Are you ready for the sexiest, most intense Femdom experience of your life?

When people do contact me, either on cam or through twitter, they tell Me that they have been hesitating to do so for a very long time due to their fear of not being able to do the things that I enjoy…

They think that I am all about poo and blood. But really, I enjoy all forms of domination from foot worship to whipping and passing through a large variety of other practices.

London Dominatrix, edging, forced orgasm, orgasm denial, tie and tease

One of my absolute favourite pieces of equipment is My Venus 2000 milking machine. I love my Venus 2000. It’s my baby. I adore the fact that it was created as the ultimate masturbation device, yet can be used as so much more. This machine is far more than your average male masturbator. The black box, weighing a whooping 11 pounds, contains a powerful motor which runs an air pump. This pump is attached to the receiver in which the penis is inserted. When the Venus 2000 is activated, the pump sucks air our of the receiver then pumps it back in. This causes the rubber sheath that is around the penis to pulsate around it and travel up and down along the entire length of the shaft. The motor is powerful enough to work at full speed of 300 pumps per minute, which is more than the average masturbator can achieve. Not only this, but it never gets tired. It can go on and on and on… And you don’t even need to have an erection to have the Venus 2000 used on you. It works just as well on flaccid dicks as it does on hard ones.

London Dominatrix, edging, forced orgasm, orgasm denial, tie and teaseSo why do I own one of these machines, you may ask. Well, I like to play a special game with my submissives. It’s called the Edge of Orgasm Game, and this is how it works:

You give yourself to me for 2 whole hours. I mummify you, either in a black spandex body bag, or using shrink wrap… whichever you prefer. I then strap you down to my bondage bed with leather belts, or suck you into my rubber vacuum bed, to make certain that you can’t move an inch. I blindfold you, and get your cock and balls out. They are now the only part of your body to be exposed, which adds to your sense of vulnerability, and from my point of view, reduces you to nothing but your “essentials”, which I quite like. We are now ready to begin. I explain the rules to you. I am going to tease your cock, and bring you to the edge of orgasm again and again, as many times as possible. As time goes on, I am going to bring you closer and closer to cumming every time, and you will desperately want release. You are not allowed to cum. And here’s the fun part that makes it more interesting… If you manage to withhold from cumming for 2 hours, I will allow you to have the most mind blowing orgasm of your life, which will leave you weak at the knees. If you find yourself unable to resist the temptation of spurting your load though, beware. I will ruin your orgasm, then milk you on full speed for the rest of your time on my bench. So, do you think you can manage to spend 2 hours on the very edge of orgasm? There is only one way to find out…

London Dominatrix, edging, forced orgasm, orgasm denial, tie and tease

tease and denial mistress london
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