Extended Femdom Encounters with Mistress Evilyne

Reduced price extended Femdom confinement and play sessions in Central London.


Extended 6 hour sessions including confinement, caging, bondage, toilet servitude, service orientated slavery, and cuckolding.

Do you crave to give up all control? To give yourself up to the will and desires of a superior woman? To forget about the rest of the world for half a day and just be, just exist in a state of blissful submission?

Imagine the sweet torment of bondage or restriction for an extended period, losing track of time, knowing that at any moment, SHE could enter… SHE could tease and punish you. However, you gave yourself to her… you can but resign yourself to your fate as her plaything….

Since I have the luxury of owning my own BDSM dungeon in Central London, I can afford to offer something very few others in the capital can: extended sessions at an incredibly reduced rate.

Extended Femdom Sessions in Central London

After several years of owning my own playspace in the E1 postcode of central London, I have finally decided to put it to use for the purpose of offering more approachable and affordable extended sessions.

As well as continuing to offer overnight extended sessions with intensive play and a sleepover, I am now also offering a more cosmopolitan version lasting 6 hours as opposed to over 12.

Absolutely perfect for the slave who has a busy schedule or fears the intensity of an overnight session, yet still yearns for that sense total submission which can only come from a longer scene involving confinement.

Use your time in solitary confinement to reflect upon your lot, upon your privileged position within Mistress’s domain, upon the torments which you will suffer for her exclusive pleasure… but most of all, take the time to reflect upon your insignificance as an inferior male being.

During our extended encounters, I will use you and play with you as I please between periods of bondage and isolation which will serve to help you achieve the state of peaceful mindfulness necessary to true submission. I might leave you tied with bondage straps, or locked up in a cage. I might let you lie comforably in a body bag, or strapped into a metal frame. You may or may not be left attached to a milking machine or a fucking machine. Maybe with electrics. You might be in sensory deprivation, or maybe not. The ways in which I can leave you confined are limitless, just as the ways in which I can use you between periods of confinement. So why don’t you pick your favourite below?

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Choose Your Favourite Extended Femdom Experience

Toilet Servitude

Live the ultimate fantasy of being my toilet for a day. Lie in my filth waiting for my next piss… or dare you serve as my full toilet and consume the ultimate waste as well?

6 or 12 hours
Tribute starts at —£440 for Golden
———————- £600 for Full Toilet Training

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Lie under the bed as we fuck and snuggle, My BBC lover and I. Clean up our mess. Stay tied up in our mixed sweat and cum on the dirty well fucked on bed while we watch a movie in the other room…

3, 6 or 12 hours
Tribute starts at £800

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Orgasm Control

Be my plaything. Your cock is no longer your own. I will visit your hourly to torment you. Denying you the orgasm you so desperately want, or maybe ruining it for the pleasure of seeing your disappointment. Or will I milk you dry?

6 or 12 hours
Tribute begins at £750

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Service Orientated Slavery

Calling all service orientated slaves. This is your opportunity to delve into the world of high protocol and real Femdom slavery. Serve me under strict supervision.

6, 12 or 24 hours
Tribute starts at £675

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The tighter and more inescapable, the better. Let yourself float away to another dimension, leaving your body behind inh its tight and secure restraints. Every so often they will be tweaked to perfection, or maybe a little extra stimulation will be added to ensure you don’t get too comfortable…

6 or 12 hours
Tribute starts at £750

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Caging and Confinement

To be left to rot in a cage, confined to such a small cramped space and ignored: thus is your destiny. Accept it now.

6 or 12 hours
Tribute starts at £500

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Customised Extended Experience

Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to extended sessions. If you don’t see what you are looking for or you wish to combine two of the sessions on offer, just let me know and we will tailor an experience just to you. So long as your desired experience follows the format listed herein, of extended bondage and/or isolation peppered with short periods of play, by all means ask away.

6, 12 or 24 hours
Tribute TBC

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Experience an extended encounter in my luxuriously appointed private playspace in London Zone 1.