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First steps into submission

After looking for the right dominatrix in London, he chose Mistress Evilyne. He was not disappointed.

After many months of lurking around Mistress Evilyne’s website, i finally plucked up the courage to book an appointment. A domination experience is something I had been wanting to experience from some while, and the way Mistress Evilyne presents Herself seemed to hard to resist.

From the first contact, Mistress Evilyne’s communication was fantastic, and She did a great job putting my many fears at rest. As a married man, i had many feelings of guilt, however, Mistress Evilyne did a great job of making me feel comfortable with my decision to visit Her, for which i am very grateful.
So the day final came – and I nervously ventured up to her playspace. It was easy to find and I had no problem getting in. I was worried with “what if people see me go in etc”, but in fact it is not overlooked and any people on the street paid no attention to me.
Once inside, I was immediately struck by her beauty. What took me by surprise was that she was more beautiful in real life than on her website! After an initial conversation to settle my nerves, the fun began. Without going into detail, Mistress Evilyne conducted the session with great skill and pushing me further than i thought i would go.
Sadly the session had to end, even though it felt like we had just started, 2 hours had passed. However, i was left feeling incredible. I had worried that the reality of a session would not live up to the fantasy. Through Mistress Evilyne’s skill the reality far surpassed the fantasy, and i am left working out quickly i would be able to visit again.
If you are even remotely thinking of booking a session with Mistress Evilyne, don’t hesitate, just book it. You will not be disappointed!
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