felt like I was in the right place and she was very good at disarming me and putting me at ease. She asked about my experiences, and whether I’m willing to take scat in the mouth the first time. I said that I was,  surprising myself that I didn’t even hesitate.

With that Mistress Evilyne asked me to step into the bathroom and completely disrobe. I was then to come out crawling towards her and “present myself for use”.  I think if it had been anyone else had asked me that, I’d have refused… my natural instincts not to debase myself kicking in. Somehow she’d managed to get past that defense and it seemed so natural to do as she asked. I even grovelled at her feet and kissed them at her request.

After some moments, she asked me to get underneath her chair. Again, there wasn’t even a momentary doubt in my mind and I did exactly as she asked.  Then I thought I was in trouble! She described how she likes to be ‘prepared’ by her slaves first, and that while I was pleasing her and relaxing her anus with my tongue, she was going to do it straight down my throat. With that, she promptly kicked off her panties and sat down engulfing my entire face.

Mistress made it very clear what she wanted and needed at that moment. She described how she wanted to be cleaned first, bathing her anus and relaxing her. She was clearly aroused and very much enjoying what she was doing – nothing staged or fake, this was real.

After a great deal of oral attention, she asked me to scoot forward under her vagina to receive her morning pee. She insisted that it all be drank too, so not exactly the golden shower but more a very clear instruction to consume. Her pee flooded out, straight into my eyes before I could move my mouth to catch it. My eyes immediately burned as her strong pee filled my mouth to the brim. NOW I felt like a toilet !

Soon after, scooting back to her anus she asked me to tease it out, and my tongue found the tip of her gift just inside her waiting for me. It was hard, and bitter, and it was moving slowly towards my mouth.

Suddenly Mistress must have become unsatisfied that my cock was just laying there soft. I was so focused on giving her what she wanted that it didn’t even occur to me to touch myself.  She told me that she expected her slaves to be at the height of arousal while serving as her toilet, and ordered me to masturbate and to hold myself on the edge while she used me.  It didn’t take more than a few strokes to get very hard!

Now her poo was starting to move, and it was coming fast. At first, it passed my lips and I kissed it, worshipped it and adoringly circled it with my tongue massaging her anus. She LOVED that!  But it kept coming… I started to panick a little as it moved to the back of my throat – because she was pressed directly onto my mouth it had nowhere else to go, there was no chance of it going anywhere else.   This was the point I feared the most,  the inevitable gag reflex as it hits the back of the throat, and the fear that I’d let her down utterly by vomiting.  She must have sensed this as she lifted up just a little, releasing the pressure on my throat. A large part of her waste had broken off in my mouth and was slowly dissolving at the back of my throat, filling my senses with her strong taste.

Next came another duty that I’d not considered on my first day,  serving as toilet paper. Mistress pressed herself back down and demanded that I clean her thoroughly by tongue, occasionally broken by squeezing out another small piece for me to swallow.

My face was a mess,  my mind spinning.  She let me clean up and shower in her extremely well equipped bathroom. I was thankful to find industrial strength shower gel, mouthwash, super strength toothpaste – all alleviating the fear of walking around London afterwards smelling like a toilet.

Afterwards we chatted about very normal things, and I learnt something about the real person. It all felt very comfortable and normal – she is an expert at putting you at ease.

Of course, my friend was on the phone within minutes of my leaving Mistress Evilyne’s, requesting all the details of what took place.  She asked me if I think I am a toilet, and will I go back… and I answered honestly that I started the day convinced that I just had a little fetish, and now – after meeting Miss Evilyne, perhaps it’s my destiny to become a toilet and continue my training under her expert guidance!


Slave E.

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  • Zloom Krg

    Wonderful post

    18th October 2018 at 10:24 pm
  • David Anderson

    Very inspiring story…many, many thanks!

    20th October 2018 at 4:30 pm
  • camila angelos

    A great testimonial ! I especially love that you got more than you bargained for on your first time. You sound like a natural born toilet so hope you go back and get the rest of your training, and see just how far you can go.

    23rd October 2018 at 3:07 pm
  • Mark Wendel

    1 would love to be your personal toilet slave. I promise that my mouth will open wide for all of your precious turds. my lips will wrap themselves around your turds and I promise to chew your shit completely before I sallow it and send it to my stomach. as your slave you may just shit on my face and then rub it all over my face so I can be your shit face slave. if you ordered my I would eat your girlfriends shit too . They can also watch as your shit in my slave mouth. if I fail you in anyway I know that a good ass whipping will teach me to be a better toilet slave. .

    21st March 2019 at 2:45 pm
  • Owen

    Wow mistress. I’m from Toronto and I’m very interested in bringyou over. Best toliet session I have heard in a while.

    28th May 2019 at 12:18 pm
  • Gert-Jan

    Reads like a fantastic experience. But how does it work? I love the way it can only go in his throat and nowhere else, but can he still breathe when his throat is full? How can you chew and swallow fast enough? And how can you serve as toiletpaper when your face is a mess like that?

    25th September 2019 at 2:48 pm

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