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The Night of the Cuckold (Erotica)

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You’d known for a while. You weren’t planning on divulging that information, but you didn’t need to. I was the one who had left clues for you. I had wanted you to lie asleep at night, as I slept peacefully beside you, nibbling at your cuticles as you steeped in your jealousy and feelings of inadequacy. I was getting off on seeing you suffer. I know, that’s blunt. You see? I still get off on seeing you suffer.

Just look at how far we’ve come since then. Here you are, parking round the corner. You’ve just sent me a text confirming it. I bet you’re a nervous wreck right now, sitting in your stationary car not daring to get out, doing that thing you do when we go to visit your parents and I’m waiting for you to get out of the car. I am sitting in my secret apartment, that you have unknowingly (at least up until now) payed for, on the couch that you paid for, drinking from a china cup that you paid for. I’m wearing a pure silk kimono… that you paid for.

Finally, you ring the bell. When I open the door, there you are: drenched in sweat, red and shiny, and looking truly pathetic. I really only married you for your money, you know; and because you hang on my every word, and I know how to play the game. You’re in it for the long run because you’re having far too much fun to want to stop. I usher you in, gently close the door behind us, turn the key in the lock and lean in: my cheekbone lightly caressing yours as my mouth comes closer to your ear. You back yourself up against the wall looking like a lost child. I love it.

I feel your body jerk slightly when my hand makes contact, cupping around that pathetic little lump hiding in the crotch of your trousers. I feel the little puffer-fish inflate inside its cage, most likely out of shock. It’s so adorable when it’s hard. Like a cute little teacup pygmy penis. It’s pulsating in my hand as you hyperventilate, pressing at the bars of its prison, unable to escape. If you were clammy before, then now you are positively dripping.

–I have a very special gentleman friend coming over this evening. I want everything to be perfect for us. You see, he is a proper man who knows how to satisfy me. I want you to be grateful to him for being able to do the job that you will never be able to fulfil. I know what turns you on. I know everything about you. I know how to twist you around my little finger and make you say yes to anything. But the real reason that you keep me around, despite my infidelity, is that you enjoy it. I know how to satisfy your deepest darkest cravings and you offer me everything I want in return. I think that’s a fair deal all things considered, and I love every second of it because it makes me wet to watch you wince and recoil as I tease you about your weak, pathetic excuse for a cock.


I still remember how you courted me, all those years ago: buying me gifts, taking me to every show, restaurant and party that I wanted to go to… just so happy that a woman like me would be paying a chump like you the slightest bit of attention, let alone actively going out of my way to spend time with you. Do you remember our first kiss? That little peck on the lips? Ever so delicate, wasn’t it? There were two reasons for that. Number 1, you were most likely a virgin, or very close to it, and number 2, I have never found you attractive. The only thing that is attractive about you is your money. But the world doesn’t need to know, do they? I’ll fulfil your little fantasy, and I’ll play the perfect trophy wife in public. Meanwhile, at home you have slowly turned into my bitch. Maybe if you’d shown more backbone from the beginning, things wouldn’t have gone this way. Maybe if you hadn’t bent over backwards for my every whim, letting yourself be crushed under my foot, I wouldn’t have started fucking other men. But you did bend over backwards, and I did start fucking other men… and now here we are in my special secret apartment, waiting for my sexy, manly black lover and his big fat cock. It was bound to come to this. You know, I was fucking other men right from the beginning. I mean look at you. In what little deluded reality did you ever think a woman like me would be faithful to a pathetic loser like you? I’ve always fucked real men behind your back. At first in hotels, then in our bed while you were at work, and then when it just got too hard to juggle as you were starting to take days off working at home (no doubt by this point you had begun to find all the little clues I had been leaving around the house for you) I got this flat and made you pay for it. And you didn’t even bat an eyelid. I knew you didn’t believe my excuse of wanting £2,000 a month extra because I had signed up to an exclusive spa. You didn’t believe me, but you still paid, didn’t you? Without even so much as batting an eyelid. That’s when I knew that you were enjoying it.

And so, over time, I stopped bothering to even hide my trysts. We’d be sitting on the sofa, my phone on the coffee table, and their names would show up as they texted. I could see your eyes looking directly at the screen every time it lit up. But again, you never said a word. By this point, we hadn’t had sex in months. I still made you eat me out regularly, but even that was going to change.

One night, when you came home from work, depressed and exhausted after another dreary day at your depressing job, you were surprised to see me waiting for you in the kitchen, dressed in nothing more than a see through kimono and my high heels, just putting the finishing touches on a beautifully laid table. I had made you a romantic dinner. During the whole meal, I flirted with you, played footie under the table, drank suggestively from my glass and did everything I could to titillate you. Just as we were finishing dessert, I slid off my right shoe and slowly raised my leg under the table. My stocking clad toes probed until they found the inside of your thigh. I stroked up it with my foot until I found what I was looking for. Your eyes nearly popped out of your sockets as I rubbed the ball of my foot up and down along your tiny shaft. It was hard as a rock. Starved for sex as you had been for so long, it was even easier than usual to turn you into a quivering mess.

I got up from the table, and pulled it back from your chair. I sat on your lap, legs either side of you, My cunt against your dick, and my tits in your face. By this point, you were already doing that sweaty thing you do so well. Your face had gone red, and you were practically hyperventilating as I rubbed myself against you. I had you in the palm of my hand, and we both knew it. I could have asked you for anything. But what I told you then was about to change your life forever.

I stroked your cheek with the tip of my fingers, running them down your neck and under your shirt. My scarlet lips approached your ear. I flicked your lobe with my tongue, nibbled on it, and heard a sharp inhalation as if you were already about to cum. I ground my crotch into yours and whispered right into your ear :

–I’m so horny right now. I know you’re horny too, aren’t you?
-Oh my God yes. I want you so badly.
-I know you love eating my pussy, but I thought we’d do something super special tonight, my love.
-Anything you want!
-Perfect. Follow me…

I led you up to the bedroom, and instructed you to lie down on the bed.

-Just trust me, and do everything that I say, my love. This is going to be the best night of your life.

At these words you relaxed, and I slipped a blindfold on you before tying your hands and feet to the bed posts with silk sashes. I began to stroke your rock solid little dicklet, first with my hand, then in between my breasts, slowly, sensually…

-Do you want to know what really turns me on? I said to you, as I slowly sat back up and reached for something on the bedside table, my nipple brushing against your lips as I leaned over you.
-Yes? you stuttered
–I’ll tell you then. What really turns me on is getting fucked by a real man with a huge dick. Your cock twitched, telling me what I had always assumed was true. And what turns me on even more is the idea that you know, and maybe that you might watch. a little pearl of pre-cum was gathering at the tip of your cock as I said this… I love the idea of you being unsatisfied, of teasing you and keeping you sexually frustrated, of turning you into my bitch. As I said this, I gently grabbed your cock in my fist, and I started do jerk you off. I leant back into you again as I did this, my face millimetres from yours. Wouldn’t it be so hot you living as my sexless bitch, existing for nothing but my pleasure? you groaned your ascent loudly, your dick pulsating in my hand. I want to lock your little dick up, make this relationship all about my pleasure. more groans. I want to wear the key between my breasts for all to see. I could feel you thrusting into my fist with your pathetic little sausage I want you to serve me….. and my hot black boyfriend. Do you agree to this? Agree, and I’ll let you cum one last time, my darling.
-YES!!! I agree! I agree to it all! Let me cum! Please!!!

And so, I removed your blindfold, and gave you a show as I oiled up my gorgeous breasts and rubbed them up and down your tiny shaft, making you cum in less than a minute.
-Now, for your part of the agreement, my love. so first, let’s start with making you clean up your mess. Lick all that dirty cum off my cleavage. Obediently as a dog, you did as I ordered while I loomed over you. Once I was satisfied with your cleaning up, I picked up the object that I had retrieved from the bedside table. I could tell that you had no idea what it was. This, my darling, is a cock cage. I have had it specially custom made just for you. It will fit you like a glove, and you will never be able to take it off. I will wear the key around my neck, and I will only allow you out of it when you please me enough to deserve such a treat. I think this little device is going to make our marriage so much more fulfilling for the both of us, don’t you?

You were still tied up and blindfolded. I wiped away the mess that you had made, and then sat on the bed between your outstretched legs.
–That gift I was telling you about, I’m going to put it on you now. It’s a very special gift, and I needed your dick to be soft in order to put it on you. Consider it a token of my love for you. I slid your cock and balls into their new home, made certain that it was nice and snug, and passed a padlock through the device. Look at your pathetic little dick, it’s all locked up now, I said as I snapped the padlock shut. I could tell that you were only just fully realising, in your post orgasmic stupor, what you had agreed to. It was too late now to do anything about it. I slid the key around my neck on a gold chain leaned over, gave you a soft peck on the cheek, and began to untie you. You were limp and speechless.

–It’s late now, my love. Let’s shower and get to bed. How about as a special treat, we shower together? You can wash me. I looked down and already, your dick was swelling in its tiny cage. I finally had you just where I wanted you. We stepped into the steaming shower and I made you lather up every part of my body. I could see from your face that you were suffering the constriction offered by the cage around your dick. But you suffered in silence. When you were soaping my tits, looking me in the eyes, I could see tears welling up in yours. I imagine they were tears of pain and joy.

Once in bed, I did something I had not done in a long time. I rolled over towards you and cuddled you. One of my hands went under the sheets and began to stroke your body. I knew it was going to be so much fun having you locked up.

And so it began…


And now, I am leading you down the stairs into my little secret hideaway, and I can tell that you are so very scared of being faced with the reality of what has been mere fantasy for you for all these years.

Once in my little boudoir, I pick up where I left off. My hand slides over your caged worm, causing it to twitch. I grab a hold of the button at the top of your fly, popping it open in one sleek motion while looking you straight in the eyes with a devious smile. I open your fly and pull out your dick.

-If you do well tonight, and don’t embarrass me in front of my lover, I’ll allow you to cum tomorrow. How long has it been again? I always loose count. I say as I cup your engorged balls in my hand
-Eight weeks, darling
-You are not allowed to call me darling tonight. You are to call me Miss. And we will be calling you worm.
-Yes Miss.

I just felt something drip onto my hand. This really is turning you on, isn’t it? I release your balls from my grip and turn away from you.
–It’s time to get everything ready for my special romantic night with my love. But first, I think you need a change of outfit. I’ve laid out your clothes on the chair in the corner there.
-But miss, these are women’s…
-So? You are not a real man, look at you. All pasty and pudgy, with your dick all locked up, so you won’t wear men’s clothes.
-Yes Miss… you say, deflated and ashamed, your dick in its cage still hanging out of your open fly, a dribble of pre-cum oozing out of the end and nearly reaching the floor by this point.
-So get changed, and quickly. There is much to do and little time to do it in.

You feebly make your way over to the chair, and get changed into this evening’s outfit. I have bought it just for you. It’s a French maid uniform, of the cheapest and most garish type, complete with little head dress and fishnet stockings, satin garters and frilly lacy knickers. You work your way into the tight and uncomfortable outfit and present yourself to me.
-Fantastic! You look just the part now, my little worm. A few little items missing though. First of all, here are some lovely shoes for you. I bend down and slip a pair of high heeled mary janes. And now for the top. I slip a blonde bob wig on your head Nearly done, just one little finishing touch to go and then we’re all set to start, my little worm. I open a drawer and pull out a sparkly little collar which I then proceed to put around your neck. I turn you around so that you can see yourself in the mirror.
-Look, I even had a special little I.D. tag made just for you. It says ‘maid worm’. Aren’t you lucky to have your own little outfit and tag?
-Yes miss, you say, looking positively downtrodden. For a second, I almost start to believe it and feel sorry for you, but then I slide my hand under your ruffles and petticoats and feel the front of your knickers which are soaking wet.
-You dirty little minx!, I exclaim, and that’s when I see the little corner of a smile. So, where shall we start? Ah yes, I need a shower and a shave. Go and prepare the bathroom for me. I want candles, a clean towel, and the shower already running at exactly 39.5 degrees.
-Yes miss. And off you trot in your pretty little outfit. While you act like a busy little bee, I smoke a cigarette and text my lover to tell him what’s happening. When you come back and tell me that you have everything ready for you, I hit you with your first real shock.

-From now on, maid worm, I want you to curtsy whenever you complete a task, whatever the task may be. And not only that, but you are going to hold your first curtsy, because I am going to take a photo of it to send to my lover. I can see you blush through your blonde bangs. I am loving every second of this. As I type the text, I say it out loud so that you know exactly what I am sending to my hot lover. Check out my loser husband. He’s all ready to make sure you and I have a fantastic night. Aaand… send. Suddenly, it’s all very real to you. This is actually happening. I can see you are getting scared. Come here my little darling, I have a special treat for you. While I am having a shower, you are going to sit on the bathroom floor watching me, and you’re going to use this vibrator on your caged cock. It will pretty much be impossible for you to make yourself cum, but I want you to be more than turned on. After all, you’ve been dreaming of this your whole life!

As I shower, I watch you sitting on the bathroom floor in that ridiculous outfit, with a little pink vibrator clanging against your cock cage. I put on a show for you, lathering up the soap all over my body, stroking myself under the hot water, sliding my hand in between my legs… You’re beginning to sweat again.

-Get my towel ready. I step out of the shower into the fluffy towel that you are holding out for me and order you back into the main room. Get my moisturiser out. You do as I say. I dry myself, and then let the towel drop to the floor, standing in front of you in my full naked glory. Moisturise me Every last part of my body. I want my skin to be soft and fragrant for when my lover fucks me. Your hands are shaking as you apply the cream to my body. You seem to be awkward about applying it to certain parts. Don’t forget the tits, arse and pussy now… I did say I wanted my WHOLE body moisturised. There’s a good girl. As you kneel before me, arms outstretched to my breasts, I lift up your petticoats with my foot and begin to play with your caged cock through your satin knickers
-Now it’s time for you to dress me. I want to look sexy for my lover. I have chosen a particularly beautiful outfit, and you know what? I paid for it with your credit card. How does that make you feel? I ask.
-Like a used bitch, miss, you answer, as you head over the the wardrobe to pick out my clothes. You help me slide into my sexy black satin lingerie, my stockings, my black slinky dress and my black stiletto heels. You kneel at my feet as I admire myself in the mirror.
-Would you fuck this? I ask.
-Definitely, miss! you answer enthusiastically.
-There’s only one problem with that, isn’t there? I retort. You can’t fuck me because I have your dick locked up for eternity, and the key is around my neck. But you’re going to love watching me get fucked, aren’t you?
You nod sheepishly. I know your knickers will be soaked by now, and it’s only going to get worse.
-Make the bed for my lover and me, and don’t forget. lots of lovely candles. And while you do that, I’ll be in here getting myself nice and wet and ready for him, I say to you. You walk into the bedroom to do as I instructed and I close the door behind you. The door is so thin that I know you’ll be able to hear everything I do. I get out my vibrator and start to play with myself in the next room, moaning loudly to make sure you can hear me. Poor you, and poor little dicklet. How you are suffering! Thinking about how awkward and uncomfortable you must feel turns me on even more. I have to make sure I don’t cum. I want to be in full arousal when my lover arrives.

Once you have made the bed, I receive a text from my lover telling me that he is only a few minutes away. I tell you this, and I can see the cogs turning in your head. it’s all very real now. It’s going to happen. You are going to stand by in a ridiculous outfit, your little dick all locked up, while your beloved wife gets fucked to high heaven by a hot muscly man with a huge cock, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I can see you stressing yourself out.

-Come here, my darling. I say. You crawl towards me. I hold the key to your cock up in my hand. Kiss it. lick it. Suck it. You do as I order, your face practically buried between my breasts. If you are a good girl and serve me well tonight, if you are a good girl and make my manly lover happy tonight, I will make a point of using this key to release you tomorrow. I will allow you to have an orgasm. Isn’t that what you want?
-Oh yes miss, more than anything in the world!
-Well then be a good girl and do your job tonight.
-Yes miss.

The doorbell goes, and you jump into the air, as if you have been stung by a wasp. Well go and let him in then! I say. But I forbid you to ever look at him. You are beneath him. In his presence, your eyes are to be firmly fixed on the floor. If you look up, I will whip you until you bleed.You hobble up the stairs, still not used to wearing heels. You open the front door, and there he is in all his glory: Tall, dark, handsome, and oh so muscular. You instantly feel inferior to him, and this strange new sensation arises. You feel submissive to him. You WANT to treat him as your superior. He looks you up and down, unimpressed, and he spits on your face then walks right past you without a second glance. Meanwhile, your eyes stay fixed on your toes.


As you are coming to terms with everything that just happened, the spit, your crazy new emotions, he runs down the stairs and calls up to you. Bitch, come here! You hobble back down after him. When you are back in my presence, I look you up and down and say to my lover:
-Look at him. Isn’t he pathetic? He looks at you in disgust and nods his approval. I continue I think he is so pathetic, that he should treat you as his master. Maid worm, get down on the ground and worship your new master’s feet. Grovel before him. Show him how grateful you are to him for being able to provide your wife with all the things that you are incapable of giving Me. I can tell there is a huge inner conflict happening in your mind right now. Part of you is used to you being treated with respect by other men, treated as an equal. Another part of you is gagging to squash itself so far on the floor as to flatten yourself in front of this prime example of unachievable manhood. The second part wins the battle, and slowly, you kneel down, further and further, until your face is nestled in his white trainers, kissing and licking their soles. My lover and I laugh at you together, and he lifts up his foot and puts it down on your face, squashing it even further into his other shoe.
-And this is your husband? he asks, laughing.
-Yes, it is. Isn’t he pathetic? We both look down at you, in your maid uniform, grovelling on the floor. My lover pushes your face away with his trainer, making you feel like a street rat in front of royalty.
–Go get me a drink. he says. You hurry off to get him a glass of water, and by the time you come back. he already has my knickers off and his face burried in my pussy.
-Kneel with your back to us, worm. And hold the glass, ready for when he needs a drink. I say. Don’t even think of looking up from the ground. I can see your face in the mirror.

As my lover eats me out, I make sounds you’ve never heard from me before. I groan, screech, scream and moan. I writhe. And he can pick me up and flip me over like a rag doll. All you can do is sweat and concentrate on that fucking glass of water as you are left face to face with your own inadequacy. I can feel how hard his cock is. This is the perfect time to rub it in your face. Turn around, worm..

You turn around slowly, and there, right in front of your face is the biggest cock you have ever seen. It certainly beats yours. I am holding it in one hand, jerking it off slowly. My lover looks down at you from his towering height.
–Look at this beautiful big black cock. Isn’t it juicy and amazing?
-Yes miss.
-That’s a real cock. That’s the sort of cock that will satisfy me. Not your pathetic little maggot of a dicklet.
-Yes miss.
-Aren’t you grateful towards him for being able to satisfy me for you?
-Oh so very much, miss
-I want you to show him your gratitude. You’re going worship my lover’s perfect cock. I want you to kiss and lick it, maybe even suck on it. I want you to show him just how happy you are that he is here to satisfy me, to make your wife happy.
-Yes miss

I can see the hesitation as you slowly approach my lover’s huge pulsating dick. Your lips pucker, just like for our first kiss, and you give a little peck right on the tip of his shaft. That’s not good enough, says my lover, he should be grateful to me for fucking you how he will never be able to fuck you. I want him to show me his appreciation. With those words, he grabs your head and shoves his huge dick straight into your mouth. Tears well up in your eyes as you choke on his huge cock. He rams it back and forth down your throat, holding you by the back of the head. I can tell he loves dominating you. I can’t resist kneeling down beside you as you gag and splutter, and whispering into your ear: His cock is just too big for me to suck off with my tiny mouth. It’s a good job you’re here to give him a fantastic blowjob before he and I fuck. After all, I owe him one hell of a blowjob after all the times he’s eaten my pussy! I hear a choked sort of grunt of ascent as my lover shoves his cock even deeper down your throat. Right, that’s enough fun for you, I say as I pull you away from my lover’s dick, time for you to make yourself useful.

I drag you to my bed and lock your neck into the clever custom made stock at the foot of it. That way, you’ll be just out of reach of all the fun, with your face downwards, unable to see any of the action. My lover and I throw ourselves onto the bed and fuck like animals, completely ignoring your presence. He fucks me so hard I am crying in pain and pleasure simultaneously. He picks me up and fucks me against the wall. Slowly then fast. His cock sliding in and out of my wet cunt effortlessly. I grab at the sheets, claw at the mattress. He makes me cum again and again, something you have never been able to do, and never will be able to. Every time I am near to cumming, I shove my foot in your mouth and order you to suck on my toes to increase my climax. You’re never seen anything like this. Sex with you was always dull missionary, over in 3 minutes. But we fuck for what seems like forever. Your dicklet is swelling in its cage, dripping all over the floor. You are completely powerless, trapped.
–I’m going to cum says my lover.
-Cum on my husband’s face. I want to see his look when he tastes a real man’s cum.

My lover kneels in front of you and finishes himself all over your sweaty face.
-Now thank him for allowing you the honour of being his dirty cum bucket. I say to you. Thank him for fucvking me. Thank him for making me cum over and over and for showing you just how inferior and pathetic you are.
-Thank you, master. I am grateful towards you for fulfilling my wife in a way that I never will.
-Good boy. I untie you and lead you to the mirror. Look at how pathetic you are. Now look at my lover. See who has been fucking me all these months. See what a real man looks like.

I smile as I observe your look of complete self hating satisfaction when you see your reflection in the mirror. Cum dripping down your chin, your dress dishevelled and your wig askew. You look like a hot mess and I can tell once more that you love it. Then, slowly, your gaze turns sideways and the smile is wiped off your face as you recognise your boss lying on the bed naked, smiling at you as he lights a cigarette. A tear comes to your eye. He winks at you and blows you a little kiss…

I don’t know why you are surprised. I’ve already told you I get off on seeing you suffer.

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    One of the finest pieces of cuckold ‘faction’ 😉 i have ever read – amazing !

    Only wish i had never moved away from Chelsfield as i would have been there with my uniform and cleaning supplies as often as You called

    Take care and stay safe

    2nd May 2020 at 4:27 pm

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