As well informed submissive gentlemen should know, one of the best ways to ingratiate yourself with your chosen Dominant Lady is to overindulge her. After all, we are but overly self aware animals, and certain rituals from our bestial part still remain ingrained in our D.N.A.

Like any self reliant and intelligent woman with an understanding of the simpler intellect of mankind, my attention is best kept with the clever use of gifts and treats. As I fully understand that it must be terribly scary finding the perfect gift for such a perfect lady, and that fear of stepping badly will most likely cripple you at the mere thought of having to go through the arduous process of finding me a gift that befits my superiority and charisma, I have made things easy for you.



Below are the links to my various wishlists, with items in them catering to all budgets from the thrifty to the opulent.

I have drastically reduced my wishlists from having one dedicated to each type of thing (shoes, home supplies, fur, silk etc) and asking for lots of stuff that I didn’t necessarily need to two single wishlists. 


On my Amazon wishlist, you will find all the books which I want to read.

For all the other stuff, visit my Brighten Up My Day wishlist, including access to gift cards for all my favourite shops. 

If it’s on my wishlist, it means I either really need or want it, so buying me a gift from there, you’ll be sure not to go wrong!


If you prefer a more personal touch, please read below for information about My tastes, measurements, and desires. Here you will find the tips you need in order to succeed in buying Me the perfect gift.

Trousers/skirts: size 12
Tops: size 14
Bra: 36D
Stockings and tights: size 3 / medium
Shoes size: 38EU 5UK
Gloves: size 6.5

Ring size L

If you require my full measurements for a custom outfit, ask me directly

If you wish to bring me a gift that you have chosen yourself, please be aware that I DO NOT wish to receive any of the following:

  • chocolates
  • alcohol
  • perfume
  • cheap “customised” gifts with engravings

Flowers: My favourite flowers are lilies, closely followed by roses and peonies. I love large bouquets with a variety of flowers

Bath products: I am completely addicted to Lush Cosmetics. You can purchase things directly for me from my wishlist, or bring me a gift in person Especially appreciated are any rose scented products or spa experiences. Please keep in mind that I no longer have a bath, so please no bath bombs. CLICK HERE

Spa days: Spoil Me with a day or weekend of pampering. Buy me a couples ticket so that I can enjoy my day with a Mistress friend or my gorgeous stallion. And don’t forget to add special treatments in the package! You can find spa days on groupon.

A few of my favourite spas are:

Shopping days: Be aware that even during shopping trips, I expect to be tributed for my time. If humiliation is to go with the shopping, then I expect to be paid my full hourly tribute. Email me to discuss budget etc.

Adopt one of My bills: Money comes in, and money goes out. Support me by ensuring that I have less of the latter. Adopt my phone bill, electricity bill, or even the rent or council tax!

Liberty gift coins: One of the best gifts you could possibly get me: bring me a little purple velvet pouch stuffed with big fat coins which I can use to pay for gifts at my favourite department store. CLICK HERE

Etsy gift vouchers: I LOVE! It’s a wonderful site full of amazing handmade things, including kink toys and beautiful latex clothing. Send me an Etsy gift voucher by clicking here and make it out to

Custom leather and latex: Contact me directly to gift me with a custom piece of fetish fashion. I will tell you all about my favourite designers and shapes, and we can work together to get a work of art created to adorn my perfect shape. Be aware that due to the level of involvement, I will expect a deposit to be paid to my designer of choice within the first 2 emails exchanged.