The English Mansion with Mistress Sidonia

A relaxed weekend getaway at the English Mansion

As you will have noticed if you follow Me on twitter, I recently went on a little holiday to the famous femdom English Mansion with one of My best slaves. I took him as a treat because he had been such a good boy and he deserved the experience. I always make sure that I reward My best boys.

He picked Me up from My play space on the Friday afternoon and we drove through a gorgeously sunny London along the Thames, and then out of the city into the countryside. It was beautiful, with rapeseed fields in full bloom, sheep, and just generally beautiful countryside. And thank god the scenery was so lovely, because we were in the car for hours!

Driving in car

Here we are in the car. Don’t I look happy? Doesn’t he look pissed off?

Here are My feet, eclip

Here are My feet, eclipsing the sunset as we get close to the English Mansion

Once we finally got to the English Mansion and the electric gate slid open just as the sun was setting, I thought My slave was going to have a heart attack! I had been there before to visit Mistress Sidonia, so I knew what to expect. But his mind was blown away. Mistress Sidonia came to greet us in the main courtyard and showed us our lodgings for the night. I was to sleep in the main guest room, and My slave was given the caged mezzanine in the dungeon, which was perfect as I was just in the next room and would be able to hear his every move… or so I thought.

We dined and went to bed, as we both needed a long sleep after our day of driving. I locked him securely in the cage and went to My own bed where I nodded off into a night of wonderfully sensual dreams filled with willing men doing My bidding.


Cheeky selfie in the dungeon

I woke up early the next day, and made My slave get up at the same time. He seemed very tired, which pointed towards him not having had much sleep at all. We joined Mistress Sidonia and Dominant Dolly in the main house, where we had a leisurely breakfast. I allowed My slave to have dry toast with Marmite. Eaten from a bowl on the floor, of course. He was clearly starving, and I don’t think the 2 slices of toast did much to quench his appetite. I told him that we would go for a walk in the nearby woods because it would be a shame to miss out on the bluebell season, and that he would be allowed to eat a full meal when we got back.

It was sunny but a bit cold that day. So I popped on My riding boots and a leather coat lent to Me by Mistress Sidonia (I was expecting warmer weather so had not brought My own), put a collar and lead on My slave, and dragged him on all fours through the expansive grounds towards the English Mansion’s private woodlands.

Aren't the bluebells gloriously beautiful?

Aren’t the bluebells gloriously beautiful?

Bless him, he looks so pathetic down there!

The scenery was mind blowing, and it made for a wonderful morning walk. The air was crisp, with dappled sunlight catching the rich hues of the bluebells dotted all around us. It was just so perfect. As I was walking My slave, I found a wonderfully muddy patch on the path, and I couldn’t resist making him roll around in it for My amusement, making him grunt like a pig foraging for truffles. He very much got into the game, and soon he was covered in mud. Unfortunately, he got himself into a bit of trouble, as slaves are want to do, so I took him into a nearby clearing, strapped him to a tree, and gave him a thorough whipping to remind him of his place.

The poor dear never stood a chance!

The poor dear never stood a chance!

It was lucky that I had brought My dragon tail whip with Me, otherwise I would have got My hands all muddy spanking him! He was cold and shivering, but he took his whipping like a champ, and when I untied him, he got down on the ground and kissed My feet, tears in his eyes, thanking Me for being so lenient. He was such a good boy that I took him back to the mansion where a wonderful hot meal was served to us by the house slaves. I even allowed him to sit at the table with Me.

Forget the slave. Don't I look amazing?

Forget the slave. Don’t I look amazing?

As we were eating our dessert, Mistress Sidonia appeared. She told Me that She needed to discuss something with Me privately, and would I mind if She popped My slave in the outdoor pen for a while? I let Her know that I had no problem with this, as it would be good for him to get some sun. When She returned, She brought Me to the English Mansion’s computer, which is linked to all the security systems. We sat down in front of the screen, and She showed Me some rather distressing footage.

Oh dear! he is in a fair bit of trouble!

Oh dear! he is in a fair bit of trouble!

The caged mezzanine in the English Mansion’s dungeon has a TV. This is there as a special treat for good boys who serve well. However, it would seem that My slave sneaked the remote up with him and spent the night watching porn and wanking, as was proved by the CCTV footage, clearly showing him jerking the gherkin for hours on end, staring at the screen. I knew he looked tired when we got up!!! I was so horrified that after everything I had done for him, this was the thanks he showed Me, that I devised a plan.

Look at him beg for mercy at Our feet like a pathetic worm! He should know by now that it will only make his punishment worse!

Look at him beg for mercy at Our feet like a pathetic worm! He should know by now that it will only make his punishment worse!

Mistress Sidonia and I picked up Our whips and headed to the slave pen where he was cowering in a corner. We teased him a bit with Our high heeled boots before letting him out under the premise of taking him for a walk. We walked him right towards a patch of stinging nettles that we kicked him into, and then we turned rough. Tugging on his lead, kicking him around… He had no idea what was wrong until We confronted him with the truth. At first, he tried to deny it, but when We told him what We had seen on the CCTV footage, he knew that there was no way out and that he would have to take his punishment.

Mistress Sidonia and I flexing Our whips and taking stock

Mistress Sidonia and I flexing Our whips and taking stock

My slave took his punishment like a champ. 2 whips at the same time is a very extreme experience!

My slave took his punishment like a champ. 2 whips at the same time is a very extreme experience!

We dragged him to the whipping post and tied him to it, and then proceeded to give him punishment. He won’t be forgetting that day anytime soon! Being whipped by Mistress Sidonia and Myself, 2 most skilled whipstresses who never miss Their mark… He suffered for his sins one hundred fold. At this point, the sun was beating down on Us, and he was not only getting welts from the whips, but also getting quite bad sunburn. When We detached him from the post and let him fall to the ground broken, We decided to cool him down with a nice shower… of Our piss.

Showing off Our trophy

Showing off Our trophy

My slave is much humbled after his experience at the Mansion. He has become all the more attentive to Me, knowing his place, and grateful for the once in a lifetime opportunity that I afforded him… despite him nearly fucking it all up. But that’s ok, he paid his penance.

Luckily, there was a cameraman on hand to record all the footage. You’ll be able to see it on the English Mansion Website on the 24th of June.

Men, know your place. 

  • jan

    Nice pictures Mrs
    I will also a kidnapping i will real kidnapping and you other they Mrsen kidnappen mij in the car and than party for hey of you can that Mrs

    16th June 2016 at 10:29 pm
  • Sissy Susan

    Hello Goddess
    Hope you are well.
    A wonderful story…,a very bad slave!
    You looked divine and perfect.
    He was very lucky to get a hot meal…. I would have been delighted with just the dry toast and marmite.
    I hope you got your boots cleaned.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Love Sissy Susan x
    P.S. I must confess that looking at you has made me hard….you have this effect on pathetic sissy boys, well every man!

    1st July 2016 at 2:03 pm
  • Joe

    Hi mistress,
    I am very interested in taking up my toilet fetish with yourself as I don’t believe anyone in the WORLD can deliver it the way you would.
    I would love a Skype session that I would pay for to discuss this further?
    Hope you can help!

    31st July 2016 at 10:59 pm
  • ArchivalLolo83

    Perfect. Strict. session Domination and Severe Education salve + HARD punishment bad slave ! Compliment !

    28th September 2016 at 1:56 am

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