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I know how much you all love My videos, which you can purchase on the Cruel English Femdom clips4sale store. I try to create a wide range of content to suit everybody’s tastes. However, there will inevitably be times when you wish there was a certain specific scenario that you could get a clip of, or maybe you would like Me to talk directly to you in My videos.

To cater to this, I own a customs4u.com store through which you can order a clip of any length that you might desire and ask for a very specific scenario. Make your fantasy become reality and even better, make it become a reality that will be yours to keep forever.

I love creating custom clips for clients. I enjoy making their twisted fantasies come to life, whether it be in POV or in full action with a slave.

Another great thing about ordering a custom clip from Me? It will be for your eyes only. I do not resell My custom orders anywhere else. The only people who will ever have copies of these videos are Myself and My patrons. Imagine having a one of a kind video of Me in action to revisit whenever you want. Imagine being able, at the click of a button, to receive a file on your computer in which I act out your exact fantasy. Imagine having Me all to yourself…

To give you a feel of the experience of ordering a custom video from Me, one of My best customers on customs4u has offered to write about his own experience. If you too wish to order a custom video from Me, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Dear Mistress Evilyne,
After receiving my 8th custom clip from you, I like to take the opportunity to say thank you for all the interesting and exciting clips. Ordering clips from you is a pleasure, a pleasure in multiple ways.
Let’s start with the technical/commercial component of ordering a custom clip. A thing which is mainly overlooked but very important for those who order clips, as I do/did. You are giving a fast feedback after the order, what I consider to be very important. Because short time after the order I already know that the clip will be produced. This is a positive distinction to other Ladies offering customs clips. So with you there is no waiting, no uncertainty till the end of the delivery period whether the clip will be produced or not. This is truly a clear expression of your professionalism. In regard to the quality your clips are state-of-the-art as well, without exception the clips are in HD quality.
Now I’m moving to the content site of the order. Ordering a custom clip means that the purchaser has a specific fantasy he wants to see. In my case these are specific FemDom scenarios. Sometimes I find it easy to describe the wanted scenario sometimes it’s more difficult, especially when the number of characters is limited. Till now I have ordered 8 clips from you (and new ones are in the planning), this is a clear prove that your clips are excellent. You are not only realizing the script but you are enriching it. Enriching it in the right way and therefore showing that you read between the lines of the script. Not to forget is that you are acting genuine and one can see that you are really enjoying what you are doing. Both – the reading between the lines and the authentic acting – make your custom clips 5 star clips.
I just want to mention one last point, your capability of realizing difficult scenarios. As my clips consist of real interaction between a Mistress and slave they are far more difficult to produce than a pure POV clip. Whereas a lot of performers forgo to produce “action clips”, you are delivering first-rate ones.
As I know that I’ll get best quality and as I have the safety that everything is handled professionally throughout the whole ordering process I’m really pleased to place new clip orders with you in the future.
A very satisfied purchaser of your custom clips.


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