Total Power Exchange: Fantasy V/s Reality

A few days ago, I received an email from someone asking Me if I would be interested in a total power exchange. He wanted to be completely owned, and lose all his rights. The email was quite lengthy and went into minute detail. Normally, when I receive an email of the sort, I do not bother responding. But this one piqued My interest, and I just could not resist sending a just as lengthy response. As I was writing it, it occured to Me that many of you could benefit from reading it. Fantasy is all good and well, but it is important to be able to distinguish between fact and fiction.

Mistress Evilyne,
I want to give my life new purpose and existence. I am looking for complete ownership including financial control. The type of financial control and life control goes something like this: 

I would like to you force me to work 2 high paying jobs and have me deposit my checks into your account. I would like for you to have me move into a very frugal apartment. An efficiency if you will & make me discontinue all of my luxuries I used to have like Directv, Wifi, etc. Not allowed to  use AC or heat or electricity.  I would also hope you would not allow me to have health insurance or doctor visits. I would be willing to liquidate all of my furniture and all other living properties when I would move. I could simply sleep on an air-bed or the floor with not even a lamp in the entire apartment. Allow me to only have money for minimal necessities to live on….you keep the rest. You would give me a small amount of money to live on weekly, much like welfare. Anything I even spent my welfare money on, I would have to get permission first. You would only allow me to shop for clothes at a thrift shop. I would only be allowed to eat dog food daily. I would always be forced to wear the spiked chastity device from Dungeondelights.comcalled the sxysadist. It has very long spikes in it and causes constant discomfort and pain. You would force me to wear this 24/7, even while working both my jobs and sleeping at night. I would hardly ever sleep well. But it would all be to please You. I would also like to have remote control shock device attached to my cock 24/7 so my Mistress can randomly shock me and wake me up in the middle of the night very frequently simply to ensure I never sleep well and to keep me in constant misery and turmoil. I would always wonder when I would get another shock after I dozed off again. I also fully enjoy being a personal ashtray while being forced to eat the cigarette butts over and over again in public. I enjoy constantly having cigarettes being stubbed on my tongue too, over and over in public. I would like to eat all butts and my Mistress store all of her butts when I am not around so that I may eat them as well and clean all her ashtrays in her house. I want to be responsible for eating ALL of her butts throughout each week. I am ultimately looking for a Mistress to take complete control of my entire life including how I dress, what I eat, how I walk, while constantly humiliating me in public and causing extreme mental struggles with chastity and other reminders of the fact that you are in charge and complete control at all times. I simply love being forced to do things I don’t want to do. I would hope you  would make my life utterly miserable. Basically a consensual, non-consensual, situation is ultimately what I am  looking for.
Hopefully you are truly up for something as extravagant as this.

-slave chris            


My response:

Dear slave chris,

Thank you for contacting Me with regards to your interest in total ownership. 
I can sadly not offer this, the reason being that your expectations are completely unrealistic and the lifestyle which you so desire is unsustainable.
I am going to run through all the things that you have asked for, and explain why these are not possible.
1) You want to be made to work 2 high paying jobs and deposit your pay cheques into My account.
It is pretty much impossible to work 2 high paying jobs. The reason certain jobs are high paying is because of the amount of involvement and responsibility that they demand. If you work 2, you will surely get fired from one or both very quickly because your mind won’t be in it due to exhaustion. 
2) you wish to be made to live in an apartment without electricity, heating etc. 
This could kill you. If the weather gets cold at night, you could die of hypothermia. Also, without things such as electricity etc, how the hell do you expect to get up early in the morning and groom yourself to the standard necessary to be presentable for your 2 high powered jobs? You will look shabby, and get fired. If you don’t die of cold first, of course.
3) You wish to be prohibited from having health insurance and doctor’s visits. 
This could kill you. If you get very sick and aren’t allowed to go to the doctor, what good are you to Me? Also, this would make you get fired from either one or both jobs, because you would not be fit for work. Bringing the two jobs into the equation and the lack of basic living necessities such as electricity and hot water, you would most likely get sick very quickly due to a lowered immune system brought on by exhaustion. So not being allowed to go and see a doctor in this case would make your poor health spiral out of control, and you would die alone and get eaten by rats in your unlit and unheated apartment.
4)You wish to be handed out a small amount of money from the cheques that you cash into My account, for basic needs. You would be expected to show Me receipts for every purchase and would only be allowed to shop for clothes at thrift shops.
If you deposit your pay cheques into My account, I will be taxed on all that money, as I am registered with HRMC as a sole trader, and that would be considered as income. Then you expect Me to give you money out of the amount I earn to survive? how do I explain this monthly spend to HRMC? As for the thrift shop clothing purchases, turning up at your 2 highly paid jobs in ill fitting second hand suits will certainly make your employers convinced that they chose the right person for the job and that you are a fantastic representation of their company… NOT. This will most likely get you fired.
5) You would only be allowed to eat dog food. 
This will kill you. Dogs are not humans. We have different digestive systems. You expect to work 2 high powered jobs and survive on dog food? One more contributing factor to your impending ill health that you won’t be allowed to go to the doctor for. You really have a death wish, don’t you?
6)You want to be kept in a spiked cock ring at all times
This could kill you. a spiked cock ring as the one that you mentioned is not made for extended wear. It will very quickly begin to chafe the skin and pierce through it. Since you will be living in the dark, without hot water, you will not be able to clean yourself properly, and the wounds will soon become infected. Since you will not be allowed to go to the doctor, the wounds will suppurate, and begin to necrose, causing gangrene and blood poisoning. You will probably die, and most likely lose your cock which will just drop off like a rotten apple while you are lying on your inflatable mattress suffering a high temperature and being delirious due to the blood infections. The smell of the gangrene will attract rats, and they will eat your nasty rotten penis. All of this will most likely make you love both of your high paying jobs. But you’ll be dead anyway, so that’s the least of your worries.
7)You would hardly ever sleep well, but this would all be to please Me.
You’ll be working 2 jobs, not be getting enough sleep, look like shit because you won’t have a light in your bathroom, or hot water, your breath will stink of dog food and your cock will stink of rotting carcass. You’ll be a walking zombie, and HRMC will be on My back to make Me explain where these regular payments are coming from, as well as what I am spending money on (your rent, and your allowance. Wow, thanks!
8)You would like to have a remote controlled shock device on your cock 24/7
Your cock will be so destroyed, it won’t even feel electric shocks. 
9)You want Me to keep all My cigarette butts and make you eat all of them.
This would kill you. I smoke up to 20 a day. That’s 140 a week. That’s a lot of foam and nicotine for you to swallow. It is impossible, and your digestive system would not cope. It would get blocked up and shut down. And since you wouldn’t be allowed to visit the doctor, you would die and get eaten by rats.  If you’re lucky, you might die this way before your cock drops off.
10)You are looking for a Mistress to take complete control over your life. 
What you are not looking for is to serve someone and improve their life. you just want someone to treat you like shit. My advice, head over to Morocco, walk around wearing a sandwich board with “I am gay and love sucking cock” written on it, and wait to be arrested. From what I’ve heard, Moroccan prison is right up your alley. And if you’re really lucky, you might get treated so badly there that you’ll die too. Especially if you tell them you’re happy not being sent to the doctor when you get sick. 
Grow up, and stop living in LaLa-Land.

Mistress Evilyne


Sorry to break it to you all, but Femdom is not about Me providing you with assisted suicide, or enabling your feelings of self hatred. If that is what you are looking for, go and look for it elsewhere. Femdom is about bowing down respectfully to the superiority of the Female Kind. It is about mutual repsect and devotion. Femdom is about growing a healthy and functional relationship between two people with the use of a female led power dynamic. If punishment and abuse are what you are looking for, you don’t need a Mistrss, you need a therapist.

  • breakfaster2011

    Your cynical tone. Priceless! Many of us have imagined how the day to day live of a TPE 24/7 relationship would be. A relationship with a foundation of respect, a mutual acceptance of inequallity sounds so much beter to me then wearing a spiked cockring, working my 2 high paid jobs while in rags… Again. Your cynical tone, so much beter 🙂

    10th October 2014 at 9:35 pm
  • Frank

    Perfect answer, and even quite funny too. Good to know that women like you maintain a level head to keep us hormone flooded males with purple haze in front of our eyes from the worst follies.

    11th October 2014 at 7:34 pm
  • dave

    Absolute comedy gold!! .. and seriously acute insight, as always from Mistress Evilyne x

    12th October 2014 at 12:57 pm
  • Pete Evans

    Loved your response Mistress Evilyne, especially # 10.

    12th October 2014 at 6:07 pm
  • Miss Kitty

    I congratulate you on such a brilliant demolition of an unrealistic fantasy. Alas, I doubt the fantasist was able to learn from his mistake.

    15th October 2014 at 3:06 pm
  • black butler boy

    Well said Mistress Evilyne ! Totally unrealistic scenario broken down into the real facts !

    16th October 2014 at 5:39 pm
  • alan porter

    Brilliant well thought reply, which goes to prove your Superior intelligence over us males, having meet you I know full well how you conduct yourself with dignity and very high standards and would expect the same from any male in your service.. I think your response was based on reason and practicality,, this man like a lot of us sub’s seems to have too much time on his hands if he is able to construct a very long essay detailing stupid and totally unworkable fantasy.. Still it is a fantasy and as such it was a nice read for a few minutes until reality kicked back in..xx

    20th October 2014 at 12:54 pm
  • manoleat

    I was very sure that you will find a fitting answer to all his weird wishes. Good that he asked you because I know there are also some much less responsible or not intelligent enough ladies out there.
    Anyhow I am not sure if he will have learned his lesson…

    6th April 2015 at 9:36 pm
  • Liam ryan

    Men thinking with there dicks… have got to laugh. Is funny the first time. But I bet your sick of it now.

    Though that was an awesome reply Mistress 🙂 … i’m curious… did he reply back? 🙂

    6th September 2017 at 4:08 am
  • Ebenezer

    You’re a perfect Mistress who understands femdom. Not all these mistreses trying to kill a man and calling it femdom

    19th September 2017 at 3:28 pm
  • Paul Helgesen

    Funny! I hope he thanked you for being so patient and take time to explain your refuse.


    30th August 2020 at 1:44 pm

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